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Plus Size Valentines Day Lingerie - 2024 Shopping Guide

Plus Size Valentine Lingerie, and Curvy Lingerie 

If you’re a plus size woman, you probably already know the struggle of trying to find flattering, well-fitting lingerie that feels like it was designed for bodies like yours. The lingerie industry is impacted with pieces that are indisputably designed with slim, petite, small-breasted figures in mind. Even the “plus-size” models that lingerie companies hire to represent the larger sizes their brand carries often have bodies that don’t look anything like the bodies of most real women who wear plus sizes. It’s incredibly frustrating and discouraging to step into a lingerie store and look around at all of the sheer lace bras that won’t support a cup size above C and mesh chemises that make red lines on your skin if you don’t have a 25-inch waist.

Believe it or not, plus size women have more choices than they once did when it comes lingerie, but the options are still limited. Even when a company carries plus sizes, that doesn’t always mean that their pieces are flattering for plus size bodies. Unfortunately, many lingerie companies’ “plus size collections” are filled with extended sizes of pieces initially designed specifically for slimmer women. While they might technically be the right size, these pieces are often woefully unsupportive, unflattering, or uncomfortable for real plus size women.


Valentines Day Lingerie Plus Size

Striped Mesh Satin babydoll $49.00

For plus size women everywhere, the lingerie component of Valentine’s Day is often disappointing. It’s fun to dress up in special lingerie in celebration of the romantic holiday, but that tradition is discouraging for women whose lingerie options are few and far between. Every woman deserves to feel as sexy as possible on Valentine’s Day, no matter what your measurements are. If you’re in search of plus size lingerie for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, use this guide to help you find well-fitting, high-quality pieces that will flatter your body size, shape, and type just the way it is.

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Plus Size Sheer Lace, Mesh Soft Cup Bra

Sheer Lace, Mesh Soft Cup Bra $24.00

1. Understand the Benefits of Buying Lingerie Online

In the modern world where technology reigns, online stores are usually the best option by far when it comes to shopping for lingerie. However, many women are wary of getting online to shop for their underwear. They worry that the pieces they order won’t fit them, won’t look how they appear, or will end up looking nothing like how they were pictured when they finally arrive on your doorstep. While these concerns are valid, there are many benefits to shopping for lingerie online rather than venturing out to a store.

For one thing, browsing through lingerie options from the comfort of your own couch is significantly more convenient than traipsing through a strip mall or department store. Also, there are thousands of more opportunities for lingerie in online stores than you’ll ever find in brick-and-mortar shops even if you go to several of them. This abundance of options is especially helpful for plus size women who often have more trouble finding flattering lingerie in favorite stores. Shopping online gives you access to a whole new world of choices that you might never have known existed from your experience with the limited inventory in your local lingerie shops or department stores. Overall, shopping for lingerie online is more comfortable, cheaper, more fun, and more successful than in-store browsing. Usually, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Plus Size Mesh Babydoll G String Lingerie Set

Mesh Babydoll G String Lingerie Set $42.00

2. Start with the Basic Valentine's Day Lingerie Pieces

It’s very common to start shopping for lingerie when you want to buy it for Valentine’s Day. Many women who don’t regularly wear any lingerie often naturally decide that the holiday of sex, love, and romance is the perfect opportunity to try out some sexy pieces they would usually not consider. If you’ve never shopped for lingerie for yourself (or anyone else) in the past—or if you’re used to lingerie shopping trips in brick-and-mortar stores—it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of online lingerie shopping before you dive into the process.

There are many different ways you can increase your chances of success when shopping online for lingerie (or for anything else). Make sure you have accurate measurements of your body and compare them to size charts on different websites so you can have a better chance of buying pieces that fit well. Also, try to only buy from online stores that have decent return policies so that you don’t end up with a pile of lingerie that doesn’t fit but that you can’t send back. Above all else, check every online store you visit for customer reviews before making a purchase. A lot of published customer reviews—both good and bad, but hopefully mostly good—on a website point toward the legitimacy and reputability of the site. Reading these reviews can also help you make better decisions about which pieces to buy by providing you with additional information on them based off of the first-hand experience. If you want more tips on the basics of online lingerie shopping, clickhere( lingerie-expert-offer-tips-on-lingerie-online-shopping) to read advice from field experts for successfully shopping for lingerie online.

Valentine's Day Lingerie Plus Size

Stretch Satin babydoll G-string Set$47.00

3. Stay Simple and Look Sexy on Valentine's Day

Some women feel like, if they’re going to buy Valentine’s Day lingerie, it needs to be bright red and skimpy. This isn’t true. Wearing special lingerie for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to wear something that’s entirely out of your comfort zone. In fact, the most important thing about buying and wearing lingerie is making sure to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you don’t feel sexy in your lingerie, you’re not going to have any fun wearing it.

There are many different kinds of Valentine’s Day lingerie. If you want to veer on the side of caution and comfort, feel free to choose pieces that are a little more modest than others. Countless lingerie pieces prove you can still look sexy, like this DreamGirl Babydoll Plus Size Panty Set, full- coverage plus size red babydoll.

DreamGirl Babydoll Plus Size Panty Set

DreamGirl Babydoll Plus Size Panty Set

4. Go Wild With Your Valentine’s Day Lingerie

It’s perfectly fine if you want to wear more modest, simple lingerie on Valentine’s Day. However, not all women want to keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your Valentine’s Day lingerie.

If you’re someone who feels most confident and comfortable in crotchless panties or a garter set, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Many online stores are filled with raunchy, sexy plus size Valentine’s Day lingerie, like this plus size heart-shaped lace G-string 

plus size heart-shaped lace G-string

DreamGirl Plus size heart-shaped lace G-string

DreamGirl Plus size heart-shaped lace G-string

5. Know Where to Look and Find High-Quality Plus Size Lingerie For Valentine

Looking specifically for plus size Valentine’s Day lingerie can put you at an advantage over other women because the parameters allow you to narrow and focus your search. This can help you successfully find lingerie pieces that you love more quickly and efficiently without getting overwhelmed.

To find high-quality plus size Valentine’s Day lingerie, you just have to know where to look. Stay away from websites that seem only to carry a few plus size pieces. Chances are, these pieces are just larger sizes of styles designed for slimmer women and won’t fit well. Instead, keep your eye out for online stores that are devoted entirely to plus size lingerie or sites that include full collections of plus size lingerie pieces

Plus Size Longline Garter Belt Bra Set

Longline Garter Belt Bra Set $47.00

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