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A Guide to Women’s Beach Fashion for Summer 2023

Casual Beach Dresses, and Beach Cover-Ups | HauteFlair

Casual Beach Dresses, and Beach Cover-Ups

Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it sunshine, warmer weather, and daydreams of splashing in the ocean or sunbathing in the sand. Whether you’re headed off on an exciting tropical vacation or just looking forward to a relaxing day by your local shoreline, it’s time to start thinking about this year’s beach fashion trends.

Casual Beach Dresses, Beach Cover-Ups


What to Wear to the Beach

Women’s beach attire involves much more than just a bathing suit. Add some trendy beach dresses, shirts, and cover-ups to your summer wardrobe to feel confident and stylish on the beach when you’re not stripped down to your bikini.

Beach Dresses

Dresses are one of the most popular types of beachwear. They’re feminine, stylish, comfortable, and they double as stylish attire for a post-beach dinner at a casual restaurant.

Midi and maxi dresses usually make the best beach dresses. These dresses provide full coverage that protects most of your skin from sun damage. They are also designed to fit comfortably while flattering your figure. Classic midi and maxi beach dresses fit snugly around your bust to ensure maximum support and show off your shape. However, these dresses are flowy and loose-fitting around your midsection and legs to provide a comfortable, breathable feel that doesn't encourage sweat or irritate any sunburn you might accidentally acquire.

Beach Shirts

Beach shirts are very convenient to have with you on beach days. These shirts tend to be oversized and flowy to provide a more comfortable loose fit. You can easily wear a loose-fitting beach shirt over your bathing suit as an alternative to a classic beach cover-up. Plus, beach shirts double as regular, everyday street clothing, so you don’t have to worry about changing your outfit before you go anywhere else after leaving the beach.

If you want to add some whimsical fun to your beach attire, try wearing a funny beach shirt. Funny beach shirts are usually brightly colored and often feature clever, summer- or beach-related slogans like “Beach please” or “Mermaids have more fun”. These quirky shirts are the perfect choice for a laid-back, casual day at the beach when carefree fun is your top priority.

Beach Cover-Ups

Beach cover-ups are a must-have for times when you’re relaxing on the beach but don’t want to wear your bathing suit all by itself. Wearing a beach cover-up can help you feel more comfortable

There are countless cover-up styles on the beachwear market. Some offer full- coverage, while others are sheer and still show off a good amount of skin. A few of the current trendiest cover-up styles are sheer wraps, kimono-inspired styles, and pieces with stylish detailing like lace, macrame, or fringe accents.

Plus Size Beach Outfits

A trip to the beach should be all about relaxation, but many plus size women just end up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious in their beach attire. Plus size women often struggle with putting together beach outfits that make them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. No matter what size you are, you deserve to enjoy a relaxing time at the beach without worrying about how your clothes look.

Contrary to popular belief, the most flattering beach outfits for plus size women are not oversized, loose-fitting garments. In fact, loose dresses and cover-ups make curvier women look wider, not slimmer.

If you’re a plus size woman, choose beachwear that accentuates your curves without trying to hide them. Wear a carefree, clingy wrap cover-up or a bright, fitted beach dress to show off your sexy shape and maximize your body confidence this summer.

Beach Fashion Tips

1. Get Colorful

Never wear a black outfit to the beach. First of all, dark fabric absorbs heat extremely quickly and you’ll be sweltering in no time. Second, dark and neutral pieces make your whole outfit look dreary, which is the exact opposite of how you want to feel on a relaxing beach vacation.

Have fun with your beach attire and keep it cheerful with bright colors and patterns. Leave black and beige behind and step out of your comfort zone with eye-catching prints and colors you might never consider wearing otherwise. Floral is a timeless pattern that gives any look an instant summery vibe. Look for a beach dress or cover-up that features a large, tropical floral print to create a cheerful, trendy look that embraces the spirit of summer. Other fun, beachy prints to consider are colorful stripes, polka dots,

or geometric patterns. Also, choose pieces made from lightweight fabric whenever possible to help yourself stay cool in the sunshine and give your look a breezy finish.

2. Add Accessories

Accessories are a vital part of beach attire. Not only do they add style to your beachwear, the right accessories also play an important role in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Every woman needs a trendy beach bag to carry your essentials—think sunscreen, lip balm, novel, etc. Large, basket-style totes are currently popular choices for beach bags; these stylish, durable bags add a breezy, boho finish to any beach outfit.

As cliché as it might seem, you can’t go wrong with a floppy beach hat. These classic hats add flirty, feminine style to your beach look and prevent your head and face from developing a painful sunburn.

Of course, sunglasses are always a beach essential. Don’t choose your sunglasses based solely on style, though. Make sure the pair you buy offers adequate protection for your eyes against both UVA and UVB harmful sun rays.

3. Be Confident

When it comes to beach attire, confidence is key. Many women feel self-conscious at the beach. Whether you’re in a bathing suit or a beach shirt, it’s normal to feel exposed and vulnerable in revealing beachwear styles.

Prioritize your comfort and confidence above all else when choosing beach attire. Even if you’re wearing the trendiest beach dress, you won’t be happy unless you truly feel sexy and confident in it. Don’t let body insecurities bring down your beach day fun this summer. Focus on finding beachwear styles that make you want to draw attention to yourself, not hide in the shadow of your umbrella in the sand.

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