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Top 10 Best Lingerie Shower, and Bachelorette Party Lingerie Gift

Bachelorette Party Lingerie, and Lingerie Shower

When a bride-to-be or her maid of honor throws a bachelorette party, raunchy gifts with some sexy twist are expected. Giving and receiving these gifts is part of the fun of the new celebration. Lingerie is one of the most common bachelorette party gifts. It’s fun, sexy, and useful for the bride on her upcoming wedding night and honeymoon.

If you’re going to be a bachelorette party guest soon or want to check out possible gift options for your bachelorette party, look no further than this post to find some of the best lingerie shower gift choices that are sure to satisfy any bride-to-be on the day of her special celebration.

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10. Flora Nikrooz Teddy Lingerie

Flora Nikrooz Teddy Lingerie | HauteFlair


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This gorgeous teddy from HauteFlair is the perfect bachelorette lingerie. It features an opaque, lace-detailed V-neck bralette coupled with a see-through all-over lace body. The teddy’s see-through, thong-cut construction adds an extra sexy touch that’s perfect for gifting at a special occasion like a lingerie party.

Available in sultry, classic black and pretty, feminine burgundy, this teddy can complement and stand out against almost any skin tone. It is crafted from a blend of nylon and spandex that allows you to move comfortably while wearing it.

9. Cosabella Ceylon Lowrider Thong

Cosabella Ceylon Lowrider ThongCosabella Ceylon Lowrider Thong

Cosabella Ceylon Lowrider Thong $42.00 

The thong features a slightly see-through scalloped lace panel in the front and multiple thin string straps on the sides that emphasize the sexy shape of your waist and hips. It has a lowrider construction that sits low on your hips and adds the sexy finish that bachelorette party lingerie needs.Sometimes simplicity is best, even when it comes to lingerie shower gifts. This classic thong is comfortable and simplistic while still featuring enough special detailing to be appropriate for a bachelorette party gift.

8. Addiction Nouvelle After Dark Babydoll


Addiction Nouvelle After Dark Babydoll $125.00

This babydoll is equal parts sexy and classy. It features a loose, full-coverage body that allows you to feel more comfortable and less on display when you wear it. However, the babydoll also includes a fitted, transparent mesh V-neck bust with gorgeous lace detailing to ensure a sexy finish.

The lingerie is crafted from a comfortable, stretchy blend of nylon and spandex materials. Its body is black, and it includes black scalloped mesh bust and trims with a subtle leaf design.

7. HauteFlair Don’t Tease Me Set

Fashion Nova Don’t Tease Me Set

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If you’re looking for classic, ultra-sexy lingerie that is sure to wow both bride and guests at any bachelorette party, look no further than this gorgeous lingerie set from HauteFlair.

The matching lingerie set includes a lacy mesh bra and underwear. The collection consists of fabulous strap accents and wing detailing that emphasize the sexy shape of your body. Featuring a transparent thong construction; the set’s included panties are the perfect level of revealing. It's bra features full straps and lace cups that are secure, supportive, and sexy at the same time.

6. Le Mystere Lace Temptation Bra

Le Mystere Lace Temptation BraLe Mystere Lace Temptation Bra

This push-up bra from Le Mystere provides support, lift, and sex appeal that makes it the perfect fun and practical lingerie shower gift.

The bra includes underwire and reinforced seams that make it sufficiently supportive and secure. It also featured sheer black lace overlay, scalloped lace edging, and a demi cup construction that add sexiness fit for a wedding night or everyday wear.

5. Flora Nikrooz Showstopper Chemise

Bachelorette Party Lingerie Gift | Flora Nikrooz

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Any bride-to-be will look flirty and feminine in this Flora Nikrooz chemise. The chemise features a silky skirt and a sheer mesh bodice with gorgeous semi-opaque floral detailing on the bust.

This lingerie is sure to make waves as the perfect sexy gift for any bachelorette or lingerie party. It is crafted from a blend of polyester and nylon materials that make it soft, comfortable, and breathable. This gorgeous chemise is available in pure white, subtle ivory, feminine rose, and sexy black.

4. Giapenta Lace Plunge Teddy Bodysuit

Giapenta Lace Plunge Teddy Bodysuit

Giapenta Lace Plunge Teddy Bodysuit $225.00

Any bride-to-be will feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel in this tight, body-hugging bodysuit teddy from HauteFlair. The teddy features a long-sleeved bodysuit construction with see-through black mesh paneling on the sleeves, back, and midsection.

To provide some extra coverage without taking away from its sex appeal; the teddy features an opaque black lace center that covers most of your breasts and has a slimming effect on your waist and midsection.

3. Dominique Embroidered Corset Bridal Bra


Dominique Embroidered Corset Bridal Bra $69.00

What could be more fitting as a lingerie gift idea for a bachelorette party than a bridal corset? This gorgeous, contemporary corset bridal bra features a flirty and feminine white, semi-opaque construction. It includes boning around the sides that effortlessly and discreetly shape and slim the natural curves on your midsection.

The corset includes underwire and light padding to provide support and security for your bust. It also features rhinestone accents, floral lace, and embroidered detailing that add uniqueness and sexiness to the classic bachelorette lingerie.

2. Le Mystere Sophia Scalloped Lace Convertible Bodysuit

This gorgeous convertible bodysuit features a full, supportive bra and a sexy, revealing body that make it a great lingerie gift for a bachelorette party. Its built-in bra includes underwire and contour cups that provide maximum support, security, and comfort for your bust.

The body of the bodysuit is crafted from gorgeous, detailed mesh and scalloped paneling that creates a sexy pattern around your midsection. This beautiful bodysuit is available in both black and white and comes in a range of bra sizes to ensure an accurate and supportive fit for the bride-to-be.

1. Montelle Intimates Eternally Yours Bodysuit

Montelle Intimates Eternally Yours BodysuitMontelle Intimates Eternally Yours Bodysuit

Montelle Intimates Eternally Yours Bodysuit $84.00

As its quaint name suggests, the Eternally Yours bodysuit is the perfect romantic lingerie for a bride to wear underneath her wedding dress or on her wedding night. The bodysuit is designed with silky ivory fabric and includes a variety of lace, mesh, and embroidered details that make it a unique and special choice for bachelorette party lingerie.

The body of the bodysuit is crafted from breathable mesh paneling that ensures a cool and comfortable fit. The mesh paneling is broken up by intricate lace detailing that adds extra flirty and feminine appeal to the sexy bodysuit.

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