Top 7 Lingerie Trends for Spring 2022

Top 7 Lingerie Trends for Spring 2022

As the weather changes, so do the trends of the moment. Fads are fleeting, and this is a reality that is shared among virtually all fashion markets—including women’s lingerie. If you’re getting bored of your current lingerie collection, a new season is a perfect time to refresh your wardrobe of bedroom attire.

You don’t have to completely overhaul your lingerie collection as lingerie trends shift, but a new season can provide an ideal opportunity to explore fresh options for sexy styles to add to your existing collection. After all, you never know; some lingerie styles that are newly trending this season might end up becoming some of the most timeless, beloved classic styles in your lingerie collection.

Spring 2022 is fast-approaching, and with it come the new hottest seasonal trends in the world of women’s lingerie. Keep reading to explore 7 of the hottest lingerie trends that are expected to top the trend charts throughout spring 2020.

1. Embroidered Bra and Panty Sets

Bra and panty sets are a timeless classic in the world of women’s lingerie. Simple, functional, stylish, and sexy, bra and panty sets are a lingerie staple that will never go out of style. That being said, experts in women’s lingerie are constantly coming up with new ways to keep the bra and panty sets on the market exciting and in line with current trends.

This upcoming spring, embroidery is set to be the next big thing in bra and panty sets for spring 2020. Embroidery adds attention-grabbing texture and alluring intrigue to even the most basic bra and panty set. It is feminine, delicate, and elegant, and it makes any bra and panty set look and feel more luxurious. When placed strategically, embroidered detailing on a bra or a pair of panties can also draw more attention to the sexiest parts of your figure that you want to show off in the bedroom.

Embroidery of any pattern is in line with current trends on the women’s lingerie market, but delicate floral embroidery is projected to be especially popular this spring as the weather gets warmer and the impending arrival of summer is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

2. Semi-Sheer Mesh

Semi-sheer mesh material is one of the top trends on the current women’s lingerie market. Mesh lingerie is stylish, sexy, and scandalous. It reveals a tantalizing glance of your bare skin underneath its semi-sheer finish, and it conceals imperfections to give your figure a smooth and ethereal appearance.

Semi-sheer mesh material and embroidered detailing are two current top trends on the women’s lingerie market that go hand in hand with each other. The bras and panties that are the subject of embroidery are often crafted from semi-sheer mesh. These two delicate lingerie trends complement each other and can be combined to create beautiful and intricate lingerie looks that are teeming with delicate femininity.

3. Vintage-Inspired Pieces

When you think of vintage lingerie, sexy and revealing styles are probably not the first things to come to mind. It is true that lingerie from the past was more conservative overall than the modern pieces on today’s lingerie market because society as a whole—and especially societal standards for women’s fashion and how much skin women should or shouldn’t bare—was more conservative in decades past than it is today.

However, vintage-inspired pieces that are integrated with modern flair can make unique and undeniably sexy additions to your lingerie collection. Some examples of timeless lingerie trends that take their inspiration directly from vintage styles include longline and bustier bras, babydoll lingerie, and even high-waisted panties that have made major waves on the lingerie market. Lingerie pieces that are inspired by trends of the past do not have to look outdated or remind you of your grandma’s old nightgowns. On the contrary, vintage-inspired lingerie tends to be delicate, elegant, feminine and can serve as timeless additions to your lingerie collection.

4. Crotchless Panties

Crotchless panties are not a new trend, but they continue increasing in popularity on the mainstream women’s lingerie market and are expected to top the trend charts this spring. If the thought of wearing crotchless panties in the bedroom intimidates you, you’re not alone. With that being said, however, one of the best things about crotchless panties is how versatile they are.

You can wear crotchless panties underneath a babydoll or chemise to create lingerie looks that offer a good amount of coverage but still maintain a super sexy and scandalous finish. If you’re ready to be a bit more daring and adventurous, skip the layering altogether and pair your crotchless panties with a coordinating bra to make your partner’s jaw drop as soon as you walk into the bedroom.

