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Power Slimmed Mid-Thigh Body Shaper Girdle

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TrueShapers #1251

If youve recently undergone cosmetic surgery pregnancy or if you simply need some extra support and sculpting this full thigh shaper provides strong but comfortable compression from your bust down to your thighs. youll never be disappointed with its performance!. The Power Slimmed Mid-Thigh Body Shaper Girdle comfortably adjusts to your body to recuperate your figure after surgery. These kinds of post-surgical compression garments are commonly worn after many different kinds of surgeries. The compression or strategically placed pressure of the garment helps keep swelling down while promoting tissue re-adhering normally during your recovery process. Compression may also reduce pain and fluid retention which can decrease your healing time and build-up of scar tissue. *It’s an ideal garment for a lower-abdominal procedure liposuction in the abdomen area buttock lifts or tummy tuck and waist thighs and hips procedures in general. *This Mid-Thigh Body Shaper Girdle will help you look slimmer. *Fabric provides excellent recovery as swelling decreases. *Rear-lifting bands enhance your rear for a rounder shape. *Four levels of clasps with gradual compression as needed that reduces and controls your abdomen. *Perfect for everyday use after surgery post-partum or during the process of losing weight to protect and tighten your skin. *Aids in the healing process. After surgery helps skin adhere to the muscle to prevent sagging. *Open Gusset *Post-Surgical Products ideal for Buttocks Augmentation Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Grafting and Body Sculpting Liposuction breast surgery and other procedures. *Outer layer in Smooth REINVENTED bi-directional 3 Plus D fabric providing high resistance durability that reduces your body and excellent back support. *Inner layer in our unique lightweight breathable fabric wicks away sweat to keep you cool clean and smelling sweet. Fabric Content: External Body : 54% Spandex - 90% Polyamide Linning: 78% Polyamide 22% Spandex


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