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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Sexy Plus Size Bikini

Plus Size Bikinis

Finding trendy swimwear that fits and flatters your figure can be a challenge for any woman, no matter what size she wears. However, the women’s swimwear market is unfairly targeted toward slimmer women who fit into smaller standard sizes. The skewed swimwear market makes it even more difficult for curvy and full-busted women to find plus size swimwear that is sexy, supportive, stylish, and well-fitting for their figure.

This collection of plus size bikinis for women is stocked with an expansive inventory of diverse plus size bikini styles that are designed specifically for plus size women. These styles include both plus-size two-piece bikini sets and individual plus size bikini bottoms and plus size bikini tops that are sold separately. If you are a curvy, busty, and/or plus-size woman who is fed up with feeling frustrated and discouraged by shopping for swimwear that isn’t designed to flatter figures like yours, browse through this collection to discover more high-quality bikini options for plus size women than you could ever have dreamed to find in one place. This women’s plus size bikini collection is your one-stop-shop for the trendiest, sexiest, most flattering plus size swimwear styles on the market.

Plus Size Bikini Bottoms

This collection includes a wide variety of plus size bikini bottom styles that are designed specifically to fit and flatter the figures of real plus size women.

Plus Size Cheeky Bikinis

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, check out the plus-size cheeky bikinis in this collection. Cheeky bikini bottoms offer minimal coverage that shows off your backside. On the mainstream women’s swimwear market, most of the available plus size offer full coverage. However, swimwear styles that provide slightly less coverage—like cheeky bikinis—can actually be very flattering for curvy and plus size women.

Plus Size High Waisted Bikinis

High waisted bikini bottoms are currently one of the hottest and most universally flattering trends in the world of women’s swimwear.

As such, this collection includes a wide variety of high waisted bikini bottoms available in plus sizes. High waisted bikini bottoms are especially flattering for plus size figures. They offer slimming and smoothing coverage for your midsection while accentuating the sexy curves of your hips, waist, and backside without trying to hide them. You can mix and match high waisted bikini bottoms with virtually any bikini top style to create your own unique complete, ultra-trendy swimwear look.

Plus Size Bikini Tops

For busty women, the biggest challenge when shopping for plus size swimwear is finding plus size bikini tops that fit and flatter their figure while offering enough support and security for their bust. It can be very difficult and frustrating to try to find plus size bikini tops on the mainstream women’s swimwear market. The majority of classic bikini tops for women do not provide the support busty women need to feel comfortable in their swimwear.

This collection includes a variety of supportive plus size bikini tops that are actually functional and comfortable for plus size women to wear. When you wear one of the plus size bikini tops that are available in this collection, you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort. The plus size bikini tops you’ll find here are designed with special support features—such as underwire lining, moulded cups, multiple rows of hook-and-eye closures, wide and adjustable straps, etc. etc.—in order to provide as much support, security, and lift possible for plus size women.

From bandeau bikini to balconette bikini tops to halter bikini tops, you’ll find a wide variety of flattering bikini tops for plus size women in this collection’s expansive inventory. The plus size bikini tops in this collection are available in real bra sizes up to 42 J in order to provide a better, more supportive fit for full-busted women.

Plus Size Bikini Sets

In addition to separate plus size bikini bottoms and plus size bikini tops, this collection also includes a diverse selection of plus size two-piece bikini sets that include matching tops and bottoms.

The plus size bikini sets are complete swimwear sets that come beach- or pool-ready. Mixing and matching can be fun, but every woman needs a few matching two-piece bikini sets in her collection. These two-piece bikini sets take the guesswork out of putting together your own swimwear look. The trendy, sexy plus size bikini sets you’ll find here in this collection are designed specifically for real plus size bodies and encompass a wide variety of styles and levels of coverage to meet women in their comfort zone.

Plus Size String Bikinis

The string bikini has reigned as the most popular bikini style on the women’s swimwear market for many years. In fact, when you picture a bikini, a string bikini is likely the first style to come to mind. String bikinis are two-piece swimwear sets that feature adjustable string ties at the waist, back, and around the neck. They are simple, functional, and flattering for a wide range of women’s figures.

Unfortunately, string bikinis are notorious for providing very little support. This reputation has led plus size women to believe that string bikinis are not designed for curvy bodies, which is true for the majority of string bikinis you’ll find on the mainstream women’s swimwear market. However, this collection includes a variety of string bikinis that are designed specifically for plus size women. The plus size string bikini sets you’ll find in this collection are adjustable to ensure a better fit for your unique curvy figure. They also include extra support features to provide enough security for full-busted plus size women.