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A Complete Guide to Sports Bras

by Shaylie Foley February 20, 2018

Wearing the wrong type of sports bra can have a severe negative impact on your motivation to exercise as well as the quality of your workout itself. If you’re serious about your workouts, exercise classes, or the sport you play, you should invest in a quality sports bra that meets all of your needs. Many women who don’t wear the sports bras they should—or don’t wear a sports bra at all—simply don’t know what they’re missing.
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A Complete Guide to Bra Types and Styles

by Shaylie Foley February 17, 2018

Every woman has a slightly different set of reasons for choosing to wear a bra—or opting not to wear one. For women who decide to wear a bra on a regular basis, bras can serve a wide range of purposes depending on your needs and the type of bra you wear.  The type of bra that’s ideal for one woman is wholly uncomfortable or useless for another woman with a different body and different needs.
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Teddy Lingerie: A Complete Guide to Teddies & Teddy Lingerie HauteFlair

A Complete Guide to Teddy Lingerie

by Shaylie Foley February 10, 2018

Teddy lingerie has withstood the test of time much longer than most other lingerie styles, having evolved with the trends over the decades and remaining in style for more than a century and counting. Teddies haven’t stayed in fashion for several generations without earning their place. There are countless reasons for the lasting success of teddies in fashion, the most important of which include how effortlessly flattering, versatile, and practical this lingerie style is.
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Hot Lingerie | Hottest Lingerie Online | HauteFlair

A Guide to Hot Lingerie Shopping

by Shaylie Foley February 06, 2018

Shopping for lingerie requires you to be vulnerable and honest with yourself about your body and your sexuality, which is very difficult for many women. However, the purpose of lingerie is to help women celebrate their sexuality and feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. Lingerie shopping shouldn’t feel like a chore or a punishment; it should be fun.
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How to Prevent Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy

by Shaylie Foley February 03, 2018

Wearing the right bras during and after your pregnancy is the number-one best way to prevent and reverse sagging breasts after pregnancy. Breasts grow larger and heavier during your pregnancy. During this time, the ligaments that attach your breasts to your chest muscles are likely to stretch out from the excess weight. 
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Bra Sizes Explained - A Complete Guide to Bra Cup Sizes From A, B, C, DDD, E, FF, G to HH Cup

Bra Sizes Explained- From A, B, C, DDD, E, FF, G to HH Cup

by Shaylie Foley January 30, 2018

For many women, their breast size is an integral part of their confidence and how attractive they feel. Beyond sex appeal, breast size is significant because it dictates what bra size a woman wears. Wearing the correct bra size for your breast size helps your bust look better in tops, prevents severe back pain in women with larger breasts, and offers the support you need to avoid discomfort and sagging.
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Maternity Lingerie and Pregnant Lingerie | HauteFlair

A Complete Guide to Maternity Lingerie

by Shaylie Foley January 28, 2018

If you’re struggling to feel attractive during your pregnancy, wearing lingerie can be a great way to reverse feelings of unattractiveness and help you learn how to embrace your sexiness again. Wearing the right lingerie while you’re pregnant enhances the appearance of your body just the way it is and reminds you how alluring your body is at all stages of your pregnancy.
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A Bra Guide for Saggy Boobs & Sagging Breasts

A Bra Guide for Sagging Breasts

by Shaylie Foley January 25, 2018

For many women, saggy boobs are one of the unwelcome but inevitable changes in your appearance that develop as you approach middle age. Breasts are a large part of women’s sexuality, and many women experience a severe drop in confidence when they start to notice that their breasts are not as perky as they once were.
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A Guide to String Bikini & Thong Monokini Swimwear Online Shopping

by Shaylie Foley January 20, 2018

String bikinis, G String Bikinis or Tiny Bikinis are considered the classic go-to swimwear style for women heading out for a day poolside or on the beach. The simple, adjustable style of string bikinis is appealing to a wide range of women across many demographics. These bikinis can also be worn in multiple ways and are available in a multitude of styles, which makes them flattering for many different body types.
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How to Buy and Wear Sheer Lingerie & See Through Lingerie online

by Shaylie Foley January 14, 2018

Sheer lingerie is an umbrella term that refers to any lingerie made from see-through or semi-opaque materials. These lingerie pieces are designed to add an extra dimension of provocativeness to your negligee look by showing off more of your skin and putting more of your figure on display. Any style of lingerie can be sheer depending on its material. You can easily find sheer versions of babydoll Lingerie, Teddies Lingerie, bra and panty sets, nightgowns, and many other classic lingerie styles.

