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Coordinating Your Bras and Panties: 5 Simple and Smart Tips

Coordinating Your Bras and Panties: 5 Simple and Smart Tips
Finding a Way to Wear Matching Sexy Bras and Panties Every Day Can be a Challenge But This 5 Simple And Smart Tips Can Help You Coordinates Them.

I start out with the best of intentions. After hooking up, I search for bottoms to go with my top. Sometimes I succeed, other days…not so much. This could be the reason why nearly 60% of women surveyed said they don’t coordinate their undies. Why even bother?

But it’s hard to beat the feeling I get when I’m all put together, starting with my foundations. Who doesn’t love a partner who gifts you with a gorgeous lingerie set? Would you be as delighted if you only got the bra? I know I wouldn’t. Why not honor and cherish yourself in the same way? It may require a bit of advance planning, but you are worth it.

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Here are my smart and simple tips to help you succeed in wearing matching bras and panties:

1. Stock up. Try to buy three or more complementary panties to go with every bra purchased. If you can afford one fancy coordinating brief, great. But before you leave our website, look for a few less expensive but compatible colors and styles. We have many popular brands you can choose from at reasonable prices

2. Stick to one or two color schemes. Focus on those that match the majority of your bras. Start with a quick inventory of your lingerie drawer. Do you prefer t-shirt or lace bras? Do you gravitate toward bright, bold colors or pastels? If you find a pattern to your lingerie madness, keep those styles and color combos in mind. They’ll come in handy the next time you see similar briefs on sale.

3. Shop strategically. Online lingerie site like HauteFlair makes it easy to search for what you need. You can shop year-round or during seasonal stock changes or around popular holidays, like this Valentine’s season. If you are familiar with some brands, start with those brands. Buy multiples of one color or choose two-tone pretties that can be paired with more than one bra. You don’t have to limit yourself to nude, white, and black. We feature solid colored waistbands together with wild animal, feminine floral, or multicolored designs.

4. Safely store and launder. Wash your undies on the gentle cycle and protect your best sets by using panty liners, when possible. Learn how to get out tough stains. Too much heat will break down the elasticity of your delicate lingerie so use the lowest dryer settings. Tumble dry or hang for the best results. Organize one section of your drawer for fashion underwear sets and another for panties you can mix and match to several bras. Make it easy to get to your favorites!

5. Choose panties with cotton linings, or easy-to-wash modal, stretch lace, and cotton blends. Read labels first to find easy-care fabrics. Sure, you might keep a few on hand as ‘period panties’ for those heavy flow days. But if you don’t like the cut, feel, or color of your undies, you won’t wear them. They’ll just take up space in your dresser until you throw them out. Why waste your money?

What about you? Do you wear matching bras and panty sets? What are your best panty purchasing, laundering, or underwear care tips? Let us know by commenting below

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