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Pearl Thongs

This collection is dedicated to ultra-sexy and scandalous pearl thong lingerie styles for women.

What are Pearl Thongs?

Pearl thongs are crotchless thong panties that are designed with a pearl string in place of fabric or material in the crotch area. Pearl thongs are widely known as one of the most erotic, sexy, and scandalous lingerie styles on the women’s lingerie market as a whole.

Pearls are classy, sophisticated, and associated with elegance and beauty. Pearl thong panties share the same characteristics. They combine the elegant, retro vibe of pearls with modern trendy panty styles to create ultra-sexy crotchless pearl string panties that are brimming with erotic sex appeal. Pearl thongs are unique, exciting, and alluring. Every woman should have at least one pair of panties with a pearl string crotch in her collection.

Pearl Thongs vs. Crotchless Thongs

It’s not uncommon to see pearl thongs marketed as crotchless thongs by mainstream lingerie brands. So is there a difference between a pearl thong and a crotchless thong? If so, what is it?

The answer to this question is that pearl thongs are crotchless thongs, but crotchless thongs are not necessarily pearl thongs. That explanation might seem confusing and unclear, but that’s because the difference between pearl thongs and crotchless thongs is a bit of a gray area.

Crotchless thongs are thong panties that do not have material in the crotch area. In most cases, there is simply an opening where the material in the crotch area would normally be. Pearl thongs are technically crotchless thongs because they are missing this material in the crotch area. They have the same ultra-skimpy and scandalous style as any crotchless thong—just with a little extra character that their string of pearls accents adds to these panties.

Are Pearl Thongs Comfortable?

Pearl thongs are designed for sex appeal, not comfort. However, while they may prioritize sex appeal over comfort, pearl thongs do not have to actively cause discomfort to be sexy.

The pearl thongs in this collection are designed with both sexy style and comfort in mind in order to prevent itching, irritation, or other discomfort for the women who wear them.

Pearl Thong Panty Styles

Pearl thong panties represent a broader range of styles than you might expect. This collection includes a wide selection of various pearl thong panty styles that are in line with the current top trends on the women’s lingerie market.

Read more details below about some of the most popular pearl thong panty styles that you’ll find in this collection.

G-String Pearl Thong Panties

Many of the pearl thong panties you’ll find in this collection are G-string pearl thong panties. G-string panties are already one of the sexiest, skimpiest panty styles on the women’s lingerie market, and the G-string pearl thong panties in this collection are even sexier.

These pearl thong panties have a classic, sexy G-string cut, with the addition of a crotchless opening and a string of pearls in place of crotch material. This ultra-sexy pearl string crotch adds another dimension of erotic sex appeal to these G-string pearl thong panties.

Cage Pearl Thong Panties

Cage panties are ultra-sexy panties that employ sexy strappy detailing to create a cage-like effect around your backside and hips. These panties are eye-catching—which is important for any sexy lingerie—and flatter your backside and lower midsection with strappy accents that effortlessly enhance and accentuate your sexy curves.

In this collection, you’ll find a variety of cage-style pearl thong panties that are designed with a pearl string crotch and strappy cage detailing that flatters your backside, hips, and lower midsection without taking too much attention away from the sexy pearl string crotch of these panties.

High Waisted Pearl Thong Panties

This collection includes a selection of high waisted pearl thong panties. These high waisted pearl thongs are ultra-flattering for a wide range of figures—including plus size figures.

These high waisted pearl thong panties you’ll find in this collection have the same scandalous and skimpy style as any other pearl thong panty style here. However, the high, wide waistband of these high rise pearl thong panties offers comfortable coverage for your lower midsection.

Many women feel insecure about showing off their tummy, hips, and waist—even in the bedroom. These high waisted pearl thong panties in this collection offer a solution to this problem that allows more women to rock crotchless pearl thong panties without having to bare their entire midriff.

Brief Pearl Thong Panties

When you think of brief underwear, ‘sexy’ is probably not the first word to come to mind. Brief panties have some negative connotations and are associated with being ‘frumpy’ or ‘outdated’. However, while this might come as a surprise to many women, brief panties have actually risen to the top of the trend charts in the world of women’s lingerie.

The brief pearl thong panties in this collection prove just how sexy women’s brief panties can really be. These ultra-sexy, skimpy, and scandalous panties bridge the gap between semi-modest brief panties and extreme lingerie in an ultra-sexy way that defies expectations for classic brief panty styles. They offer a higher amount of coverage in back to keep women with more modest lingerie preferences in their comfort zone, and their crotchless style adds an erotic, ultra-sexy finishing touch to the brief panties you’ll find in this collection.

The brief panties in this collection are very flattering for a wide range of figures. Their high-cut leg openings effortlessly make your legs appear longer, and their wide waistband accentuates your hips and enhances your curves.

Plus Size Pearl Thong Panties

There is no size limit on who can look sexy in pearl thong panties. That’s why this collection includes a selection of plus size pearl thong panties that are designed specifically for plus size women with real plus size figures in mind.

The plus-size pearl thong panties you’ll find in this collection are available in an array of style, just like the pearl thong panties here that are available in a normal range of standard sizes. These plus pearl thongs come in plus sizes 1X through 3X in order to effectively and comfortably fit and flatter a wider range of women’s body types, shapes, and sizes.

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