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How to Choose Night Dress for Wedding Night & Honeymoon Lingerie

Night Dress For Honeymoon, and Bride to Be Honeymoon Lingerie

Your wedding night is one of the most important nights of your life. That first night is a celebration of your permanent union with another person and represents the beginning of your marital love that is meant to last forever. For most people, that’s a lot of pressure for just one night. Understandably, the majority of new brides want to look and feel as beautiful and sexy as possible when their wedding night arrives. Many women get caught up in trying to find the perfect bridal lingerie to wear on their wedding night, but the process can get overwhelming very quickly.

When you start searching for lingerie to buy specifically for your wedding night, you are bombarded with a ton of options everywhere you look. You can choose a babydoll, a chemise, a classic bra-and-panty set, panties with garters and nothing on top, or countless other variations of lingerie pieces. A nightgown is a traditional style of bridal lingerie that has become significantly underrated as more modern options have gained more popularity. Nightgowns are actually still a great option for bridal lingerie. They’re delicate, classy, modest, and flattering for almost any body type. If you do decide that wearing a nightdress on your wedding night is the right choice for you, there are several ways to make the lingerie selection process less stressful and more successful for your special night.

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1. Don’t Listen to Tradition

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Traditions can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love to carve pumpkins in October or send pink and red cards to loved ones on Valentine’s Day? While some traditions are fun and special, others are stifling and put unnecessary limitations on you and your decisions.

There are many traditions surrounding bridal lingerie that can be limiting. For example, traditional bridal lingerie is supposed to be pure white and not too revealing. Although nightgowns are a pretty traditional style of wedding night lingerie, wearing one doesn’t mean that you have to follow all other bridal lingerie traditions. If you want to wear a bright red, lacy bridal nightgown or a mesh lingerie dress that barely hits the tops of your thighs, the choice is yours. Pay more attention to which pieces make you feel confident and comfortable than how traditional they are.


2. Choose a Reputable Brand For 

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While cheap, costume lingerie pieces are great when you want to look sexy for a night without spending too much money, you don’t want to pick out low-quality lingerie for your wedding night. The lingerie that you choose to wear on your wedding night should be special. Many women even want to keep their bridal lingerie, along with other special items like their wedding dress, in some sort of keepsake box so that they’re able to look back on special memories of their wedding later in life.

Even if you don't plan on immortalizing your wedding night lingerie in a box in your attic, it is still worth it to splurge on high-quality lingerie. There are many different options for good-quality lingerie nightgowns both online and in stores. You’re less likely to find cheap, low-quality

nightdresses than you are to find chintzy bra-and-panty sets. However, it’s still important to look into the brand you want to buy your lingerie from to make sure that it has a good reputation for selling quality pieces made from materials that are durable and don’t feel itchy or scratchy against your skin.


3. Wedding Night Lingerie Plus Size

Many plus size women struggle when they search for lingerie, especially lingerie for an occasion as important as your wedding night. Sadly, many of the most popular lingerie brands do not offer extensive options for plus size women or only offer unflattering pieces that were originally designed to be made in smaller sizes. These unfortunate options leave many plus size women with bridal lingerie that does not make them feel as comfortable or confident as it should.

Bridal nightgowns are a great option for plus size honeymoon lingerie. It is often much easier to find quality nightdress options that are specifically designed for plus size women than it is for plus size women to find other styles of lingerie. Beyond the fact that nightdresses are easier to find for plus size women, plus size women often discover that lingerie nightgowns are extremely flattering for their figure and naturally fit them better than many other styles of lingerie. Don’t get discouraged when searching for a plus size nightdress for your wedding night. You can find some great options if you look in the right places.


5. Take the Pressure off Yourself

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Weddings are almost always extremely stressful for those who are involved in the planning process for the event. Unfortunately, the bride is often the person who experiences the most stress because she is the most emotionally invested in ensuring that the celebration is as close to perfect as possible. From choosing bouquet arrangements to creating table seating charts to frantically checking weather reports for an unexpected storm, brides are responsible for countless wedding-related tasks and decisions in the days, weeks, and even months leading up to the actual celebration.

Weddings can cause enough stress for a lifetime. Your wedding night should be the time when you as the bride finally get to relax with your new spouse. It definitely should not be another source of stress. If you find yourself worrying too much about what lingerie you plan to wear on your wedding night, try to take the pressure off of yourself. Remember that the only person who is going to see you in your wedding night lingerie is the person who just chose to spend the rest of their life with you. Don’t spend too much time or effort agonizing over the perfect nightdress to wear. Just choose a piece that makes you feel confident and have faith that your spouse will think you look amazing no matter what color your nightgown is.

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