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by Shaylie Foley July 14, 2018

What are Sheer Panties?

Sheer panties—also known as see through panties—are any panties crafted from semi- transparent material that shows at least a peek of your bare skin through the fabric. Many women think that wearing sheer panties is just as revealing as being completely naked. On the contrary, the vast majority of sheer panties are not fully transparent. Their level of opaqueness varies depending on the style. Some sheer panties are almost completely see through while others are so opaque that you can barely make out a flash of bare skin underneath.

Any panty style can be sheer if it is made from semi-transparent materials. Many classic panty styles—including thongs, briefs, bikinis, and boyshorts—are popular sheer panty styles as well. Sheer panties can be made from many different materials. Lace and mesh are popular materials for sexy see through panties. Nylon is often found in sheer panties designed for comfortable everyday wear, and satin and silk are commonly used in more luxurious styles.


Why Wear Sheer Panties?

Ultra-sexy and always on-trend, sheer panties add scandalous style to any look. Women’s sheer panties are currently one of the trendiest lingerie styles on the market. They are a tantalizing tease that boosts your body confidence and makes it impossible for your partner to take their eyes off of you. These panties make a sexy addition to your lingerie wardrobe, or a fun option in your everyday underwear collection when you just want an extra boost of confidence.

Many women are nervous to wear sheer panties, especially in front of their partner in the bedroom. Despite how sexy they are, see through panties are intimidating because of how much they reveal. A common misconception is that only thin women with a “supermodel body type” can pull off a style as scandalous as sheer panties, but this is completely untrue. Regardless of your body size, type, or shape, sheer panties can add instant excitement to your lingerie collection.

Another common concern surrounding sheer panties is their comfort, or lack thereof. Women who prioritize comfort in their underwear and lingerie worry that see through panties won’t be able to keep them comfortable for all-day wear or even just a few hours in the bedroom. While some sheer panty styles are itchy and uncomfortable, most high- quality see through underwear—especially more modest sheer styles—is soft and comfortable.


Sheer Panty Styles

There are as many sheer panty styles as there are solid panty styles. Some of the most popular classic sheer panty styles include thongs, bikinis, boyshorts, and briefs. Panties styled after see through vintage panties are another popular type of sheer panties. Many see through panty styles are also available in plus sizes to fit and flatter curvier women.

Not all sheer panty styles are created equal. If you’ve worn see through underwear before and weren’t happy with it, that doesn’t mean you should give up on all sheer panties. The sheer panty styles that flatter your friends Learning more about the most popular sheer panty styles can help you choose the most flattering style for you.


Sheer Thongs

Thongs are the most popular and versatile style of sheer panties. Most sheer panty styles are designed to be worn as lingerie, and the vast majority of lingerie panties are thongs.

Sheer thongs come in countless different styles that vary greatly, which gives you plenty of options to find the right style based on your needs. You can find simple, basic sheer thongs that are perfect for comfortable everyday wear and double as lingerie. If you’re looking for sexier lingerie, other see through thongs are available in scandalous designs with more enticing details and adornments.


Sheer Bikinis

Bikinis are classic, versatile panties, which is why they have earned and kept their place as one of the most popular panty styles on the market. They are comfortable enough for everyday wear, invisible under most bottoms, and show off enough skin to pass as lingerie in the bedroom.

Because they are so common, simple and straightforward bikinis are often overlooked. Sheer material adds interest to the traditional bikini, drawing more attention to this classic, sexy style.


Sheer Boyshorts

Boyshorts aren’t usually considered to be the sexiest panty style on the market. These full-coverage panties prioritize comfort over style and are often better suited for a lazy Sunday inside than a sexy night out.

The sheer boyshorts in this collection defy traditional expectations for boyshort panties. These see through styles combine the coverage and comfort of classic boyshorts with the enticing sexiness of sheer lace panties. They are extremely versatile panties that can be worn as everyday underwear or as part of a lingerie look for a sexy night in the bedroom.


Sheer Briefs

Briefs are one of the most modest panty styles. Sheer brief panties put a twist on the classic brief style, adding trendy sex appeal to a style that is often considered outdated or unfashionable. See through briefs are an excellent option for women who want to prioritize comfort but look sexy at the same time.

Many brief panty styles are high-waisted. Sheer high-waisted briefs are very flattering for most figures. They conceal imperfections and slim your midsection like standard high-waisted briefs, but their sheer material makes these briefs appear sexier and less modest.


Plus Size Sheer Panties

Don’t shy away from sheer panties if you’re curvy. There is a large market for plus size sheer panties designed to fit and flatter curvier women with wider hips and waists, larger thighs, and tummies that aren’t completely flat. A common misconception among many plus size shoppers is that more coverage is better when it comes to lingerie options.

On the contrary, sheer panties are very flattering for many plus size women even though they put your entire body on display. The semi-transparent material of see through panties actually conceals any imperfections in your figure and make your bare skin look even sexier and smoother. If you’re concerned about getting enough coverage, go for a less revealing sheer panty style like briefs or boyshorts.


Vintage Sheer Panties

If you’re bored with your lingerie collection, vintage-style panties can add retro fun to your lingerie wardrobe. Vintage sheer panties are designed after retro see through styles from decades past. This design sets these panties apart from other contemporary styles, but most vintage-style sheer panties have modern features that keep them in line with today’s trends.

Vintage-style sheer panties are sexy and unique. They’re unlike any pieces you already have in your lingerie collection, which makes them the perfect choice for turning the head of your long-term partner who has already seen your other lingerie styles.

Shaylie Foley
Shaylie Foley

Shaylie Foley is an author and a fashion expert at HauteFlair. She writes to inspire and educate readers on women's fashion and lifestyle topics. With over 6 years of writing experience, Shaylie brings a vast amount of knowledge, style, and skill to her work

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