A Guide to 36DD, 36DD Bra and Bra sizes

36DD, Bra 36DD, and Bra Sizes

36DD is a half-cup size with a cup volume that lies in between D and DDD/E. If you measure a difference of five inches between your bust and your band size, your ideal bra size—within the US sizing system—is likely DD.

A band size of 36 corresponds to a raw band size measurement of thirty-one or thirty- two inches. Once you add either five or four inches—as is customary when measuring band size—to these raw measurements, you will end up with 36 as your most accurate band size.

36DD, 36 DD Bra, and Bra Sizes

36DD Sister Size

Sister sizes are bra sizes that have equivalent cup volume and different band sizes. These sizes are useful alternatives for women who have trouble finding a band size within their cup letter that fits them correctly.

Despite the fact that their cup volumes are equal, sister sizes usually do not have the same cup letter. For example, the sisters sizes to a 36DD include 30G, 32F, 34DDD, 38D, 40C, 42B, and 44A. As these examples prove, sister sizes are helpful for providing a better bra fit for women with a wider variety of cup size/band size proportions that the band sizes within one cup letter can’t accommodate. 

36DD Bras

Don’t let your cup size hold you back the next time you go shopping for a new bra style. It’s a common misconception that larger-busted women are limited when it comes to the bra styles that offer enough support and security for comfortable all-day wear.

Contrary to popular belief, you can wear virtually any bra no matter how big your bust is as long as you choose high-quality, well-made styles that offer the support and security you need.

Push Up Bra 36dd, and Best Push Up Bra

Push up bras aren’t just for small breasts. Push up styles also lift and shape saggy or bottom-heavy larger breasts to flatter your cleavage and create a smooth, perky, round finish.

If you have 36DD breasts, be picky about the push-up bra style you choose. Search for push up bra styles that are designed specifically for women with DD+ cup sizes. These styles tend to feature additional support features to lift and support larger busts. Keep your eye out for push up styles that include graduated push-up pads to create a more natural, lifted finish and avoid the dreaded quad boob effect.

36DD Strapless Bra, and Best Strapless Bra

Supportive, comfortable strapless bras are hard to come by in general, and it’s especially difficult to find a strapless bra that offers enough support and security for larger-busted women. Fortunately, finding a secure, supportive strapless bra for 36DD breasts is not impossible.

Best strapless bras for larger breasts should include additional support features—like contoured cups, padding, boning, gripping sides, and a longline design—to make up for the security that straps would normally provide. If you want to avoid strapless styles altogether, consider choosing a bra style with clear straps to keep your bra inconspicuous under your clothes without worrying about a strapless bra slipping out of place.

36DD Minimizer Bras and Best Minimizing Bra

Minimizer bras, which are designed to make your breasts appear smaller and less noticeable, are most popular among women with larger busts. There are two common minimizer bra designs: those that lift and redistribute your breast tissue to help your bust appear smaller and more even, and those that firmly compress your bust to make it look flatter against your chest.

The best minimizer bras—especially for women with full 36DD breasts—are those that redistribute your breast tissue instead of compressing your bust. Redistributing minimizer bras tend to create a more natural, smooth, rounded finish than alternative minimizer styles.

36DD Plunge Bras, and Best Plunge Bra

As their name suggests, plunge bras are bras that are specifically designed to be worn with tops or dresses that feature a plunging neckline. The band of these bras dips low between the cups, leaving the center of your chest clear.

Plunge bras are especially helpful for women with larger 36DD breasts. Many dresses with extremely low necklines are designed to be worn without a bra entirely. Unfortunately, going braless is not a comfortable option for most full-busted women. The special design of plunge bras shapes lifts, and supports your bust while remaining invisible underneath low-necked tops and dresses.

36DD Balconette Bra, and Best Balconette Bra

Balconette bras, also known as shelf bras, are designed to lift your breasts and enhance the appearance of your cleavage. They only cover half to three-quarters of your breasts in order to conceal your nipples and support the lower part of your breasts while still accentuating your cleavage under lower-cut tops.

Women with large 36DD breasts often struggle with a phenomenon known as “quad boob”. As its name suggests, quad boob happens when your bra cups and dig into your skin and creating the illusion of four boobs. This problem is especially common with balconette bras due to their low-cup design. Always adjust the straps of your balconette bra correctly and ensure that its cups don’t gap or dig into your skin in order to avoid quad boob or obviously empty cups.

Wireless Bras 36DD

Wireless bras aren’t just for women with smaller breasts. Certain wireless styles are able to provide more comfortable support and security for full-busted women as well.

High-quality DD+ wireless bras eliminate the discomfort of underwire while still offering support for large breasts. Keep your eye out for wireless bra styles that include wide straps, a wide band, and molded cups to ensure maximum, wire-free security.

36DD Swimwear, Swim Tops and 36DD tankini

Finding supportive swimwear for large breasts can be a major challenge. Swimwear or swim tops for 36DD breasts should include support features that keep your bust secure while you splash in the waves, swim laps, or even just lounge by the pool.

Look for 36DD tankini tops and bikini tops with molded cups, wire lining, wide straps, a wide band, and an adjustable hook-and-eye closure. These extra features help provide larger-busted women with the necessary support that bathing suits designed to fit smaller breasts do not.