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How to Choose and Buy the Right Bra for Daily Use

How to Choose and Buy the Right Bra for Daily Use

by Shaylie Foley December 30, 2017

Just like every woman deserves an awesome best friend, every woman also needs to have an everyday bra that she can rely on to get her through the day without discomfort and with plenty of flattering support. 

So which bra should you choose to be your faithful bra that you can trust to wear under any outfit on any given day? Read on to discover several helpful tips and tricks for finding a bra for daily use that won’t let you down.

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Microkini Micro Bikini Swim Online Shopping

A Guide to Micro Bikini Online Shopping

by Shaylie Foley December 27, 2017

Micro bikinis, or microkinis, are an extraordinarily scandalous and skimpy bikini style. They are usually designed to cover the absolute minimum amount of skin that allows the wearer to avoid illegal indecency. Most micro bikinis for females look like triangle string bikinis but with no fabric on the backside and much tinier triangles on top. Micro bikinis do not contain any cups, lining, padding, wiring, or anything more than thin single-layer fabric attached by strings.

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Best Online Lingerie Store | Best Place to Buy Bra and Lingerie Online

Best Online Lingerie Store | 2018

by Shaylie Foley December 06, 2017

There are countless places online where you can purchase lingerie, ranging from bra collections on department store websites to online stores designed specifically to sell lingerie. If you’re going to buy lingerie on the internet, it’s a good idea to shop in a reputable online store that focuses primarily on selling quality lingerie.
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Valentine's Day Lingerie Online Shopping

A Guide to Valentine's Day Lingerie Shopping

by Shaylie Foley December 03, 2017

Shopping for Valentine’s Day lingerie can be an overwhelming challenge. There are endless Valentine’s Day- themed lingerie with countless styles and designs that range from hot to cute to delicate that hit the market every year around mid-January. Don’t let the overwhelming range of choices discourage you from taking advantage of sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie that will either wow your husband/boyfriend when you walk into the bedroom. Use this guide to Valentine’s Day lingerie online shopping to make the process easy.

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Plus Size Teddy Lingerie

A Guide to Plus Size Teddy Lingerie

by Shaylie Foley December 02, 2017

Teddies are a favorite lingerie style that looks similar to and fits like a bodysuit. What sets teddies apart from many other lingerie styles is the fact that they create a complete look with only one piece. Teddies are also very stylish; they are virtually bodysuits—which are currently topping the trend charts for everyday fashion For plus size women, this teddy lingerie design hugs your curves and accentuates them in the sexiest way possible.
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Waist Trainer Shapewear: Waist Trainers for Working Out

Top 10 Best Waist Trainer Shapewear | 2018 Review

by Shaylie Foley November 30, 2017

Most waist trainers shapewear are designed for everyday wear to help shape your waist as you engage in your daily activities or even while you sleep. Other waist trainers, however, are specifically constructed for use while working out. Since you wear your fitness waist trainer while you exercise, the comfort and support it provides should be at the top of your list of priorities
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Lingerie Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Lingerie Shopping Guide

by Shaylie Foley November 26, 2017

Beautiful lingerie is virtually a no-risk gift for any woman. Almost every woman would be thrilled to receive a sexy bra-and-panty set or an intricate lace bodysuit for any special occasion. Unfortunately, great quality lingerie is pretty expensive which can deter many men from taking the plunge to buy it as a gift for someone special. To get some of best deal, consider shopping for lingerie on Black Friday & Cyber Monday
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Plus Size Compression Shapewear

Top 10 Plus Size Compression Shapewear

by Shaylie Foley November 24, 2017

Plus size shapewear can transform your body and the way you wear your clothes on an everyday basis. There is an endless variety of plus size compression shapewear pieces that slim, shape, and lift your body in all the right places. The right shapewear enhances your body to make you look and feel like the best version of you.

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Plus Size Lingerie: A Guide to Plus Size Lingerie for Curvy Girls

A Complete Guide to Plus Size Lingerie, BBW Lingerie

by Shaylie Foley November 22, 2017

Plus size lingerie is a topic that contemporary mainstream media does not talk about enough and that plus size women are forced to think about way too much. As almost every plus size woman knows, quality plus size clothing as a whole can be complicated to shop for successfully. Many “plus size” styles are not flattering or well-fitting for real plus size women, and there are never enough clothing options.
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How To Buy Sexy and Sexiest Lingerie Online

