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20 Best Erotic Lingerie & Kinky Lingerie Brands to Shop Online

Erotic Lingerie | Kinky Lingerie

Erotic lingerieis the type of lingerie that comes to mind when you think of Fifty Shades of Grey. Erotic lingerie pieces have bold, daring designs that are extremely provocative, edgy, and push the boundaries of standard lingerie most sexily. You don’t have to have a Red Room like Christian Grey to enjoy erotic lingerie with your partner. Any woman can wear erotic lingerie to feel more confident

It can be discouraging to search for erotic kinky lingerie lingerie without finding pieces that have the level of sex appeal that you want. High-quality, edgy erotic lingerie sometimes gets a lot in the sea of more straightforward, tamer lingerie and forces you to engage in a long and frustrating hunt before you find pieces with styles and designs that you want. With this article, you can bypass this frustrating process. Keep reading to discover some of the best erotic lingerie brands (and the best pieces they sell) on the current market.

Erotic Lingerie

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1. Elegant Moments

Erotic Lingerie-lingerie see through-Elegant Moment Lingerie


Elegant Moments is a lingerie brand that offers daring, fashion-forward erotic lingerie, lingerie costumes, leather lingerie, hosiery, and much more. Their pieces are constructed with the highest-quality fabrics and designs that look scandalous and bold but remain tasteful.

I. Lace Bralette Set

This women’s underwear set is simple yet very sexy. It consists of a sheer long-line bralette and booty short panties. The bralette has a long V-neck, and the boyshort panties have thin sides. Both pieces of the set are completely see-through and made from black lace with textured floral detailing.

The bottom hem of the set’s bralette is lined with ruffly lace. Tiny white pearl buttons are attached in a line down the front of both the bralette and the panties to create an elegant focal point that draws attention to the center of your figure.

II. Lace Teddy

This sexy lingerie teddy from Elegant Moments offers full coverage for your midsection, but it’s made entirely from sheer material that leaves your body on display. The teddy is made from a blend of nylon and spandex materials that feel soft and comfortable against your skin. Its mint green sheer material features intricate floral designs. The teddy’s cap sleeves are made from the same material as the rest of the piece and add a flirty finish.

Because the teddy is entirely sheer and form-fitting, it clings to your skin and enhances the shape of your natural curves. It has a low V-neck cut and features several open pearl button closures down the front that draw attention to your figure. The back of the teddy is also sheer and is cut in a cheeky style.

III. Satin Bralette Set

This sexy two-piece set from Elegant Moments includes a baby pink satin bralette and a matching pair of skirted panties. It is rich with little details that add to the exotic flair of the set. The satin bralette looks elegant and is soft to the touch. It features a hook-and-eye closure in the front that adds subtle edgy sexiness to the bra. The bralette also has cap sleeves and intricate sheer floral lace across most of its cups, which help create a flirty, feminine vibe.

The skirted panties included within this set have a classic thong cut. Their ruffly skirt is crafted from the same sheer floral lace of the matching bralette’s cups and is adorned with pink bows on both sides. The delicate flirty finish of this set juxtaposed with its revealing playful style creates an incredibly sexy look.

2. Seven ’til Midnight

Erotic Lingerie-Seven ’til Midnight 

Seven ’til Midnight is a contemporary, passionate lingerie brand. They create gorgeous, bold pieces with a high attention to sexy detail. You can find a wide array of lingerie pieces at Seven ’til Midnight that has a simultaneously playful, flirty, and daring finish.

I. Liquid Lame Bustier and Cheeky Panty

Be bold in this edgy erotic lingerie set from Seven ’til Midnight. The set includes three pieces: a bustier and cheeky boy short panties with removable garters. All of the pieces in the set are made from a leather-like material with an eye-catching shiny finish.

Designed with multiple hook-and-eye back closures and a low lace-up V-neck, the bustier in this women’s underwear is skin-tight and shows off each and every one of your curves. Its cups are padded demi cups that lift and support your busts while adjustable straps keep your breasts comfortable and secure. The set’s boyshort underwear has a cheeky fit that displays just the right amount of your backside to create a sexy, teasing look. Its garters are fully removable and attach to the curved hem of the bustier.

