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Teddy Lingerie 

This collection is dedicated to teddy lingerie for women. Browse through these products to find a diverse variety of brand-new, sexy one-piece lingerie styles to add to your collection.

What is a Teddy?

In the context of lingerie, a ‘teddy’ refers to a classic, form-fitting one-piece lingerie style that is one of the most versatile, universally flattering, and timeless styles in the world of women’s lingerie. Teddies look similar to stylish everyday bodysuits, but they are designed to be worn in the bedroom as lingerie and tend to be sexier and more revealing than bodysuit styles for casual everyday wear.

In the mid-20th century, teddies popularized as everyday undergarments for women. At this point in history, teddies were actually used to add modesty to women’s outfits. It wasn’t until the 1960s, however, that sexy teddy lingerie styles hit the mainstream market for women. Teddy lingerie became more popular throughout the latter half of the 20th century, as women began to take more control of their sexuality and began to seek out sexy lingerie styles that helped them show off their figure instead of concealing it under so many modest layers.

Modern teddy lingerie styles offer varying amounts of coverage. Some teddies are made from sheer material or are designed with open backs, plunging necklines,and other features that make them more provocative and revealing. Other teddy styles are a bit more modest and leave more to the imagination in the bedroom.

One of the best things about teddies is the versatility of this timelessly sexy lingerie style—especially when it comes time to style a teddy in the bedroom. You can wear a sexy teddy alone as a simple, sexy completely lingerie look that lets your figure take center stage. Or, pair a sexy teddy with other lingerie styles and accessories to add more eye-catching intrigue and allure to your lingerie look. The choice is yours.

Women’s Teddy Lingerie Styles

Teddy lingerie styles are very diverse. The lingerie styles that fall underneath the umbrella of ‘teddy lingerie’ can look very different from one another. The diversity of

teddy lingerie is part of what makes teddy lingerie styles so universally flattering and appealing to women with a wide range of lingerie preferences and comfort levels.

This collection of teddy lingerie features a broad range of teddy lingerie styles that are designed to accommodate diverse lingerie style preferences. As such, it includes many different teddy lingerie styles that are in line with current trends in the world of women’s lingerie. Some of the most popular teddy lingerie styles that you’ll find in this collection are detailed below.

Sheer Teddy Lingerie

Sheer lingerie is one of the current hottest trends in women’s lingerie. It’s super sexy and scandalous with an alluring, provocative edge.

Sheer teddy lingerie is also one of the most flattering revealing lingerie styles on the market. Sheer and semi-sheer materials blur the imperfections of your figure while offering just enough coverage to keep you close to your comfort zone.

Many of the mesh teddy lingerie styles and lace teddy lingerie styles you’ll find in this collection are crafted from mesh and lace materials that show off an alluring glance of your bare skin underneath their semi-sheer finish.

Vintage Teddy Lingerie

Teddy lingerie has a long, rich history that dates back almost an entire century. Teddy lingerie is a timeless classic, which only contributes to the alluring charm of the teddy lingerie styles on the modern market.

Many of the teddy lingerie styles you’ll find here in this collection are vintage-inspired pieces that incorporate the classic teddy silhouette with modern flair for an ultra-sexy, unique, and alluring finish.

Lace Teddy Lingerie

Lace is one of the most popular materials for sexy teddy lingerie styles. Lace adds allure and flirty, feminine flair to any lingerie style with its intricate design and semi-sheer finish.

Many of the teddies you’ll find in this collection are crafted from all-over semi-sheer lace or feature eye-catching lace panels or detailing.

Other popular materials for sexy teddy lingerie styles include stretchy spandex, satin, silk, or semi-sheer mesh. In addition to lace teddy lingerie, this women’s teddy lingerie collection includes satin teddy lingerie, mesh & lace teddy lingerie 

Crotchless Teddy Lingerie

Crotchless lingerie is currently one of the hottest top trends in the world of women’s lingerie. A crotchless design adds a bold and scandalous edge to any lingerie style. Second, only to crotchless panties, crotchless teddy lingerie is one of the most popular crotchless lingerie styles on the market.

This collection includes several daring crotchless teddy lingerie styles. Some of these crotchless teddies are designed with a pearl-string crotch for added allure and feminine flair. Browse through these crotchless and pearl-string crotch teddies to find new bold styles to add to your collection.

Thong-Cut Teddy Lingerie

The majority of the teddy lingerie styles you’ll find in this collection are designed with a thong cut in the back.

Thong-cut teddy lingerie is very flattering for a wide range of women’s body types. A thong cut in back helps bodysuit lingerie show off the sexy curves of your backside without baring everything.

Open Cup Teddy Lingerie

As their name suggests, open cup teddy lingerie styles feature open cups that reveal the part of your breasts that standard bra cups would cover. Open cup teddy lingerie is scandalous and super flattering for small- and full-busted women alike.

The bold open cup teddy lingerie styles in this collection gently lift and support your breasts to draw more attention to your bust and enhance your cleavage.

Plus Size Teddy Lingerie

Teddy lingerie is one of the most flattering lingerie styles for curvy, busty, and plus size women. One-piece teddy lingerie is form-fitting and effortlessly smoothes your midsection to flatter your figure in a way that looks completely natural.

Many teddy lingerie styles—including many of the lingerie styles you’ll find in this collection—are also designed with support features like moulded cups, underwire lining, padded and adjustable straps, etc. in order to flatter fuller busts more effectively.

Many of the teddy lingerie styles you’ll find in this collection are available in plus sizes 1X through 3X in order to fit and flatter a wider range of women’s figures.