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How to Choose a Naughty Bridal Lingerie for Your Wedding Night

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Bridal lingerie is a challenging subject. Women have made it a habit of wearing special lingerie for their wedding ceremony and wedding night for centuries. The practice, in some form or another, has existed since the 1700s at the latest and likely even earlier than that. It’s on par with other age-old wedding traditions like wearing something borrowed or throwing a bouquet over your head at the reception. Like most other fashion and beauty trends, bridal lingerie has changed significantly with the times. Traditional bridal underwear is supposed to be white and relatively modest. This tradition stems from the idea that brides are supposed to remain pure and innocent right up until their wedding night, hence the white fabric and the modesty.

Of course, for most modern women, that concept seems incredibly old-fashioned once its meaning is spelled out for you. Many twenty-first century women choose to forgo bridal lingerie in traditional styles entirely and select their own, more risqué lingerie instead. If you’re a woman who prefers open-crotched pantiesto long white corsets, don’t let long-standing traditions get in your way. Picking out a naughty bridal lingerie set for you and your new spouse to enjoy when your wedding night finally arrives can be fun and exciting. It’s even better when you’re armed with some tips and tricks for choosing the set that’s best for you.

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1. Think Outside the Box When Choosing Bridal Lingerie

Once you branch out from the world of lacy white panties and white babydolls that you can find in any classic bridal lingerie shop, you’ll quickly discover that you have a world of new possibilities at your fingertips.

There’s nothing wrong with traditional bridal lingerie, but if you’re bored with all the white lace and satin, it’s good to know you have other options. Check out crotchless panties, sheer lingerie sets, full lingerie costumes, and much more. Get creative by fully exploring all of the choices you have.

Naughty Bridal Lingerie - Hanky Panky Lace Crotchless Thong

Hanky Panky Lace Crotchless Thong $18.00


2. Don’t Limit Your Honeymoon Lingerie Choice

Stop worrying about what kind of bridal lingerie you think youshouldwear, and start considering what you want to wear. Your priority when choosing bridal lingerie should be finding pieces that you like and that make you feel gorgeous and sexy.

If you’re someone who usually wears more conservative lingerie, picking out a skimpier naughty bridal lingerie set can naturally be a little bit outside of your comfort zone. Get through your nerves by only focusing on which pieces immediately catch your eye and how you feel about yourself when you try them on or picture yourself wearing them. The only people who are ever going actually to see the lingerie you buy are you and your new spouse. If you find underwear that makes you feel confident, don’t be afraid to buy it. Chances are very high that your spouse


3. Turn Pure Into Naughty Lingerie

You don’t have to say goodbye to traditional bridal lingerie just because you want to be a little more modern. In fact, it can be fun and sexy to put a naughty twist on bridal underwear that’s designed to represent purity and innocence.

A great way to mix pure and naughty is to put together your own unique bridal lingerie set that includes both traditional and more modern pieces. Try pairing a long white bridal corset with bright red crotchless panties. Or wear a pair of delicate, lacy white panties underneath a sexy, skimpy lingerie costume. Experiment with different pieces you like to create the perfect balance of naughty and nice in your bridal lingerie set. Crotchless Teddy is a perfect surprise for your partner.

Hanky Panky Elizabeth Teddy Lingerie


Hanky Panky Elizabeth Teddy Lingerie

4. Consider the Dress to Wear With Your Wedding Lingerie

One important thing to consider during the process of choosing bridal lingerie is how the pieces you want will look underneath your wedding dress. Many lingerie sets will likely be visible when you put on your clothing. Make sure you consider the style and design of your wedding dress before you get your heart set on bridal lingerie.

While it can be fun for you and your fiancée to know that you’re wearing special lingerie under your dress during your wedding, no rule says you have to wear the lingerie you want to reveal on your wedding night during your actual wedding ceremony. If you fall in love with a bridal lingerie set that doesn’t work with your wedding dress, you can buy two sets: a simpler one to wear underneath your wedding dress and the set you plan to wear on your wedding night. Bring your wedding night lingerie to change into after your ceremony and reception end, and you’re able to take off your dress.