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G String Bikinis & Micro Swimwear

G String Bikinis

This collection is dedicated to G string bikini styles for women. Its expansive inventory includes a wide variety of G string swimwear styles that offer varying levels of coverage for your figure.

Browse through the items here to find a wide selection of ultra-skimpy bikini styles to add to your sexy swimwear collection just in time for summer.

What is a G String?

The term ‘G string’ is most commonly used to refer to a skimpy style of women’s panties, but it can also apply to G string-style swimwear bottoms for women.

G strings are panties or bikini bottoms that are designed with a narrow string that fits around your waist and connects to two narrow triangles of material—one in back and one in front. The two small triangles of material are connected by another narrow string that threads under a woman’s crotch area while she is wearing G string bottoms.

G string panties and bikini bottoms are skimpy and revealing. Wearing a G string might force you a little outside of your comfort zone, but G strings are very flattering and can actually help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin—once you get used to their skimpy fit, of course.

G String Bikini vs. Thong Bikinis

Although G strings count as thongs, these two words aren’t interchangeable. G string panties and bikini bottoms fall underneath the umbrella of thongs, but there are some key differences that differentiate G strings from classic thongs.

One of the most notable differences between G string and classic thong bottoms is that G strings have a string or narrow band of material as a waistband that connects two triangles of material in front and in back, classic thongs tend to have a wider waistband that tapers more naturally into the front of the panties.

Classic thongs are universally revealing, but they offer varying amounts of coverage in the front and around the sides. G strings, on the other hand, offer virtually zero coverage on the sides and provide minimal coverage in back and front with two narrow triangles of material.

G String Bikinis vs. V Strings

To make things even more complex and confusing, there is also the V string to consider in order to differentiate the G string from other sexy panty and bikini bottom styles for women.

Fortunately, the difference between G string and V string bottoms is very simple. While G string panties and bikini bottoms feature a small triangle of material in back, V string bottoms are designed without that triangle. Instead, the string waistband of V string panties attaches directly to the string that connects the front and the back of the bottoms.

As such, V string panties and bikini bottoms tend to offer even less coverage than the ultra-skimpy G string bottoms. The difference between the V string and G string bottoms is small and subtle, but it does make a difference in the skimpiness of these bottoms and the amount of coverage they offer.

G String Bikini Styles

This collection is dedicated entirely too sexy G string bikinis for women. It is stocked with many different G string bikini styles that are hand-picked from

From micro G string bikini bottoms to two-piece bikini sets with G string bottoms to, there’s a G string bikini style for everyone within the expansive inventory of this collection.

Micro G String Bikinis

By nature of their design, all G string bikini bottoms are very revealing. Classic G string bottoms leave your entire backside on display and offer very little coverage in back and in front.

However, micro G string bottoms take the skimpiness of the classic G string even further. Micro G string bottoms are designed with the same basic construction as classic G string bottoms. However, they feature even smaller and narrower triangles of material in back and front to offer even lesscoverage than classic G string bottoms.

Micro G string bikini bottoms are ultra-sexy and show off your figure. However, it is worth noting that the micro G string bikini bottoms you’ll find in this collection are not designed to be worn in places where a certain level of decency is required—such as public beaches or pools. In more private settings, however, wearing micro G string bikini bottoms can be very sexy.

Sheer G String Bikinis

Many of the micro G string bikini bottoms and classic G string bikini bottoms you’ll find in this collection are made from sheer material that shows off a glimpse of your bare skin underneath. Most of the sheer G string bikinis in this collection are made from a semi-sheer waterproof mesh material.

It goes without saying that these sheer bikinis are not appropriate for public wear, but wearing one of the sheer G string bikinis in this collection can be a great way to show off your ultra-sexy figure in more private settings.

G String Monokinis

In addition to matching G string bikini sets and individual G string bikini bottoms, this collection also includes one-piece G string monokinis.

These one-piece bathing suits feature a revealing G string cut in back and offer varying levels of coverage on top. Browse through this collection to explore the different G string monokini styles that are offered here.

G String Bikini Bottoms

This collection of G string bikinis for women includes both matching two-piece bikini top and bottom sets as well as G string bikini bottoms that are sold individually. These

The individual G string bikini bottoms in this collection give you the chance to style your own unique sexy swimwear look in time for summer. You can mix and match these versatile individual G string bikini bottoms with virtually any bikini top you already have in your collection.

However, if you’re looking for a complete sexy swimwear look that you don’t have to worry about coordinating, check out the two-piece G string bikini sets in this collection.