While crotchless panties are the most popular crotchless lingerie style—which also means they are the easiest crotchless lingerie style to find—crotchless lingerie of any style fits this blossoming trend. Teddies and bodysuit lingerie are commonly available in sexy crotchless styles as well.

5. Harness and Collar Accessories

Previously worn in the bedroom primarily by members of more niche communities—such as BDSM and other fetish-related communities—harness and collar accessories have recently become much more popular on the mainstream women’s lingerie market. The thought of wearing a harness and collar in the bedroom can naturally be very intimidating—even for women who consider themselves fairly modest and adventurous with the lingerie they choose to wear.

However, harness and collar lingerie accessories don’t have to be made from thick leather and metal and steal the spotlight in the bedroom. In response to this new trend, many mainstream lingerie brands have opted to integrate subtle nods to harness and collar accessories into their lingerie pieces. Circular collar-Esque necklines for bras and strappy harness-like detailing for multi-piece lingerie sets are two examples of these harness and collar-inspired designs. These styles create lingerie pieces that are reminiscent of harnesses and collars without forcing you to go all-out and buckle a leather collar around your neck on your way to the bedroom. They add a bold edge to your lingerie look, but they don’t steal center stage away from your figure.

6. Velvet Detailing

Texture is a recurring theme in many of the top women’s lingerie trends for spring 2020, from floral embroidery on bra and panty sets to velvet detailing on lingerie of any style. While the all-over velvet material that was all the rage on the women’s lingerie market

and in the world of women’s fashion as a whole is no longer a top trend, textured velvet detailing is making a name for itself now.

Velvet detailing is subtle and adds elegance, glamour, femininity, and soft-to-the-touch texture to any lingerie style. Its soft texture encourages and rewards touch, which means that wearing velvet-detailed lingerie can help increase the pleasure and excitement that you and your partner enjoy in the bedroom. Velvet detailing is subtle enough that it doesn’t look cheesy or cheap like some all-velvet lingerie styles, and it doesn’t steal the spotlight away from the rest of your lingerie look or your figure itself.

7. Brief Panties

Not every new lingerie trend has to involve super revealing or scandalous styles. Even so, brief panties are probably not something you would expect to see included as an item on this list of the current top trends on the modern women’s lingerie market. While brief panties have not classically been considered among the sexiest or the most stylish women’s panty styles on the market, they are chronically underrated. Brief panties can actually be very sexy and are effortlessly flattering for a wide variety of women’s body types, shapes, and sizes.

This spring, brief panties are finally projected to get the recognition they deserve. Women’s brief panties are ultra-comfortable and versatile. They are breathable and comfy for all-day wear. Brief panties for women are high-waisted and traditionally have wide sides. They offer a good amount of coverage for your hips, waist, and backside.

Slimline women’s briefs—which are leading the increasing trendiness of brief panty styles on the lingerie market—are especially sexy and flattering. They are designed with a silhouette that is slightly narrower around the sides and back in order to show off a little bit more bare skin without stripping away comfort or coverage. Brief panties are naturally and effortlessly flattering. They slim your waistline, lengthen your legs, and smooth your lower midsection in a way that looks completely natural and can help boost your body confidence in the bedroom.

This list doesn’t even begin to cover all of the countless lingerie trends that are currently sweeping the modern world of women’s lingerie. New trends are emerging and gaining ground all the time, which is exciting because it means that there is always some new lingerie style to try out for yourself.

Although they are not all-encompassing, the items on this list do highlight some of the most versatile and diverse top trends on the women’s lingerie market for spring 2020. Regardless of your body type, shape, size, or lingerie preferences, you’re almost guaranteed to find a trend here that appeals to your style and flatters your figure. Even so, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Branch out and try one of these top women’s lingerie trends, or try them all. The styles you end up liking the best might surprise you.