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Women’s Sundresses

This collection is dedicated to sundresses for women. It includes a large selection of women’s sundresses in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

Summer is coming soon, so browse through this collection of women’s sundresses to explore this year’s trendiest sundress styles.

What is a Sundress?

Unless you’ve spent your whole life living under a rock, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with sundresses even if dresses of this style are not staples in your own wardrobe. So what exactly is a sundress? What makes a dress a sundress?

Sundresses or Sun Dresses are trendy, carefree dresses that exude summery style. Classic characteristics of a sundress include lightweight and breathable fabric, a loose fit, and bright colors. Of course, as you’ll see when browsing through this collection, not all sundresses have these same characteristics. In fact, ‘sundress’ is somewhat of an umbrella term under which a surprisingly diverse variety of styles fit.

Sundress Styles

Sundresses are very versatile, and the styles that qualify as sundresses are much more diverse than many people realize. There are a number of different styles that qualify as sundresses—including long dresses, short dresses, casual dresses, semi-formal dresses, etc. etc.

This collection includes a wide, diverse selection of the trendiest sundress styles on the market. These sundresses are hand-picked from top designers for inclusion in this collection due to their trendy style and high-quality design and construction.

Long Sundresses

When you think of a sundress, a maxi dress is probably not the first style that comes to mind. While short sundresses are definitely more common than long sundresses, long sundresses and sundress-style maxi dresses are popular on the mainstream women’s fashion market as well.

The long sundresses in this collection are designed with form-fitted bodices that hug your figure tightly to show off your curves and flared, loose-fitting skirts that are flowy and breathable in order to keep you cool on hot summer days.

Short Sundresses

Sundresses are designed to be worn in the warmest weather during the summer months, so most sundresses for women feature fairly short hemlines. The bottom hem of classic short sundresses rests somewhere around your mid-thighs—although the length of short sundresses varies. Some fall closer to your upper thighs and some closer to your knees.

The short sundresses in this collection are perfect to wear in the summertime. Whether you’re headed for a stroll on the beach or meeting friends for a sunny Sunday brunch, the versatile and diverse short sundresses included in this collection will make sure your outfits are fun, flirty, trendy, and put-together all summer long.

Casual Sundresses

Sundresses are traditionally casual dresses. You can throw on a sundress after a day splashing in the waves at the beach or sunning yourself by the pool and still look cute and stylish.

The short sundresses you’ll find in this collection are perfect for casual outings. Pair them with a beach bag and sandals to nail down your carefree summery style.

Semi-Formal Sundresses

Sundresses aren’t only for casual outings and events. Many of the sundresses that are available in this collection are semi-formal sundresses that you can style to wear to less casual events—such as lunch dates, summer weddings, etc. etc.

The long sundresses in this collection are perfect for semi-formal affairs. Accessorize your sundress to dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion. Tights, cinching belts, and heels are the perfect accessories to add elegance and class to your sundress look for a less casual event.

Cotton Sundresses

Cotton is one of the best materials for sundresses. It’s soft, comfortable, and—perhaps most important of all—ultra-breathable to help you avoid unsightly, embarrassing sweat marks and keep your skin feeling cool and dry on even the hottest summer days.

Most of the sundresses you’ll find in this collection are made from pure cotton material or a pure cotton-dominant blend of materials. These cotton sundresses are designed to be comfortable, breathable, and soft to the touch. They are also very durable, so you can wear them through several summers to come.

Solid Sundresses

If you prefer to keep your outfits simple and understated—or dress up more basic styles with eye-catching accessories—check out the selection of solid sundresses that is available in this collection.

The solid sundresses you’ll find in this collection are available in a wide variety of neutral, dark, and bright solid colors. The selection of sundresses here includes black sundresses, pink sundresses, yellow sundresses, green sundresses, and sundresses in many other colors.

Patterned Sundresses

In addition to solid-colored sundresses, this collection includes a wide selection of patterned sundresses as well. Sundresses are warm-weather styles, so the patterned sundresses you’ll find here are designed to match the flirty, summery style that most women who wear sundresses are hoping to achieve.

The patterned sundresses in this collection include colorful floral sundresses, sundresses with geometric patterns, striped sundresses, and others.

Sundresses for Older Women

Sundresses are known as a hot trend for younger women, but there’s no such thing as being too old to wear a sundress. In fact, anyone can rock a sundress—regardless of their age.

This inclusive collection’s inventory is designed for women of all ages. It features many sundress styles that are designed specifically to flatter older women. The long sundresses you’ll find in this collection offer slightly more modesty than shorter sundresses, which many older women appreciate in the styles they wear. For older women who prefer more sophisticated sundress styles in dark and neutral colors, this collection offers plenty of options with long black sundresses and long and short sundresses in other dark and neutral shades.

That’s not to say that older women can’t pull off bright and colorful sundresses, though. No matter how old you are, take the time to browse through this collection in its entirety. You never know which sundress styles might catch your eye.

Plus Size Sundresses

Sundresses are universally flattering for any and every figure. Their form-fitting bodices smooth your midsection and accentuate the sexy curves of your waist and hips, and their loose skirts are very forgiving without making your figure appear shapeless.

The sundresses you’ll find in this collection are available in a wide range of standard and plus sizes in order to accommodate women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.