II. Strappy Elastic 4-Piece Playsuit Set

The straps detailing this erotic lingerie help to emphasize your natural body shape by framing your curves and drawing attention to all the right parts of our figure. This women’s underwear set includes four pieces: a bralette, panties, removable elastic collar, and a pair of handcuffs designed for kinky nights in the bedroom.

This hot lingerie set features multiple extra details that transform it from a standard women’s lingerie set into a sexy, sexy set that is guaranteed to revolutionize your night. The erotic underwear included in the set includes an open crotch and cross-over straps that enhance the look of your curvy hips. The strappy black bralette, panties, and elastic collar are adorned with gold hardware that adds intrigue to the set.

3. Shirley of Hollywood

Erotic Lingerie-Shirley of Hollywood-shirley of hollywood shelf bra

Shirley of Hollywood holds their brand to the highest standards of quality and fashion-forward innovation. They prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else and plan accordingly to make sure the pieces they design are flattering and will help women feel confident and beautiful.

I. Stretch Lace Band Strappy Teddy

This strappy teddy is extremely revealing. It includes many thin straps that cross over each other and connect around the front and back to create patterns that draw attention to your curvy figure.

This erotic lingerie piece does not feature a full bra. It includes a wide band that covers the center of your breasts while leaving them mostly uncovered. A matching wide band creates the waistband of the panties. The panties also include a sexy cutout in the front. The bra and panties of the teddy are connected by thin straps. This erotic teddy lingerie is available in black and bright purple.

4. Oh lá lá Chéri

Oh lá lá Chéri - Erotic Lingerie

Oh lá lá Chéri is a boutique lingerie brand that follows trends more quickly and closely than almost any other brand. The result of this diligence is high-quality lingerie pieces that blend daring eroticism with contemporary fashion.

I. Lace Teddy

This cute lingerie set from Oh lá lá Cheri is rich with intricate details that set it apart from other pieces and ensure that you’ll feel like a sexy princess. The teddy is made from sheer floral lace and adorned with small cutouts and silky bows that create a delicate, feminine finish for the piece.

The back of this teddy features three circular cutouts, one of which falls over your backside. It is also sheer and features silky bows like those on the front. This sexy lingerie is available in classic black, bright red, and pale purple.

5. René Rofé Lingerie

Rene Rofe Crotchless Panties

Rene Rofe Crotchless Panties

René Roté Lingerie is a lingerie brand that creates varied pieces in many different styles. However, one commonality among all of their pieces is a tasteful, provocative design that ensures a classy and erotic look.

I. Strappy Lace Teddy

This strappy lace teddy from René Roté is the perfect mix of classy, elegant, and erotic. It looks like a lingerie set because it includes both a bra and panties, but these two parts of the lingerie are connected to make one fluid piece.

The front of this lingerie is made from beautiful semi-sheer red lace. Its bra and panties are connected by a thin strip of red lace that slims and elongates your figure by drawing attention to the center of your midsection. The bra has a strappy black halter neck that crosses down over your chest to emphasize the size and shape of your breasts. The teddy’s panties are open- backed with a thong cut and are lined with three straps on either side.

6. Be Wicked

Be Wicked-Erotic Lingerie-Open Cup Bra

As you should be able to tell from their name, Be Wicked is a lingerie brand that produces notoriously daring, mischievous pieces and sets. Their selection is wide and diverse; they offer pieces that are flirty and delicate along with their wild, scandalous creations.

I. Minidress

This daring lingerie minidress is guaranteed to widen your partner’s eyes in the bedroom. It is extremely unique and doesn’t look like most other standard lingerie pieces you’ve bought in the past.

The minidress consists entirely of fishnet material with an open black strappy back. Its material is woven from a blend of nylon and spandex fabrics to ensure a comfortable fit that is not scratchy or irritating. It is form-fitting with thin spaghetti straps and falls to the tops of your thighs. A cut-out low V-neck and sharp black trim along the top and bottom hems adds interest to the sexy lingerie and draws attention to all the right places on your body.

