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High Impact Sports Bras

High impact sports bras are designed to keep your breasts utterly secure through activities that involve a high degree of movement. They are meant to keep your breasts from bouncing while you engage in rigorous exercises like running, dancing, and most other types of intense cardio. This collection features a collection of most secure sports bra for high impact activities

This high impact sports bra style provides maximum support and security, which makes these sports bras prevalent among women with larger busts. However, the protection against bouncing that high impact sports bras offer guards women with breasts of all shapes and sizes from embarrassing and uncomfortable. High impact sports bras are not an ideal choice for women whose sports bras frequently double as loungewear. While high-quality, high impact bras shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or restrictive, their heavy-duty construction of these bras—complete with supportive padded cups and wide shoulder straps—caters to the need for support and security of women who head to the gym or play an intense sport on a regular basis.