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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Biker Shorts For Women

Women's Biker Shorts 

Not so long ago, biker shorts were confined to gyms, aerobics classes, and morning jogs. Much like leggings, these unassuming shorts were designed as comfortable workout wear but have since morphed into something much more widespread in the world of women’s fashion.

Women’s biker shorts for everyday wear is a trend that has very quickly gained ground and risen to the top of the trend charts on the women’s fashion market. The exponential growth of this unusual trend can be attributed in part to business mogul, socialite, and worldwide style influencer Kim Kardashian West herself. Biker shorts have become a staple in KKW’s everyday wardrobe over the past few seasons—especially since her husband Kanye West debuted ultra-popular Yeezy bike shorts in multiple lines and collections from his high-end fashion brand.

The other Kardashian sisters—namely Kourtney and Khloe—have also been spotted on numerous occasions rocking biker shorts as part of their daily street attire. Khloe Kardashian’s Good American brand even carries women’s bike shorts for workouts and everyday wear. However, it’s not just the Kardashian sisters spear-heading the biker shorts trend, though. Countless other celebrities, models, and influencers have jumped on the same bandwagon and have begun incorporating biker shorts into their trendy everyday looks.

If you think about it logically, it’s really no surprise that biker shorts for everyday wear have become so popular. Athleisure wear for women has been very trendy for many seasons now, and the trend factor of this sporty-chic apparel doesn’t show any signs of dying down anytime soon. Women’s biker shorts offer all of the comfort and convenience of leggings, but they cover less skin and manage to be evenmoreversatile than leggings—which are widely beloved for their extreme versatility.

Despite how unconventional or unexpected the new women’s biker shorts for everyday wear trend might seem, there’s no doubt that it’s here—and it doesn’t seem to be disappearing in the near future. Like leggings, biker shorts might just be here to stay as a casual, trendy, and versatile wardrobe staple for women.

If you want to try out the biker shorts for everyday wear trend for yourself, look no further than this women’s biker shorts collection. In this collection, you’ll find a diverse range of versatile, top-quality biker shorts for women of all shapes and sizes. All of the biker shorts in this collection are sourced from top designers in the women’s fashion and intimates industries and are designed with current top trends in mind.

High-Waisted Biker Shorts

Most of the biker shorts you’ll find in this collection—and the majority of biker shorts on the market for trendy everyday wear—offer a high-waisted fit.

This high-waisted fit allows biker shorts to snugly hug your midsection to create the illusion of a classic hourglass figure and offer a smooth and flattering finish. It also makes pairing biker shorts with trendy crop and bra tops much easier and more appropriate for everyday wear.

Long Biker Shorts

Most biker shorts for everyday wear are not super cropped like classic biker shorts you might wear while—for example—riding a bike.

The trendy biker shorts in this collection are considered long biker shorts because they extend down to your mid-thigh or lower thigh. Some of the styles you’ll find here even extend all the way down to the tops of your knees. This extra length expands the versatility of these biker shorts and makes them more appropriate for everyday wear. Long biker shorts are also easier to pair with a wider range of tops, including longer tunic tops and oversized graphic tees.

Spandex Biker Shorts

Spandex is a classic material for biker shorts. It’s stretchy, durable, and comfortable. Plus, spandex material provides a naturally snug fit that gently and effortlessly smoothes, slims, and sculpts your midsection, backside, and inner thighs for a flattering finish for any figure.

Most of the biker shorts you’ll find in this collection are made from spandex or a spandex-dominant blend of materials.

Cotton Biker Shorts

Biker shorts need to be somewhat stretchy to provide their signature snug fit around your midsection. Cotton is somewhat lacking in the stretch, so most of the styles you’ll find here are not made from 100% cotton material.

However, cotton is a high-quality, durable, super soft and comfortable material, and many of the women’s biker shorts in this collection include a good amount of cotton. Many of these biker shorts are made from a cotton-dominant blend of materials or feature a cotton gusset for added comfort, breathability, hygiene, and convenience.

Lace Biker Shorts

Lace adds flirty, feminine style to virtually any article of clothing or accessory, and biker shorts are no exception to this rule.

Many of the biker shorts you’ll find in this collection feature lace detailing—e.g. panels or trim made from semi-sheer stretch lace. This lace detailing adds interest and a one-of-a-kind feminine style to many of the biker shorts in this collection.

Leather Biker Shorts

Faux leather is another current top trend in the world of women’s fashion. Many of the biker shorts styles in this collection incorporate this trend into their design.

In this collection, you’ll find multiple biker shorts styles that are made from faux leather. This faux leather material is ultra-stylish, comfortable, versatile, and—best of all—100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Two-Piece Biker Short Sets

If you’re wondering how to style biker shorts for everyday wear, check out the two-piece biker short sets in this collection. You can pair biker shorts with anything from. However, one of the most popular and trendiest ways to style a pair of biker shorts for everyday wear is to rock them in a two-piece set. Two-piece biker short sets usually include a pair of simple biker shorts and a matching or coordinating crop or bra top to create a streamlined style that effortlessly flatters your entire figure.

Adding a two-piece biker short set to your cart is like adding a ready-made, ultra-trendy outfit to your collection that doesn’t require any additional planning or coordinating on your part.

Plus Size Biker Shorts

Any and every woman can rock a pair of biker shorts. The biker shorts for everyday wear trends should not be limited to women who fit a narrow range of sizes.

In order to provide options for women regardless of what size they wear, this inclusive collection offers a diverse range of women’s biker shorts in a wide range of sizes. In addition to standard sizes, most of the biker shorts in this collection are also available in plus sizes 1X through 3X in order to fit and flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.