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Wearing shapewear underneath your clothes is an effective way to shape your figure to create a smooth finish under virtually any outfit. Shapewear has become much more common in recent years, with many popular models and celebrities openly admitting that they wear shapewear on a regular basis to enhance their figures.
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When it comes to wearing shapewear in hot weather, wearing shapewear styles that are crafted from breathable materials is a must. As previously mentioned in this post, wearing tight shapewear that induces increased and more rapid sweat production without offering the relief of air circulation can
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Many women struggle to hide their bras under their tops and dresses during the summer; it’s a very common problem. Fortunately, there are also many ways to hide your bra under outfits you may be more likely to wear during the summer. Keep reading to discover five of the top tips and tricks for how to hide your bra under more revealing summer outfits to enhance your style and expand your wardrobe options this summer.
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Every summer brings so many new swimwear trends for women that it can be difficult for even the most style-conscious ladies to keep track of what’s in and what’s out in terms of swimwear for the current summer season. Not just that, but shopping for new swimwear for vacations or beach trips each summer is not the most enjoyable activity of the year for many women.
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Summer presents some unique challenges for women when it comes to choosing the best bra style for the season. The warm weather during the summertime leads to a need for breathability that is not as crucial for most women throughout the cooler months of the year.
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You don’t have to completely overhaul your lingerie collection as lingerie trends shift, but a new season can provide an ideal opportunity to explore fresh options for sexy styles to add to your existing collection. After all, you never know; some lingerie styles that are newly trending this season might end up becoming some of the most timeless, beloved classic styles in your lingerie collection.
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The history of shapewear is long and full of twists and turns. These interesting and surprising historical facts about shapewear of centuries and millennia past will give you a new perspective on shapewear and will likely make you feel more grateful for your modern options the next time you’re shopping for shapewear.
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Since its founding in 2000, Spanx has risen to become one of the Best Shapewear for women and also most popular and well-respected brands for body-shaping clothing. Offering a wide selection of body-shaping products ranging from subtle pieces for everyday wear to collections of full-coverage compression shapewear, Spanx has something for everyone.
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Although garter belts became virtually obsolete in their role of holding up women’s everyday stockings by the 1960s, they cycled back into the forefront of fashion around the 1990s as lingerie. Late 20th-century garter belts were common in sexy, vintage-inspired burlesque fashion—which reached the height of its popularity near the end of the 20th century. Two decades into the 21st century, sexy garter belts, and garter sets are still commonly worn in modern women’s lingerie looks.
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Leggings are an essential staple in almost every modern woman’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable, versatile, practical, and ultra-trendy. If the only leggings you own are basic black leggings and athletic styles, however, it’s time to branch out.

While essential black leggings will always be a classic go-to for casual everyday wear, they aren’t the only type of leggings that are worth wearing. Expand your comfy wardrobe with these five practical and stylish types of leggings you won’t realize you needed until you add them to your collection.

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High waisted bikinis are by far one of the trendiest styles on the current women’s swimwear market. While high waisted bikinis fell out of fashion with the rise of less modest low-rise bikinis in the 1970s, these bikinis are a classic that have proven their timelessness with their second rise to the top of the trend charts in the 2010s. Even when a new trend eventually steals the spotlight—fashion fads are forever fickle—you can feel confident that the high waisted bikinis in your collection will always be classy, flattering, and well- respected in the world of women’s fashion.

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