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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Red Lingerie & Red Valentine Lingerie

Lydie Open Cup Teddy $50.00 USD $58.00 USD
Sydney Bra Set $35.00 USD $40.00 USD
Elayne Open Cup Teddy $42.50 USD $46.00 USD
Maxi Lace Teddy $40.00 USD $43.00 USD
Elaina Open Cup Bra Set $25.00 USD $27.00 USD

Red Lingerie, Sexy Red Lingerie, Red Valentine Lingerie

Red is the color of passion: good and bad. It is an intensely polarizing color that is commonly associated with danger, rage, heat, lust, vibrancy, and radiance. In addition to anger and jealousy—think of the common phrase “seeing red”—red is also closely linked with sexual attraction. Many studies in social psychology show that men tend to be more sexually attracted to a woman when she is wearing red clothing. Even in the animal kingdom, red is a sign of attraction. Females in multiple primate species have evolved to intentionally display the color red somewhere on their bodies to let males know that they are ready to mate.

If you really want to capture your partner’s attention and heat up the mood in the bedroom, wearing red lingerie puts biology, psychology, and evolution on your side. Wearing red lingerie sets can also help you feel more confident, and feeling sexy is just as important as looking sexy. Every woman should own at least a few pieces of hot red lingerie in her closet. This collection is full of ultra-sexy red lingerie styles, including red valentine lingerie for you to explore. Try adding some of the pieces in this collection to your lingerie wardrobe; the sexy power of red lingerie might surprise you.

Red Bra and Panty Sets

You can find several red bras and panty sets in this collection. From a sexy red garter set to a lacy red halter set, these bra and panty sets vary in style to offer something for every woman.

Whether you usually gravitate toward pretty, delicate lingerie or scandalous, naughty lingerie pieces, you can find a sexy bra and panty set in this red lingerie shop that matches your style.

Red Teddies and Babydoll

Teddies are form-fitting, one-piece lingerie that molds to your figure in a universally flattering way. The red teddy lingerie in this collection adds an extra dimension to the allure of teddies. The bright, fiery color of these styles draws extra attention to your figure to enhance and accentuate your curves.

The red babydolls in this collection are gorgeous styles that combine scandalous allure and delicate femininity for a jaw-dropping, flattering finish. Look naughty and innocent at the same time in a babydoll red lingerie robe crafted from satin and intricate sheer lace.

Red Panties

In addition to bra and panty sets, this collection also features individual sexy red panties and panty styles. These styles aren’t your average everyday panties.

The panties in this collection are ultra-sexy, flashy styles detailed with sheer lace, mesh, bows, etc. Many of the red panties in this collection are also crotchless for an added scandalous finish.