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A Guide to Plus Size Briefs and women's underwear briefs

What is the Best Underwear for Plus Size Women?

There is no right and wrong when it comes to underwear styles for plus size women. You should never let the shape or size of your body dictate the type of underwear you wear. However, different panty styles are more flattering for some body types than for others. Surprisingly, one of the most universally flattering underwear styles for plus size women are brief panties.

When you think of briefs, the first panties that come to mind probably aren’t particularly sexy. They might not even be women’s panties since briefs are traditionally linked with men’s underwear styles. However, there are many misconceptions about briefs. First of all, brief panties are much more common for women than you might think. Also, women’s brief panties are not just for practical use. Some women’s brief panty styles are flattering enough to be worn as sexy lingerie. Since they are especially flattering for curvier figures, many plus size women feel most confident and sexy when they are wearing stylish brief panties in the bedroom.

Panache Envy Brief Panties

Panache Envy Brief Panties - Available in sizes 8–20

Classic brief panties rise up to the middle of your waist and rest just below your belly button. Most brief styles are semi-modest and offer full coverage for your backside. Many briefs also offer shaping coverage that slims your waist and gently compresses your tummy for a smooth, flat finish. The high waisted design of brief panties and the coverage they provide accentuates and enhances your curves while concealing any imperfections around your midsection, allowing these panties to effortlessly fit and flatter the curvier figures of plus size women.


Plus Size Brief Styles

The world of women’s brief panties is much wider than you probably think. There are countless different plus size brief styles—from high waisted briefs to boxer briefs—that give you plenty of sexy and functional options to choose from depending on your needs and style preferences. Some of the most common women’s brief styles—and those that are especially flattering for plus size women—are outlined below to provide you with a clearer idea of the selection at hand.


Plus Size High Waisted Briefs

Panahe Estel High Waist Brief Panties

Panache Estel High Waist Brief - Available in size 14–26

Most women’s brief panties are high waisted to an extent. Classic briefs rest just below your belly button and offer coverage for your lower midsection. High waisted brief styles rise up over your belly button and rest at the top of your waist just below your ribcage.

Many high waisted brief styles double as shapewear, as they provide slimming coverage for your waist, hips, and tummy. If you’re looking for shaping lingerie, high waisted brief panties act as discreet shapewear that effectively slims your midsection but looks indistinguishable from classic, sexy panties.


Plus Size Full Cut Briefs

Panache Plus Size Full Cut Briefs

Panache Plus Size Full Cut Briefs - Available in size 14-24

Full cut briefs are classic briefs that feature a wide waistband and full coverage for your backside.

These briefs are comfortable, practical, and functional for everyday wear, but you can also find sexy lingerie panties in full cut brief styles. These sexy brief styles are often crafted from sheer lace material or include cutouts, bows, or other detailing to give them a more scandalous, alluring finish.


Plus Size High Cut Briefs

High cut briefs have narrow sides and high cut leg openings. They offer less coverage and have a more stylish design when compared to traditional briefs.

The narrow waistband of these briefs adds instant length to your legs and slims your figure while showing off more of your skin for a sexier finish.


Plus Size Boxer Briefs

Panache Plus Size Boxer Briefs

Panache Plus Size Boxer Briefs - Available in size 8 - 20

Women’s plus size boxer brief panties are form-fitting and offer additional coverage for your backside and the tops of your thighs.

These briefs are an ultra-comfortable everyday style. Many women wear these full- coverage briefs by themselves on a lazy day around the house. They can easily double as comfy, flirty pajama or loungewear shorts.


Plus Size Brief Materials

The material that briefs are made from is just as important as their style, if not more so. Most brief panties are made from cotton, spandex, nylon, or some blend of these three materials. Pay close attention to which materials are included in the brief panties you choose, because the materials of women’s briefs can make or break how comfortable they feel, how well they fit, and how flattering they are.


Plus Size Cotton Briefs

If you’re looking for practical everyday briefs, try to find a style that is made with a high percentage of cotton—ideally 100% cotton. Cotton is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Its natural fibers are non-irritating and reduce your risk of developing a yeast infection or other bacterial infection. Even form-fitting cotton briefs leave room for your skin to breathe to prevent itching and other discomfort.

When you sweat throughout the day—especially if you’re working out or playing a sport —moisture accumulates in your underwear and creates a breeding ground for harmful,, infection-causing bacteria like yeast. Cotton is naturally moisture-wicking, and its breathability keeps you cool and dry by preventing moisture from building up.

If you can’t find a brief style you like that is 100% cotton, try to at least choose briefs that have a cotton lining to protect your most sensitive areas.


Plus Size Nylon Briefs

Nylon and cotton are the two most common materials used to make women’s underwear. Many brief styles that are designed as lingerie pieces are made from nylon, because nylon is stretchy and hugs your curves in a flattering way that most cotton styles can’t quite imitate.

Unfortunately, nylon is a synthetic material so it is less breathable than the natural fibers of cotton and can lead to skin irritation and moisture build-up. However, it’s not always possible to find sexy cotton briefs, as cotton material is usually reserved for panties designed for comfortably everyday wear. Also, cotton tends to bunch up underneath your clothes, so nylon panties are usually a better choice if you want to eliminate the risk of visible panty lines under tight clothing—especially when you’re wearing full- coverage panties like briefs.

Nylon wicking material is an exception. Some modern brief panties are now made from special nylon material that is moisture-wicking to absorb sweat and draw moisture away from your body to prevent moisture accumulation and bacteria development around your most sensitive areas. If you like the look and feel of nylon briefs, make an effort to find a pair that are made from nylon wicking material or include cotton lining for comfort and breathability.


Plus Size Spandex Briefs

Most shaping briefs are made from spandex or a blend of materials that includes spandex. Spandex is form-fitting and hugs your curves tightly to effectively compress and shape for a smooth finish.

Like nylon, spandex is synthetic. Moisture tends to build up around spandex material, potentially causing discomfort or bacterial infections. Spandex briefs can also cause major skin irritation, especially since they fit so tightly and provide so much coverage in order to compress and shape your midsection.

It’s okay to wear spandex briefs, especially since spandex is the most effective material for shaping brief styles. Just beware of the risks of irritation and infection. Also, avoid wearing spandex shaping briefs when it’s very hot outside or when you know you’ll be moving around a lot in order to prevent irritation and moisture build-up.