HOLIDAY SALE EVENT // 20% - 50% off // CODE: HOLIDAY22

HOLIDAY SALE EVENT // 20% - 50% off // CODE: HOLIDAY22

HOLIDAY SALE EVENT // 20% - 50% off // CODE: HOLIDAY22

HOLIDAY SALE EVENT // 20% - 50% off // CODE: HOLIDAY22

Sexy Sleepwear & Flirty Pajamas

Sakura Babydoll
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iCollection Sakura Babydoll €44,95 EUR
Rosemary Babydoll
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iCollection Rosemary Babydoll €50,95 EUR
iCollection Peony Plus Size Babydoll €52,95 EUR
Peony Babydoll
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iCollection Peony Babydoll €47,95 EUR
Olivia Robe
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iCollection Olivia Robe €69,95 EUR
iCollection Olivia Plus Size Robe €78,95 EUR
Nadia Robe
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iCollection Nadia Robe €50,95 EUR
iCollection Nadia Plus Size Robe €55,95 EUR
Molly Robe
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iCollection Molly Robe €69,95 EUR
iCollection Molly Plus Size Robe €78,95 EUR
iCollection Maxine Plus Size Babydoll €55,95 EUR
Maxine Babydoll
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iCollection Maxine Babydoll €50,95 EUR
iCollection Malachite Print Robe €80,95 EUR
iCollection Malachite Bell Sleeve Robe €69,95 EUR
Lucile Robe
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iCollection Lucile Robe €61,95 EUR
Jessie Robe
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iCollection Jessie Robe €52,95 EUR
iCollection Jessie Plus Size Robe €58,95 EUR
iCollection Hazel Plus Size Babydoll €47,95 EUR
Hazel Babydoll
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iCollection Hazel Babydoll €41,95 EUR
iCollection Gillian Plus Size Babydoll €66,95 EUR
Gillian Babydoll
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iCollection Gillian Babydoll €58,95 EUR
iCollection Daisy Plus Size Babydoll €52,95 EUR
Daisy Babydoll
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iCollection Daisy Babydoll €47,95 EUR
Camellia Babydoll
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iCollection Camellia Babydoll €47,95 EUR
iCollection Blossom Plus Size Babydoll €55,95 EUR
iCollection Blossom Babydoll Lingerie €50,95 EUR
Arlene Robe
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iCollection Arlene Robe €69,95 EUR
iCollection Alison Soft Satin Robe €52,95 EUR
iCollection Alison Plus Size Robe €58,95 EUR
iCollection Adela Women's Robe €64,95 EUR
iCollection Adela Plus Size Robe €72,95 EUR
iCollection Paris Plus Size Babydoll €64,95 EUR
Paris Babydoll
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iCollection Paris Babydoll €55,95 EUR
iCollection Lalisa Plus Size Babydoll €69,95 EUR
Lalisa Babydoll
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iCollection Lalisa Babydoll €61,95 EUR
iCollection Kimberley Babydoll €50,95 EUR
Katie Robe
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iCollection Katie Robe €69,95 EUR
iCollection Katie Plus Size Robe €78,95 EUR
Charlotte Robe
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iCollection Charlotte Robe €83,95 EUR
iCollection Charlotte Sexy Pajama Set €78,95 EUR
iCollection Burgundy Forest Robe €78,95 EUR
Amelia Robe
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iCollection Amelia Robe €83,95 EUR
iCollection Amelia Plus Size Robe €94,95 EUR

Sexy Sleepwear

Who says sleepwear can’t be comfortableandsexy? This collection is dedicated to sexy sleepwear styles that are simultaneously comfortable, functional, and ultra-sexy and stylish.

What is Sexy Sleepwear?

Sexy sleepwear is an umbrella term that refers to a wide range of sleepwear styles. Any sleepwear style that fits and flatters your figure to enhance your curves and show off your best physical assets counts as sexy sleepwear.

The selection of sexy sleepwear styles you’ll find in this collection are both versatile and diverse. They are designed specifically to keep you comfortable all night long and offer varying amounts of coverage to give you plenty of options to flatter your figure in a way that keeps you close to your personal comfort zone.