How To Shop For Sexy and Sexiest Lingerie

by Shaylie Foley November 18, 2017

Every woman’s ultimate goal is to find the sexiest lingerie possible. Of course, ‘sexiest’ is a subjective adjective. The sexiest lingerie varies from woman to woman. The sexiest lingerie for you is that magic lingerie that fits you well and makes you feel confident and beautiful. There are many ways to make the process of shopping for the sexiest lingerie easier and more successful.
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Crotchless Panties, Crotchless Lingerie & Underwear Online

How to Buy Crotchless Lingerie & Best Crotchless Panties Online

by Shaylie Foley November 17, 2017

Crotchless panties and Crotchless Lingerie are currently a top lingerie trend. You can find virtually any lingerie piece you would normally want to buy in an open Crotch option. Buying crotchless lingerie is a subtle way to heighten the sexiness of your lingerie collection and make you feel more confident and beautiful in the pieces you wear. 
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Hot Lingerie | Hottest Lingerie Online Shopping

Top Lingerie Brands and Their Hottest Lingerie Pieces

by Shaylie Foley November 17, 2017

Hot lingerie is lingerie that is class, fits and flatters your unique figure well and has some kind of unique feature that sets it apart from other basic pieces. Hot lingerie is made from quality materials, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to be hot. Plenty of affordable lingerie pieces and sets are still very hot. Check out some of the top brands that sell some of the best hot women’s lingerie and can help you find pieces that are right for you.
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10 Best bachelorette lingerie party Gifts

Top 10 Best Bachelorette Party Lingerie Gift

by Shaylie Foley November 16, 2017

When a bride-to-be or her maid of honor throws a bachelorette party, raunchy gifts with some sort of sexy twist are expected. Giving and receiving these gifts is part of the fun of the exciting celebration. Lingerie is definitely one of the most common bachelorette party gifts
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How to Find Your Perfect Breast Size

How to Measure & Find Your Bra Cup Sizes Yourself

by Shaylie Foley November 16, 2017

Every woman’s bust or cup size is slightly different. Therefore, a wide range of bra sizes is needed to accommodate the breasts of women of all shapes and sizes. While there are some standard bra and cup sizes, however, a large percentage of modern women don’t really fit within this range of standard sizes. Most women end up wearing a bra size that is slightly (or majorly) off from the size that would actually fit them correctly.
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Erotic Lingerie, Best Erotic lingerie

11 Erotic Lingerie Brands and their Best Erotic Lingerie

by Shaylie Foley November 15, 2017

It can be discouraging to search for erotic lingerie without finding pieces that have the level of sex appeal that you really want. High-quality, edgy erotic lingerie sometimes gets a lot in the sea of simpler, tamer lingerie and forces you to engage in a long and frustrating hunt before you actually find pieces with styles and designs that you want. With this article, you can bypass this frustrating process
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Babydoll Lingerie vs Chemise Nightgown

How to Choose Between Babydoll Lingerie and Chemise Nightgown

by Shaylie Foley November 12, 2017

Two common types of sexy, fashionable lingerie nightgowns are babydolls and chemises. These nightgown lingerie styles look very similar and many women aren’t even sure what the difference is between them. Both babydolls and chemises are sleeveless nightgowns that are generally designed to be both sexy and comfortable. 
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Tips on How to Wear a Lace Bodysuit Lingerie in the Winter

Expert Tips on How to Style a Lace Bodysuit Lingerie in the Winter

by Shaylie Foley November 12, 2017

In order to wear bodysuit lingerie pieces with your favorite outfits, you just have to know how to style them right. With winter coming up, wearing a bodysuit out in public requires different planning than in warmer months. Read on to learn some helpful tips on how you can style classic lace bodysuit lingerie in the winter.
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A Guide to Yummie Shapewear & yummie underwear Online Shopping

A Guide to Yummie Tummy Shapewear, Leggings & Underwear Reviews

by Shaylie Foley November 10, 2017

Yummie Tummie offers some of the most effective and comfortable shapewear on the mark. In addition to traditional shapewear pieces, Yummie Tummie also sells less conspicuous shapewear in the form of leggings, panties, bras, and more.  No matter what type of shapewear you’re looking for, you can find it at Yummie Tummie. Keep reading to learn more about a wide range of Yummie Tummie’s specific pieces.

