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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


This Valentine’s Season? We Ask You Break Up With Your Old Bras

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s plenty of lingerie romance in the air. But are you feeling the love of your bra wardrobe?

Do you have a bra sitting in your top drawer that lets you down again and again, but you keep it around because it’s hard to let it go? Or maybe there’s a pretty one you can’t part with because it looks so good, even though it makes you feel bad about yourself?


This Valentine’s Day it’s time to break up with your bad bras.
Life is too short to settle for bras that don’t excite you, support you, and make you feel beautiful. Shopping for a bra online can be a bit like internet dating. How do you know they’ll look as good as their picture? Will they do what they say they can do? Luckily there are some online retailers like us that make shopping a little less scary. We offer free shipping and generous returns so you can test the waters before making a commitment. Make sure to check out our customer reviews because no one tells it to you straight like the woman who’s been there before you.

Too often we use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy something we think our partner would like to see, even if it’s not our style.
These are the one night stands we always end up regretting. Why not look at the holiday as a chance to practice a little self-love? Whether you have a partner or are single, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful excuse to indulge in shopping for a new bra that makes us feel weak in the knees.

When it’s all about you, you can choose the styles that make your heart race. Ask yourself how you want to feel, whether it’s bold, romantic, or sexy, and experiment with styles that fit this vision of yourself. Do you prefer a barely-there demi cup? Or a plunge style that shows a lot of cleavages? A fashion-forward longline? An effortlessly cute bralette? The great thing about bras is you can have a different love every day of the week!

From pale blushes to regal purples to the hottest shades of red, we have all the assortment you need to make you fall in love with lingerie all over again.


Laurie Shapiro
First Published By The Breast Life

Note: There are a few revisions to the original article