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Sexy Shelf Bra, Cupless Bra, & Open Cup Bra to Shop Online

Shelf Bras, Open Cup Bra and Cupless Bra 

The sheer number of different types of bras that exist on the current lingerie and undergarment market is hugely overwhelming. Among all types of bras, there are few less confusing than the semi-cup bra styles. These styles, which include shelf bras, open shelf bras, balconette bras, open cup bras, cut out bras, half bras or cupless bra and quarter cup bra, all have slightly different designs and functions. Many people struggle to understand the unique purpose of each of these bra styles and the boundary lines between them, which can make shopping for a semi-cup bra extremely frustrating.

Some of these bra styles are so obscure, and the differences between them are so slight that even many lingerie experts and professional brands get them mixed up. Knowing the ins and outs of the definitions of semi-cup bra styles and how to differentiate between them can give you a significant advantage for finding the ideal bra for you and your needs as quickly and easily as possible.


Shelf Bra and Open Cup Bra


Shelf Bra, Open Cup Bra, Cupless Bra | HauteFlair



What is a Shelf Bra?

As their name suggests, shelf bras are bras that are designed to hold your breasts in place—like a shelf—rather than completely encase them in individual cups. Most of these bras’ material is underneath your bust, which causes your breasts sit on top of the bra like a shelf rather than be covered by it. While some shelf bras offer more support than others, the main function of these bras as a group is to focus on lifting your breasts rather than supporting or shaping them.

There are many different types of shelf bras that vary widely in their style and function. Some shelf bras provide support for the lower part of your breasts with a snug elastic band that keeps them lifted. These shelf bras are very practical and prioritize comfort and security over appearance. Other shelf bras look more like regular bras and include wire and padding. These shelf bra styles are often worn as sexy lingerie. They hold your breasts in a lifted position without covering up too much of your bare skin for a scandalous look.

Shelf Bra, Open Cup Bra

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Push Up Shelf Bras

The majority of shelf bras are not constructed with separated, individual cups. Most of them rely on a thick elastic band under your bust to hold your breasts in

place. However, push up shelf bras or open cup push up bra do exist for women who are looking for more lift. Push up shelf bras usually, cover only the lower part of your breasts. Some of them do not offer nipple coverage, while others rise above your nipples.

Most push up shelf bras includes underwire and padding in order to effectively lift your breasts. However, most of these bras do not include separate, shaped cups and include a single layer of material cut straight across both of your breasts. The shelf bra styles that are commonly worn as part of a sexy lingerie look are push up bras or at least include some amount of padding that subtly enhances your cleavage.

Shirley of Hollywood Chopper Bar Lace Shelf Bra

Push Up Demi Shelf Bra by Shirley of Hollywood $32.00


Shelf Bra and Open Cup Bra


Shelf Bra Cami

One of the most common places to find shelf bras are inside camisoles. Many basic camisole tops feature built-in shelf bras that make these tops more effective as layering garments that offer added support and security. The shelf bras inside camisoles usually consist of just an extra inner layer of fabric that ends in a thick elastic band just underneath your bust.

Camisole shelf bras do not offer much support as they generally don’t include any padding or wire. Unless you have a very small bust, you will probably need to wear a bra underneath a shelf bra camisole to feel adequately supported. However, camisoles with shelf bras can offer extra security as a layer over your bra and underneath another top or sweater. They are also a great, comfortable sleepwear choice for women who appreciate a small amount of support while they sleep but don’t want to go to bed wearing a regular bra or sports bra.

cami with bra shelf - Seamlessly Shaped Convertible Camisole 

Shelf Bra Tank

When they are built in to other tops, shelf bras are most commonly found in basic camisoles. However, multiple other top styles also often include built-in shelf bras to offer extra security or help you avoid showing your bra under your top if you’re able to comfortably wear the shelf bra on its own.

Many stylish tank tops with more detail than basic camisoles feature shelf bras. These tops can be layered, but they are meant to be worn by themselves. Depending on the size and shape of your breasts and your personal comfort level, you can choose whether to rely solely on the support of the shelf bra in these tops or add another more supportive bra underneath. This choice applies to any other tops and dresses that include shelf bras.

