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The Madalynne Intimates - Lingerie & Sewing Blog

Madalynne Intimates is a unique clothing label that offers high-quality women’s intimates products that are equally beautiful, feminine, practical, and functional. They also provide sewing tutorials, kits, patterns, and workshops for women who want to take their intimates into their own hands.

Ethical Underwear: The Madalynne Intimates

All of the products sold by Madalynne Intimates are designed and manufactured in New York City. The company prides itself on only selling clothes that are made exclusively in the USA and does not employ any outsourcing in the design or manufacturing process of the items they sell. Instead, Madalynne Intimates relies on New York City’s own local manufacturing sector in their devoted effort to support American workers and contribute to the American economy. The company strives to inspire and support local designers and their passions. Every piece they sell is designed and sewn exclusively in Brooklyn, New York.

Unlike many other faceless, nameless big corporations that anonymously design and manufacture many of the clothes that are available to modern consumers, Madalynne Intimates is built on a personal passion for art, fashion, and sewing. Maddie, the founder of the company, began hand-sewing in college as a way to exercise her creative passions and cope with the premature death of her mother from cancer. Eventually, she turned her passion into a successful career when she founded her blog Madalynne, was hired to work with URBN, designed her own collection of women’s intimates, and started offering sewing workshops so she could teach women how to make their own bras and other intimates by hand.

Madalynne Intimates

Madalynne Intimates has achieved considerable success. Its collections are offered by many notable brands, including Urban Outfitters. Madalynne is much more than just a lingerie company, however. They also have an active blog, which covers topics from company giveaways and profiles on local designers to women’s lifestyle posts and sewing tips. Furthermore, Maddie continues to teach her popular bra-making workshops to women who want to take control of their own intimates and learn to create bras that truly fit their bodies. For women who are unable to attend the workshops or are interested in branching out with the intimates they create, the Madalynne Intimates website also offers a wealth of sewing tutorials and free sewing patterns for a wide range of intimate items.

Ethical Underwear, Madalynne Intimates

As for the products, Madalynne Intimates offers, they are unique and varied. Madalynne is heavily focused on body positivity and is dedicated to offering a broad range of intimate items so that every woman can find a piece (or several) that help her feel comfortable and confident in her own body. The company provides a distinctive selection of panties, bras, bralettes, and bodysuits. Many of Madalynne Intimates’ unique products can be found here. The lingerie that Madalynne Intimates designs are delicate and feminine. It does not look like the mainstream lingerie offered by larger corporations. Instead, the pieces in Madalynne Intimates’ lingerie collection have their own unique style that offers an attractive and practical blend of sportiness and femininity.

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