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Sexy Nurse Lingerie & Naughty Nurse Costumes

This collection offers a wide selection of sexy nurse lingerie and naughty nurse costumes for your exploration and enjoyment. All of the costume lingerie and accessories in this collection are made with materials of the highest quality and are designed to help you and your partner get a little more adventurous in the bedroom and have fun exploring your sexualities together.

You can wear these sexy nurse uniforms and accessories in the bedroom as everyday lingerie, as extra sexy lingerie to celebrate a special occasion, or as a Halloween costume that is sure to turn heads at any adults-only Halloween party. The sexy nurse lingerie in this collection is designed solely for light-hearted sexy fun. The items you’ll find here are not meant to objectify or sexualize real medical nurses, nor are they meant to disrespect the honorable profession of nursing or undermine the importance of trained, hard-working nurses in the medical field.

What is Sexy Nurse Lingerie?

In terms of sexy costume lingerie, sexy nurse lingerie is one of the most popular and well-known themes for dressing up and role-playing in the bedroom. A professional medical position seems like a somewhat odd choice to become the subject of sexualization and such a popular theme for so much costume lingerie. So how did nurses somehow become so sexualized that sexy nurse lingerie and naughty nurse costumes are some of the most well-known and easily recognized costume lingerie on the market?

The concept of the ‘sexy nurse’ is a stereotype that is actually deeply rooted in history and culture, especially in the United States and Europe. Unfortunately, many of these stereotypes are based on a long history of mistreatment, disrespect, and degradation toward real medical nurses. The association between nursing and sex began way back in the 16th century during the Protestant Reformation in Europe. During this time period, lower-class women were most likely to work as nurses because nursing was a very, very risky and dangerous profession at the time and was therefore not desired by women that belonged to higher classes. Many of these lower-class women worked simultaneously as both nurses and sex workers in order to make ends meet. Some women who were arrested for engaging in illegal sex work during this time period were even offered nursing positions as an alternative to jail time, which only strengthened the association between nurses and sex workers.

By the 20th century, of course, the nursing profession was taken a bit more seriously and most nurses did not moonlight as sex workers. However, nurses continued to be portrayed as sex symbols in the media and in popular culture. Throughout the early 1900s, nurses were most commonly portrayed in the media with tiny hourglass figures in skimpy uniforms everywhere from popular films to children’s cartoons. During the 1940s while World War II was raging, military nurses became stereotypically known as attractive female figures who were very devoted to the soldiers they cared for and who “took care” of all of the needs of these soldiers while they were far away from their wives or girlfriends back at home. In the 1970s, nurses began popping up more and more in porn. Even today, nurses are often portrayed in hospital dramas as shallow characters that are only interested in pursuing romantic or sexual relationships with doctors.

All of the attention—both positive and negative—directed toward nurses, especially in the media and in popular culture, eventually led to the development of the idea of the ‘sexy nurse’. For decades—or even centuries—being treated by a sexy nurse that offers sexual favors in addition to medical treatment has been a very common fantasy. Of course, real nurses are medical professionals that provide real and very necessary medical treatment. Professional nurses deserve respect and should not be objectified simply as sex symbols that exist purely to be ogled over by men.

With that being said, the sexy nurse fantasy is so common that many couples choose to play it out to varying extents in the bedroom. As long as both partners consent to participating in the fantasy and understand that the concept of the ‘sexy nurse’ is just for fun and has nothing to do with real nurses in hospitals and doctors’ offices who have undergone years of professional medical training, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun in the bedroom with sexy nurse lingerie. However, it is definitely important to separate the ideas of medical nurses and the sexy nurse that comes out to play in the bedroom. This shouldn’t be too difficult to do, as sexy nurse lingerie puts a scandalous, skimpy twist on old-fashioned nurse uniforms and is very easy to distinguish from the scrubs and uniforms that real modern nurses wear in medical settings.