Shelf bras are also common in workout tanks. The built-in shelf bras included in workout wear pieces are usually made from breathable material that keeps your breasts cool and dry through your workout. Most of them are also designed with. an extra snug fit—like that of a standard sports bra—to effectively hold your breasts secure against your chest while you exercise. If you’re not sure if the shelf bra built into your workout top will provide you with enough support while you exercise, wear a sports bra underneath. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to bra support for high-motion activities like working out or playing a sport.

tank shelf bra, women's tank tops with shelf bra 

Shelf Bras Versus Open Shelf Bras

There are very few—and sometimes no—differences between a shelf bra and an open shelf bra. The two terms are virtually interchangeable. The only differentiation that can be made between a shelf bra and an open shelf bra is that open shelf bras can be assumed to offer less coverage than some more modest shelf bra styles.

In other words, every open shelf bra is a shelf bra but not ever shelf bra is an open shelf bra. Open shelf bras are a subcategory of shelf bras. They feature fully open cups that expose all but the lower part of your breasts. Open shelf bras often feature underwire instead of an elastic band in order to hold your breasts in place more effectively without the help of material pressing your breasts against your chest.

Shelf bras that cover most or all of your breasts, such as those that are built into some camisoles and other tops, are not considered to be open shelf bras. While the difference between shelf bras and open shelf bras is slight, knowing what separates one style from the other can help you narrow your search and find the type of bra you really want more easily.


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Shelf Bras Versus Balconette Bras

Balconette bras are so similar to shelf bras that the two styles are often mixed up, even by some professional lingerie brands. However, balconette bras and shelf bras are not actually completely identical.

Both types of bras are revealing and do not fully encase your breasts. Both bra styles also focus primarily on lifting your breasts without always offering shaping

or abundant support. However, while most shelf bras are not divided into distinct cups, the majority of balconette bras include two distinct cups that clearly separate your breasts.

Balconette bras are designed to enhance the appearance of your bust while remaining invisible under tops and dresses with very low-cut necklines. They often include added support features like underwire or padded cups to help comfortably lift and secure your breasts. The cups of balconette bras are also not always cut straight across like those of shelf bras. Instead, they are often rounded like the cups of standard bras. While shelf bras are primarily worn as lingerie or only on occasion, many women choose to wear balconette bras on an everyday basis.

Shelf Bra Bra & Panty Set

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Shelf Bras Versus Open Cup Bras

Many people consider open cup bras and shelf bras to be interchangeable. While these bra styles are very similar, they are not exactly the same.

Different shelf bra styles provide different amounts of coverage that range from almost no coverage at all to more than half the coverage that a standard bra provides. The amount of coverage and support you receive from a shelf bra just depends on which bra style you choose. Open cup bras, on the other hand, provide very minimal coverage. These bras include either a tiny amount of material above their band, or no material at all. In this way, open cup bras are almost identical to open shelf bra styles.

open cup bra set | HauteFlair

bra open cup | HauteFlair 

Plus Size Shelf Bra and Cupless Lingerie

Many plus size women are wary of open cup or cupless lingerie because of the lack of support these pieces offer. Curvier women with full busts tend to choose more supportive lingerie—usually with separated, padded cups—that is guaranteed to keep their breasts comfortably lifted and secure during wear.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have small or perky breasts to look sexy and feel comfortable in cupless lingerie. There is a wide variety of cupless lingerie styles designed specifically with plus size women in mind. While the amount of support that any open cup lingerie can provide is certainly limited, many plus size cupless lingerie styles provide as much security as possible with additional support features like underwire and thick, adjustable straps.

Shirley of Hollywood Plus Size Shelf Bra and Panty Set

Shirley of Hollywood Plus Size Shelf Bra and Panty Set


Shelf Bra and Open Cup Bra


Open Cup Bras with Support

Supportive open cup bras might seem like an oxymoron, but they’re not as elusive as you might think. It is true that open cup bras don’t provide the shaping support that standard bras with individual, separated cups do. While cups do offer added support and security—especially if they are lined or padded—the majority of the support from any bra comes from its band, not its cups.

