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Sexy Santa Lingerie & Costumes for Women 

Sexy Christmas lingerie is a surprisingly polarizing subject. While some couples look forward to enjoying festive lingerie in the bedroom together and use it as a way to really get into the holiday spirit, others find the idea of sexy lingerie that is designed specifically for the holiday season silly or distasteful. This is normal and to be expected, as lingerie is a very personal thing and different women have very different preferences when it comes to their favorite—and least favorite—lingerie styles. With that being said, the age-old saying of “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it” absolutely applies to sexy Christmas lingerie as well.

Dressing up in sexy Christmas lingerie really can boost your and your partner’s holiday spirits. but also inspires feelings of lighthearted playfulness that can encourage you and your partner to be more adventurous and passionate in the bedroom together.

The slightly taboo, controversial nature of sexy Christmas lingerie also adds an exciting feeling of naughtiness to harmless sexy fun. Plus, the time constraints on holiday-themed lingerie—no one is suggesting that you slip on a sexy Santa dress in the bedroom in the middle of June—makes wearing festive lingerie continue to feel special and exclusive since you know you won’t be able to pull it out of your wardrobe year-round. If the spark is dying out in your bedroom, stepping out of your comfort zone in Christmas-themed lingerie can help get it flickering again.

Finally and most importantly, there is a major misconception out there that sexy Christmas lingerie—especially bold festive styles like sexy Santa costumes—are made to be silly and are not actually designed to make your body look good. In reality, sexy Christmas lingerie can absolutely be just as sexy and flattering as non-festive lingerie styles. The styles you’ll find in this collection are designed specifically to fit and flatter a wide range of women’s figures to help highlight your sexiest features and boost your body confidence in the bedroom.

There is plenty of sexy Christmas lingerie on the market, but why settle for more subtle styles when you can go all out with sexy Santa lingerie? Go big or go home, and there’s no better, bolder way to rock Christmas lingerie this year than to show off your sexy curves in the bedroom in a sexy Santa costume.

Even if you’re squarely within the camp of those who are decidedly not into sexy, holiday-themed lingerie, this collection of sexy Santa costumes for women just might change your mind. Check out this expansive collection of sexy and scandalous women’s Santa costumes and other all-out, anything-but-subtle women’s festive lingerie styles that will show you a whole new side of holiday-themed lingerie.

Sexy Santa Costumes

You don’t realize just how many different sexy Santa lingerie styles are out there until you start shopping for holiday lingerie. The expansive selection of sexy Santa costumes you’ll find in this collection will effortlessly expand your horizons and show you just how many sexy Santa styles are available out there for you.

The sexy Santa costumes available in this collection come in countless different styles and materials. From hooded, skin-tight red velvet teddies to skirted Santa-themed lingerie sets and panty sets, your options are endless when it comes to shopping for sexy Santa costumes in this collection. All of the sexy Santa
costumes you’ll find here come with their own special Santa-themed accessories, too, from black ribbon “belts” to bright red bows to—of course—Santa’s signature red and white hat.

Sexy Elf Costume

Without his cheerful army of elves, there’s just no way Santa would be able to get all of his toys made and ready for delivery every year on Christmas Eve. Just as Santa wouldn’t be complete without his elves, no sexy Santa costume collection wouldn’t be complete without also including some styles that give o the option to dress as a sexy version of Santa’s little helpers instead.

This sexy Santa costume includes plenty of scandalous Santa styles as promised, but it also features some sexy elf costumes as well. If you’d rather dress up as one of Santa’s favorite helpers in the bedroom than taking on the persona of Mr. Claus himself, check out the sexy elf costumes available in this collection. Complete with striped green and white material and plenty of jolly red accents—including miniature red and green elf hats —the sexy elf costumes you’ll find here get the point across easily and definitely don’t disappoint in terms of sex appeal.

Sexy Mrs. Claus Costumes

The elves aren’t the only important characters in Santa’s life. In fact, there’s no one more important to Santa than his own wife. If you just can’t get behind the idea of dressing up like Santa Claus himself, give Mrs. Claus a whirl in the bedroom. In addition to a variety of sexy Santa costumes, this collection also includes sexy Mrs. Claus lingerie that will help make you look like the spitting image of Santa’s wife.

The sexy Mrs. Claus costumes you’ll find in this collection are feminine, flattering, scandalous, and ultra-unique. These costumes aren’t as on the nose as standard sexy Santa costumes, but they’re just as bold, festive, and fun to wear.

Plus Size Sexy Christmas Costumes

Every woman should be able to dress up in a sexy Christmas costume, no matter what size she wears. You don’t have to be a size 0 to look sexy in festive lingerie this holiday season.

That’s why this collection includes sexy Christmas costumes that are designed to fit and flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. Many of the sexy Santa dresses and sexy Santa outfits you’ll find in this collection are available in plus sizes in order to accommodate any woman who wants to step out of her comfort zone in festive lingerie this holiday season.