Why Wear Sexy Nurse Lingerie?

As long as you maintain respect for the medical profession of nursing and are able to fully separate real nurses from women who dress up in sexy nurse lingerie, there is no reason why you shouldn’t dress up in sexy nurse lingerie to enjoy some adventurous, sexy fun with your partner in the bedroom.

Wearing a sexy nurse uniform in the bedroom can help you and your partner feel more excited, adventurous, naughty, and scandalous, which can in turn help revitalize your sex life. How far you take the nursing role-play is up to you and your partner. Some women just dress up in sexy nurse lingerie without actually pretending to be a nurse. Other women take the fantasy further and role-play, even going so far as to perform a mock medical examination on their partners as a type of adventurous foreplay. Experimenting with sexy nurse role-play in the bedroom can help you and your partner get to know each other better sexually and can even lead to both of you discovering aspects of your sexuality that you didn’t even know existed.

Sexy Nurse Lingerie

From sexy bra and panty sets with a matching nurse hat to a skimpy bodysuit designed to look like a sexy nurse outfit, the lingerie and lingerie sets you’ll find in this sexy nurse lingerie collection range from fairly mild and subtle to very bold and scandalous.

Role-play as the head nurse in charge with a naughty nurse costume set that includes a cropped cami with a red cross symbol, an ultra-short white skirt, mid-thigh stockings, and—of course—an easily recognizable white nursing cap. Or, keep it simple with a sexy nurse lingerie set that features a two-piece matching black and red semi-sheer bra and panty set. Red stockings and garters and a black and red nursing cap included completes this subtle, streamlined sexy nurse lingerie set.

Sexy Nurse Halloween Costumes

Even if you don’t see the appeal to donning a naughty nurse uniform in the bedroom with your partner, consider rocking a sexy nurse Halloween costume this October. If you want to get more adventurous with a scandalous Halloween costume this year, check out the sexy nurse lingerie in this collection to find a broad selection of nurse outfits that double as ultra-sexy Halloween costumes. Many of the sexy nurse outfits you’ll find in this collection double as both lingerie for the bedroom and scandalous costumes for Halloween.

Every Halloween, thousands of women transform themselves into sexy nurses and head out to Halloween parties and celebrations. In fact, the ‘sexy nurse’ has become one of the most popular sexy Halloween costumes for women. Explore this collection to find a variety of one-of-a-kind, flattering sexy nurse uniforms, and accessories that will set your sexy nurse Halloween costume apart from the rest this upcoming Halloween.

Plus Size Sexy Nurse Costumes

Sexy nurses come in all shapes and sizes, and so does the sexy nurse lingerie you’ll find in this collection. There is no certain body type, shape, or size that defines the sexy nurse look. No matter what size your body is or what you look like, this collection can help you find a sexy nurse costume that flatters your figure just the way it is and helps boost your body confidence as you show off your curves in the bedroom or at an upcoming Halloween party.

This inclusive and body-positive naughty nurse lingerie collection offers a selection of sexy nurse outfits for the bedroom and/or Halloween in a range of plus sizes as well as standard sizes.

Naughty Nurse Costume Accessories

No sexy nurse costume is complete without accessories. Accessories can make or break your naughty nurse lingerie look. Without a stethoscope or at least a clearly- labeled nursing cap emblazoned with an easily recognizable red cross symbol in the front, a sexy nurse costume won’t really make you look enough like a nurse to have the effect you want.

This collection includes a wide variety of sexy nurse accessories that are designed to put the perfect finishing touches on any naughty nurse costume. Most of the nurse outfits in this collection are available individually or as complete lingerie sets. You can purchase pieces individually and put them together to create a unique lingerie look for yourself. Or, you can make it easier on yourself and purchase one of the nurse costumes sets available in this collection. These sets include key themed accessories in addition to lingerie to help you effortlessly create a full sexy nurse lingerie look with just a single purchase.