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Underbust Corset | HauteFlair

Underbust Corsets

This collection is dedicated to underbust corsets and underbust corset sets for women that are designed to be worn in the bedroom as sexy lingerie.

What is an Underbust Corset?

An underbust corset is a corset that offers coverage for your midsection but only extends down to the tops of your hips and rises up to just underneath your bust. Underbust corsets do not offer any coverage for your bust, which allows you to pair them with anything you want on the top—any bra of your choice, nipple pasties, or nothing if you prefer to leave your bust area completely bare.

Underbust corsets offer gentle, natural-looking lift for your bust to make your breasts look more perky and full. These corsets smooth your tummy, slim your waistline, and accentuate the curves of your hips. Underbust corsets are the most popular type of corset on the modern women’s fashion and lingerie markets. They can be worn as lingerie in the bedroom—like the underbust corsets you’ll find in this collection—and can also be layered under your clothes to smooth and sculpt your midsection underneath your everyday outfits. The choice is yours.

Which Body Types do Underbust Corsets Flatter?

Corsets have come a long way since the days of ultra-restrictive, organ-crushing corsets that women were mandated to wear way back in Victorian times. Now, there are many different types of much more comfortable corsets on the women’s mainstream lingerie and fashion markets.

Different corset styles flatter different figures. Underbust corsets are the most popular type of modern corset. These corsets are especially flattering for women with full busts, broad shoulders, and straight midsections with little definition around their hips and waistline. Underbust corsets help smooth and accentuate your curves and lift your bust, which makes them ideal for women whose figures can benefit from some curve definition.

However, underbust corsets can also be very flattering for women with slim, hourglass figures that already have plenty of curve definition. In fact, underbust corsets are

universally flattering for any woman who is in the market for sexy lingerie that will define and accentuate your curves while offering a gentle, natural-looking lift for your bust.

How to Style an Underbust Corset

As a lingerie style, underbust corsets can be intimidating. Many women aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to styling an underbust corset to show off their figures in the bedroom. In reality, styling an underbust corset to create a sexy lingerie look of your own doesn’t have to be so challenging. In fact, you can easily create some very simple looks with underbust corsets.

How to style an underbust corset depends on the type of lingerie look you hope to create. Before you start thinking about which pieces to pair with an underbust corset in your bedroom, consider your own personal comfort zone and lingerie style preferences.

If you are a woman who prefers to wear scandalous lingerie, pair an underbust corset with skimpy G-string thong panties and nothing else on top. If you prefer more modest lingerie styles and want slightly more coverage, wear pasties for nipple coverage on top and wear panties or other lingerie bottoms that offer more coverage for your backside.

When it comes to styling an underbust corset, the possibilities are endless. Explore the underbust corset styles in this collection to discover a wide variety of underbust corsets that you can mix and match with the lingerie styles you already have in your collection to

Underbust Corset Styles

Underbust corsets are much more diverse than you might imagine. There are many different underbust corset styles. This collection of underbust corsets for women includes some of the most popular underbust corset styles on the market.

Browse through the versatile and diverse selection of underbust corset styles you’ll find here in this collection to discover your new favorite vintage-inspired, figure-perfecting lingerie styles to add to your collection.

Leather Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets can be made from many different materials. Leather is a popular material for underbust corsets.

Leather adds a bold, scandalous edge to any lingerie style. The leather underbust corsets you’ll find in this collection add daring and adventurous style to any lingerie look.

Long Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets are designed to offer coverage from the tops of your hips up to just below your bust. However, for women with naturally longer torsos, standard underbust corsets do not fit or flatter their figure.

Long torso corsets are long corsets that are designed specifically for women with longer torsos. If you have a long torso, check out the selection of long underbust corsets and longline corsets you’ll find in this collection.

Underbust Waist Cincher Belts

Waist cincher belts are underbust corsets that are designed specifically to slim the waistlines of the women who wear them.

These waist cinchers temporarily smooth, slim, and sculpt your midsection while you wear them. However, they can also potentially have long-term slimming results if you wear them on a regular basis. Many women wear their underbust waist cincher belts while working out in order to increase the amount they sweat and thereby increase the number of calories and the amount of fat they burn in order to lose more weight and keep it off.

Underbust Corset Sets

In addition to individual underbust corsets, this collection also includes a selection of underbust corset sets.

Each of these underbust corset sets is designed includes all the pieces you need to create a complete lingerie look. Most of these corset sets include an underbust corset and matching G-string panties, and some also include nipple pasty accessories to offer more sexy coverage on top.

Plus Size Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets can fit and flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. They are flattering for a wide range of body types that includes slim, straight, curvy, and busty figures.

In order to accommodate a wider range of women’s figures, this collection includes a selection of plus size underbust corsets that are designed specifically to fit and flatter curvy, busty, and plus size women. These plus size corsets are available in plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X in addition to a normal range of standard sizes.