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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Plus Size Babydoll

Plus Size Babydoll Lingerie, Sleepwear & Nighties

It can be difficult for plus size women to find plus size clothing and plus size lingerie in a world where women’s fashion is targeted primarily toward slimmer, less curvy women. The mainstream lingerie market as a whole may be unfairly targeted toward slimmer women, but babydolls are both trendy and naturally flattering for curvier and bustier plus size women. Babydolls are among the most popular lingerie styles for plus size women. By nature, they are feminine, flirty, and offer a forgiving fit that helps boost the body confidence of curvy women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. Babydolls aren’t so baggy that they make you feel like you’re shapeless, but they don’t fit so tightly that you feel restricted or self-conscious. Instead, babydolls offer a relaxed but flattering fit that gently hugs your curves without squeezing too tightly.

The relaxed but structured fit of babydolls also makes these lingerie styles flattering enough to flaunt your figure in the bedroom and comfortable enough for sleeping peacefully all night long once you and your partner have had enough sexy fun for the night. Their fit is naturally slimming and accentuates and enhances your sexy curves rather than concealing them. Babydolls are ultra-versatile and can be worn as lingerie, loungewear, and even pajamas. Maximum versatility and universally flattering style make babydoll lingerie a must-have addition to any woman’s at-home lingerie collection.

This collection is stocked with a versatile variety of plus size babydoll styles that range from feminine and flirty to scandalous and bold. Many of the plus size babydolls you’ll find here are designed to double as lingerie and loungewear or sleepwear. If you’re a plus-size woman, you won’t have to go through the all-too-normalized struggle of searching for a style that fits you in this collection. Every style in this plus size babydoll collection is designed specifically to flatter the figures of real, curvy, plus size women regardless of body type, shape, or size. The plus-size babydolls you’ll find in this collection are available in a wide, inclusive range of sizes from 1X to 3X.

Plus Size Babydoll Sleepwear

Most babydoll lingerie styles can double as sleepwear and loungewear for looking cute and flaunting your sexy figure while relaxing around the house, taking a nap, or catching Z’s all night long.

You can wear virtually any babydoll as sleepwear or loungewear, but some of the plus size babydolls in this collection are designed specifically for comfortable sleeping or relaxing in the comfort of your own home. The cotton babydoll nightgowns you’ll find in this collection promote ultra-comfortable sleep and relaxation. Their breathable, lightweight material will keep you cool and dry all night long while you sleep and won’t feel restrictive or suffocating throughout the night.

Plus Size Babydoll Lingerie

This plus size babydoll lingerie collection includes two-piece lingerie sets, individual lace and mesh babydolls, and more. From feminine and flirty to bold and scandalous, the plus-size babydoll lingerie styles you’ll find here are as versatile in style as they are in function.

Plus Size Babydoll Lingerie Sets

Many of the plus size babydolls you’ll find in this collection are part of a two-piece set that also includes a pair of plus size panties. These lingerie sets allow you to put together a complete sexy and streamlined lingerie look with no extra effort on your part.

This collection includes several babydoll lingerie sets that include a sexy babydoll top and matching plus size G-string panties. These panties add a little extra sexy coverage and a streamlined finish that effortlessly completes your sexy lingerie look.

Plus Size Lace Babydolls

Lace adds flirty sex appeal to any piece, which is why it is one of the most popular materials for the lingerie styles in this collection. Many of the plus size babydolls you’ll find in this collection are made from stretch lace material that expertly hugs your curves to help you flaunt your figure while showing off just the right amount of bare skin underneath.

Some of these sexy lace nightgowns are made from all-over semi-sheer lace, while other styles feature semi-sheer lace panels or trim to offer a bit more coverage and a slightly more modest finish.

Plus Size Mesh Babydolls

The semi-sheer mesh is another popular material for the plus size babydolls in this collection. Semi-sheer mesh adds sexy style to any babydoll dress and shows off a peek of bare skin while still offering comfortable, semi-modest coverage for your curves.

Scandalous Plus Size Babydoll Lingerie

Every woman has her own personal lingerie preferences. That’s why the selection in this collection is so versatile. If you’re in the market for comfortable and semi-modest lingerie that’s slightly more scandalous, you can find it in this plus size babydoll collection.

One of the biggest misconceptions about babydoll lingerie is that it is overly modest. When you think of babydoll lingerie, scandalous is probably not the first adjective that comes to mind. Babydoll lingerie does tend to be more flirty, feminine, and delicate than bold or scandalous. In fact, many of the babydolls dress you’ll find in this collection prioritize flirty, feminine style over daring sex appeal.

That being said, babydoll lingerie can be scandalous, too. Many of the plus-size babydoll lingerie and lingerie sets in this collection are daring and flaunt your figure with semi-sheer lace or mesh material, skimpy cut-outs, and bold strappy designs, etc. Scandalous babydoll lingerie offers comfort and boosts your body confidence while also showing off just the right amount of skin to make a bold statement in the bedroom.

Plus Size Chemise Lingerie

This plus size babydoll lingerie collection does include options for plus size chemise lingerie styles as well. Chemises and babydolls are very similar, but there are key differences between these two lingerie styles in terms of both fit and appearance. Both chemises and babydolls are short, sleeveless nightgowns. The main difference between these two styles is that babydolls offer a slightly more relaxed fit below the bustline whereas chemises provide a more snug fit that clings to your figure all the way down.

Unfortunately, many mainstream lingerie retailers advertise chemises and babydolls interchangeably, which can lead to major confusion among shoppers because the two styles arenotthe same despite how similar they are. To help reduce this confusion, the chemises you’ll find here—although included within this collection of plus size babydolls because of the two styles’ many similarities—are labeled as chemises and not babydolls.

If you’re looking for a plus-size babydoll that follows the curvy shape of your figure more closely from top to bottom, check out the plus size chemise lingerie style in this collection. These chemise styles offer a semi-relaxed fit just like babydolls. They won’t squeeze your figure or restrict your movement and are still comfortable enough for sleeping and lounging, but they do show off the shape of your figure more clearly and accentuate your curves in all the right places for an ultra-sexy finish.