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Valentine's Day Lingerie Plus Size Shopping Guide

A Guide To Plus Size Valentine's Lingerie for Curvy girls 2018

by Shaylie Foley November 10, 2017

For plus size women everywhere, the lingerie component of Valentine’s Day is often disappointing. Every woman deserves to feel as sexy as possible on Valentine’s Day, no matter what your measurements are. If you’re in search of plus size lingerie for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, use this guide to help you find well-fitting Valentine's Day lingerie pieces that will flatter your body size, and shape just the way it is.
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Best Alternatives to Victoria's Secret Bras and Underwear

10 Best Alternatives to Victoria's Secret Lingerie & Underwear

by Shaylie Foley November 07, 2017

There are reasons that Victoria’s Secret empire attracts women all over the world. However, the brand has gotten so popular that many women don’t even consider buying lingerie from anywhere else. While Victoria’s Secret isn’t a wrong choice, countless other lingerie brands carry higher-quality pieces at more affordable prices on a broader range of sizes. Keep reading to learn more about ten of the best alternatives to Victoria’s Secret Bras and lingerie.
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Discounted Lingerie & Cheap Lingerie online

How to Find Cheap & Discounted Lingerie online

by Shaylie Foley November 02, 2017 1 Comment

Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to find high-quality lingerie at prices that are much more affordable than you might expect. There are many strategies that can help you discover lingerie pieces you’ll love at significantly discounted prices. You just have to know how to shop effectively with the intent of getting the best deals you can on the lingerie you want.
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Naughty Lingerie, Naughty Bridal Lingerie Set

How to Choose a Naughty Bridal Lingerie Set

by Shaylie Foley October 31, 2017

Picking out a naughty bridal lingerie set for you and your new spouse to enjoy when your wedding night finally arrives can be fun and exciting. It’s even better when you’re armed with some tips and tricks for choosing the set that’s best for you. If you’re a woman who prefers open-crotched panties to long white corsets, don’t let long-standing traditions get in your way. 

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Best Shapewear For tummy control, Love Handles, Muffin Top

15 Best Shapewear For Love Handles, Muffin Top

by Shaylie Foley October 31, 2017

Love handles and Muffin Top are completely natural. In fact, a large majority of modern women have a bit of extra fat padding their hips and waist. However, being aware of the normality of visible love handles doesn’t actually make them any more fun for real women to deal with. Fortunately, there are certain shapewear pieces that can help smooth out and compress love handles in order to make them instantly less visible underneath any outfit.
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10 Sexy Valentines Day Lingerie Plus Size

10 Hottest Valentine's Day Lingerie Gift For Plus Size Women

by Shaylie Foley October 30, 2017

Along with flowers, chocolates, and cards with cartoon hearts printed on the front, lingerie is one of the most popular gifts for adoring men or women to buy for their female partners on Valentine’s Day. Since February 14th is the day for celebrating love, sex, and romance, it makes sense that lingerie would be a common choice for a present. This post can steer you in the right direction toward finding flattering and well-fitting lingerie from reputable brands for the curvy and/or plus size woman in your life.
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Night Dress for Wedding Night image

Wedding Night Dress: How to Choose Night Gowns For Wedding Night

by Shaylie Foley October 24, 2017

Your wedding night is one of the most important nights of your life. That first night is a celebration of your permanent union with another person and represents the beginning of your marital love that is meant to last forever. When you start searching for lingerie to buy specifically for your wedding night, you are bombarded with a ton of options everywhere you look.
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How to Choose bra and Buy Best Bras Online

10 Tips on How to Choose bra and Buy Bras Online

by Shaylie Foley October 24, 2017

Buying bras and other lingerie pieces online open up a whole new world of shopping for many women. Shopping for lingerie in online stores removes much of the inconvenience, awkwardness, and effort than dragging yourself to a brick-and-mortar lingerie shop or department store requires. 
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How to Wear Black Leggings in the Winter

10 Tips on How to Wear Leggings and Leggings Outfits in the Winter

by Shaylie Foley October 22, 2017

If you’re like thousands (probably millions) of other modern fashion lovers, leggings are your savior during the winter season. Their existence in your closet is the ultimate comfort when you’re trying to drag yourself out of bed before sunrise on a cold, dark winter morning. Leggings are the best of all worlds.
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50 Lingerie and Fashion Expert Offer Tips on How to Buy Lingerie Online

50 Lingerie and Fashion Experts Offer Tips on How to Buy Lingerie Online

by Shaylie Foley October 09, 2017 2 Comments

Today, people shop online for everything from toothpaste to jeans to lingerie. As convenient as it is, buying lingerie online is much different than buying a T-shirt or a pair of pants from an Internet storefront. We gathered responses from 50 lingerie experts regarding their personal tips and advice on how to shop for lingerie online.
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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Lingerie Shopping Deala online

How to Shop Lingerie Deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

by Shaylie Foley October 07, 2017

Black Friday sales are any lingerie lover’s paradise. Perfecting the art of shopping for lingerie on Black Friday is often challenging. If you’ve had your eye on a beautiful set of lingerie all year long, take advantage of the Black Friday sales and clearances to splurge on your favorite pieces. Shop right by using this helpful tips on How to Shop For Lingerie Sales on Black Friday
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Best Plus Size Leggings For Curvy Figure