Sexy Sleepwear Styles

This collection includes many different sexy sleepwear styles, including sexy pajama sets, rompers, robes, shorts, nightgowns, etc. etc.

All of the styles you’ll find in this collection are designed to flatter your figure and help you show off your curves in the bedroom while providing enough comfort to ensure a good night’s sleep for you every single night.

Sexy Pajama Sets

In addition to a variety of separate styles, this collection also includes a selection of sexy pajama sets. These pajama sets are designed to serve as complete nightwear looks that keep you comfortable all night long while showing off your figure to enhance your curves in all the right places.

Most of the sexy pajama sets you’ll find in this collection are two-piece sets that include a pajama top and matching or coordinating bottoms. These sets are ultra-cute and are designed with plenty of flirty, feminine flair.

Some of these pajama sets feature classic collared pajama shirts—available in both short- and long-sleeved styles—and traditional drawstring shorts or pants. Other skimpier pajama sets are also available in this collection. These two-piece sets feature camisoles and short-shorts with plenty of sexy lace detailing for added sexy style.

Sexy Sleepwear Rompers

Sleepwear rompers are currently a top trend on the women’s lingerie market. These one-piece sleepwear styles are ultra-comfy and cozy and effortlessly flatter your figure with their semi-fitted silhouette that shows off your curves in the sexiest possible way.

These sexy sleepwear rompers cling to your figure without feeling restrictive, and they are comfortable to wear in all types of weather. They’re also ultra-cozy and perfect for lounging around the house on any lazy weekend day.

Sexy Sleepwear Robes

Robe lingerie is currently one of the hottest types of lingerie on the market. It’s unique, sophisticated, and makes the perfect addition to your sleepwearandlingerie collections—no matter your style.

The sexy sleepwear robes in this collection add a glamorous and elegant finishing touch to any sleepwear look. Layer one of these robes over any sleepwear set for added sexy coverage, or wear one alone for a more scandalous, revealing finished style.

In addition to individual robes, this collection also includes robe and panty sets. These two-piece sets include a sexy sleepwear robe and matching or coordinating G-string panties and create ultra-sexy sleepwear looks all on their own.

Sexy See Through Sleepwear

This collection includes a selection of sexy see through sleepwear. These styles are crafted from mesh or lace materials and show off a glimpse of your bare skin underneath their semi-sheer finish.

The sexy see-through sleepwear styles you’ll find in this collection are designed to show off a tantalizing glimpse of your bare skin without baring all to leave a little to the imagination. These breathable styles are perfect for spring and summer seasons when the weather is warmer outside and the heat can make it hard to sleep. You’ll stay cool and dry all night long in these sexy semi-sheer sleepwear styles, no matter how hot it is in your bedroom.

Warm Sexy Sleepwear

Sexy sleepwear isn’t just for the spring and summer months when the weather is warm outside. This collection also includes a selection of warmer sleepwear styles that are designed to keep you warm on colder nights.

This selection of ultra-cozy warm sexy sleepwear styles includes long-sleeved pajama tops, long pajama pants, warm pajama sets, and other sleepwear style options that offer slightly more coverage to keep the chill away when the weather outside is cooler.

The warm sexy sleepwear styles you’ll find in this collection are also super versatile. They are warm yet breathable, so they effortlessly regulate your temperature to prevent you from getting too cold or too hot throughout the night.

Sexy Nightgowns

When you think of nightgowns, ‘sexy’ might not be the first word to come to mind. However, despite their connotations as frumpy or outdated, nightgowns can actually be some of the sexiest sleepwear styles.

This collection includes a variety of sexy nightgown styles that are designed to fit and flatter your figure in the bedroom. These sexy nightgowns include both shorter and longer babydoll- and chemise-style nightgowns that are modeled after sexy lingerie styles but are designed to be comfortable for sleeping.

Plus Size Sexy Sleepwear

This inclusive sexy sleepwear collection includes a wide selection of sleepwear styles that are designed to fit and flatter women of every body type, shape, and size.

These plus size pieces in this collection include a wide variety of sexy sleepwear styles that enhance your curves instead of trying to hide them. The plus size sexy sleepwear styles you’ll find here are available in plus sizes 1X through 3X as well as a normal range of standard sizes in order to fit and flatter as many different women’s figures as possible.