7. iCollection

iCollection Lingerie-Lingerie Collection-Erotic Lingerie Oinline

iCollection is a lingerie brand that designs their pieces specifically to accommodate the lingerie preferences of adventurous women. They love to stretch the boundaries of standard lingerie to create erotic pieces and sets that are wonderfully playful and bold.

I. Floral Lace Robe

The first adjective that comes to mind when you think of a robe might not be erotic, but this open lingerie robe is sure to change your mind. It is crafted from a blend of nylon and elastane materials, which ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

This classy lingerie robe’s black sheer material features textured floral detailing that adds interest to the piece. The see through lingerie also features flirty scalloped lace edging around the front opening, sleeves, and bottom hem. Available with the option of a matching G-string, the gorgeous sheer robe is the perfect lingerie piece to wear alone or layer over another women’s underwear set.

8. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky-Erotic Lingerie-Roxie Harness-Hanky Panky After Midnight


Hanky Panky is a handmade lingerie brand. They aim to offer the most comfortable, well-fitting lingerie items with beautiful, innovative designs. All of their lingerie is made from fabrics and materials of the highest quality. Many of their lingerie pieces and sets are very racy and erotic.

I. After Midnight Collection

Hanky Panky’s After Midnight Collection is a great representation of the lingerie brand as a whole. The collection includes a wide variety of extremely erotic pieces that include bralettes, thongs, harnesses, chokers, bodysuits, and more.

The pieces in this sexy collection are bold and daring. Many of them are made from sexy black mesh and lace, while others feature a leopard print or are crafted from hot pink lace. Hanky

Panky’s tagline for this collection is “A Little Lacy & A Little Racy”, which effectively encompasses the classy yet provocative vibe of these erotic lingerie pieces.

9. Bracli

Erotic Lingerie - Bracli Pearl Thong Collection

Bracli is an innovative, luxury lingerie brand. They are renowned for their creation of the “original pearl thong”, which catalyzed the popularity of this trend among other lingerie brands. Bracli’s lingerie pieces—those that include pearls and those that don’t—are exceptionally bold and erotic.

I. Pearl Thong Collection

Since Bracli is known for their pearl thongs, it’s only fitting that they would offer a full collection of these thongs. Bracli’s pearl thong collection includes a wide variety of women’s thong-cut panties, all of which feature an open crotch and are connected by a strand of pearls.

The collection offers everything from skimpy, white lace thong panties to a high-waisted black mesh G-string. If you want to try out the erotic pearl thong style, you have a broad range of quality options from Bracli.

10. Mapalé

Erotic Lingerie - Mapale Lingerie

Mapalé is an exclusive lingerie brand that is renowned for the edgy, bold designs of their pieces that make them an ideal source for erotic lingerie. All of their pieces have innovative designs that are both comfortable and fashion-forward.

I. Fishnet & Lace Halter Top Teddy

This sultry black teddy is a perfect example of the erotic lingerie pieces that Mapalé produces. The teddy is crafted from alternating panels of sheer fishnet material and a floral black lace overlay punctuated by sexy thin black straps. The juxtaposition between these two materials creates an eye-catching blend of scandalous and delicately feminine.

The teddy’s cups are unlined and don’t include any underwire in order to preserve the comfort of the piece. It is completely sheer in the back and has a cheeky cut. The neckline of this erotic lingerie is a deep V to show off your cleavage and its straps tie into an adjustable halter neck to offer a better fit and subtly lift your bust.

11. Leg Avenue

Leg Avenue-Erotice Lingerie

Leg Avenue is a glamorous, affordable lingerie brand that offers a wide selection of all different types of bold lingerie pieces, from chemises and teddies to costumes and hosiery. When you buy erotic lingerie from Leg Avenue, you know that you are getting high-quality, sultry pieces that are sure to raise your confidence in the bedroom.

I. Hosiery Collection

It can be hard to find high-quality hosiery lingerie to pair with a lingerie bodysuit, underwear set, or any other piece. Leg Avenue carries a full collection that is filled with edgy hosiery pieces of only the highest quality.

Leg Avenue’s hosiery collection includes a wide and varied selection of different pieces. Many of their erotic pieces are sheer, fishnet, include attached skimpy panties or cutouts on the backside, or are adorned with sexy details like satin bows or lace designs.

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