The 10 Best Plus Size Leggings For Curvy Figure

by Shaylie Foley October 04, 2017

There is absolutely no reason that shapely, plus-sized women with natural curves shouldn’t enjoy the comfort and convenience of leggings. Figuring out how to wear plus size leggings in a flattering and stylish way doesn’t have to be too hard. All it takes is finding the right leggings that fit all of your needs and wants and look fabulous on your unique body
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Cute Black Leggings, Yoga Leggings & Fashion Leggings for Women

Top 10 Best Black Leggings & Yoga Pants to buy online

by Shaylie Foley September 25, 2017

Leggings and yoga pants aren’t just for working out anymore. You can wear a Cute Black Leggings anywhere from the gym to the grocery store and shopping. In order to get the maximum benefit out of your leggings, it’s important to choose a pair that is high-quality, comfortable, and flattering.
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Sexy Valentines Day Lingerie for Plus Size | HauteFlair

10 Sexy Valentines Day Lingerie Plus Size

by Shaylie Foley September 21, 2017

Valentine’s Day is the official holiday of love, sex, and romance. If there’s any time when you should pull the trigger on a new set of sexy lingerie, it’s Valentine’s Day. Even if you’re not usually one to wear anything more alluring than an everyday thong, V- Day is a special occasion when everyone deserves to feel their sexiest.
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Ethical Underwear: The Madalynne Intimates

The Madalynne Intimates - Lingerie & Sewing Blog

by Shaylie Foley September 11, 2017

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The Best Online Store for Valentine Lingerie

The 10 Best Online Stores for Valentines Day Lingerie Gift

by Shaylie Foley September 11, 2017

Shopping for Valentine’s Day Lingerie gifts for your special someone should be fun, but sometimes it ends up being nothing more than a big pain. Trying to fight your way through a frenzied shopping mall in early February probably isn’t the way you want to pick out a sexy Valentine’s Day gift for your woman. There is a wide selection of online stores where you can buy a range of beautiful, quality, and fun Valentine’s lingerie.
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Plus Size Santa lingerie | Christmas Plus Size Lingerie

10 Christmas Plus Size Lingerie, Santa and Holiday lingerie

by Shaylie Foley September 09, 2017

The Christmas season is the best time of the year. Give yourself the gift of boosted confidence and sexiness by picking out a gorgeous Christmas plus size lingerie & Santa lingerie set for yourself. Check out this post to discover some of the best Plus Size Santa lingerie on the market for this holiday season.
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Best Shapewear For Backless Wedding Dress

20 Best Shapewear For Low Back Strapless Wedding Dress

by Shaylie Foley September 01, 2017

Your wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life. If you plan to wear a revealing dress, like a V-neck backless wedding dress or a tight backless wedding dress, your options are limited when it comes to shapewear. Fortunately, there is a wide range of backless dress shapewear on the market that inconspicuously and effectively smooths, lifts, and shapes your body in all the right places for your special day.
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Best Spanx For Muffin Top, Tight and Tummy Control

The 10 Best Spanx For Tummy Control, Tight & Muffin Tops

by Shaylie Foley August 22, 2017

Since its founding in 2000, Spanx has risen to become one of the most popular and well-respected brands for body-shaping clothing. Offering a wide selection of body-shaping products ranging from subtle pieces for everyday wear to collections of full-coverage compression shapewear, Spanx has something for everyone.
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Best Maternity Lingerie and supportive nursing bras

10 Best Maternity Lingerie and nursing bras

by Shaylie Foley August 16, 2017 1 Comment

Maternity lingerie is lingerie for pregnant women that is specifically designed to help boost your self-confidence. The best maternity lingerie ensures that you continue to feel sensual and attractive throughout the entirety of your pregnancy and beyond
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Best Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Plus Size

20 Best Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss | 2018 Online Reviews

by Shaylie Foley August 16, 2017 1 Comment

Waist trainers work by gradually applying high compression to your midsection. With prolonged wear, many women find that they notice a semi-permanent shift in their waist toward a slimmer shape as well as faster weight loss. There is a wide selection of 
Waist Trainers Corset for weight loss on the market. However, it is important to consider various weight loss corset reviews in order to find a high-quality garment that can help you shape your midsection to effectively lose weight
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New Luxury Lingerie Line Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

New Luxury Lingerie Line Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

by Katie Donnelly August 14, 2017

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