Some open cup bras—such as those that are designed to be flashy and sexy rather than secure and supportive—feature flimsy bralette-like bands made from elastic or stretchy lace material. These bras offer little to no support and only offer a slight lift for your breasts. However, other open cup bras make support a higher priority. These heavy-duty open cup bras are usually constructed with underwire for more lift, adjustable straps for a better fit, and hook and eye closures for added security.

Without cups, open cup bras are obviously missing a major component of most standard bras. While they will likely not feel as secure as a lined, full-coverage bra, many cupless bras are able to provide adequate support for comfortable wear by women with breasts of all shapes and sizes.

Open Cup Bra, Open Cup Bras with Support | HauteFlair

Open Cup Bras with Support, Bridal Cupless Bra | HauteFlair

What is a Cut Out Bra?

'Cut out bra' is an umbrella term that can be used to describe a wide variety of different bra styles. In the context of shelf bras, open cup bras, and other more revealing styles, cut out bras generally refer to bras that feature a hole cut out to reveal part of your breast. Cut out bras vary in the amount of skin they show. Some of these bras include cutouts that bare your nipples, while others reveal a large portion of your breast but keep your nipples covered. Regardless, these cut out bras are designed to be sexy and scandalous and make great additions to any lingerie look.

Not all cut out bras put your entire bust on display. Some more modest cut out bras are designed to enhance the appearance of your breasts without showing too much of your bare skin. Many of these cut out bra styles feature strappy detailing above the cups to outline your cleavage and create the illusion of larger, more full breasts. Others include central keyhole cutouts that draw eyes straight to your breasts. The styles of these cut out bras vary widely, but the cut out detailing on each one is designed to flatter and attract attention to your bust.

These bras are very stylish and are ideal lingerie pieces for women who want to draw attention to their assets without putting too much skin on display.

Hanky Panky Lace Open Cup Bralette


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What is a Half Bra?

As their title suggests, half bras include about half the material of a standard bra. The cups of these bras only cover about half of your breast. The majority of half bras provide nipple coverage but dip low enough to allow you to wear very low- cut tops without revealing your bra underneath. Half bras prioritize support and lift. They usually feature separate, shaped cups complete with underwire and lining or padding to provide as much support and security as possible while lifting your breasts at the same time.

Half bras are very similar to balconette bras, so much so that many people get the different styles mixed up. In truth, the definitive differences between half bras and balconette bras are slim to none. Both types of bras offer more support than most shelf bras or open cup bras but only provide coverage to the lower half of your breasts. However, the term ‘half bra’ spells out exactly how much coverage a bra provides more clearly than ‘balconette bra’. It also differentiates this type of bra from similar but more revealing quarter bra styles.

Cut Out Bra, Cupless Bras



Half Cup Push Up Bra

Many half cup bras are available in push up styles. Because half cup bras feature real, separated cups, they can easily include padded lining as well. Half cup push up bras significantly increase your cleavage and make your breasts look much more full. They are ideal for wearing underneath very low-cut tops and dresses that reveal as much cleavage as possible.

Finding a half cup push up bra that fits you very well is essential. Women who wear ill-fitting half cup push up bras risk ending up with the dreaded quad-boob. Quad boob occurs when the padding of your push up bra makes your breast tissue spill over the edge of the bra’s cups, creating a dent that creates the lumpy illusion of four misshapen breasts. While quad boob is a risk with any push up bra, it is especially common with half cup bras because the low cups make overflow more likely.


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What is a Quarter Cup Bra?

Quarter cup bras are—as you might have already guessed—bras that provide approximately one-quarter of the coverage offered by a standard bra. These bras usually do not offer nipple coverage and cover only the very bottom part of your breasts. Quarter cup bras are available in a wide range of styles. Some of them are constructed with separated cups and underwire, while others are made from flimsy stretch lace or elastic material. Therefore, the amount of support and lift you can expect from a quarter cup bra varies significantly between individual styles.

As half bras relate to balconette bras, quarter cup bras are akin to open cup bras. However, quarter cup bras are always made with some amount of cup material that not all open cup bra styles include.

Shelf Bras For DD Cup

Shelf Bra and Open Cup Bra