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    10 Best Maternity Lingerie and nursing bras

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    Maternity Lingerie and Nursing Bras

    Pregnant women deserve to feel sexy, too. Don’t resign yourself to wearing unattractive bras and panties for the next nine months the second the stick turns pink. It’s important to feel confident and sexy in your own skin no matter what trimester you’re in.

    Maternity lingerie is lingerie for pregnant women that is specifically designed to help boost your self-confidence. The best maternity lingerie ensures that you continue to feel sensual and attractive throughout the entirety of your pregnancy and beyond

    Best Maternity Lingerie and nursing bras

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    A Complete Guide to Maternity Lingerie

    10. Illusion Lace High Waist Maternity Brief

    These stretchy high-waisted briefs are the perfect lingerie for pregnant women. They rise up to the top of your waist to gently support your pregnant belly and are crafted from soft and stretchy microfiber fabric that is both comfortable and breathable against your skin.

    This sexy maternity lingerie includes embroidered lace accents and detailing along the leg openings and backside for added sex appeal. Its pattern features a gorgeous contrast between sultry black lace and feminine, silky mauve material to create a subtle, sexy finish.

    9. Gateau Soft Modal Nursing Chemise

    This nursing chemise is the ideal sexy lingerie for pregnant women and nursing new mothers. It includes elastic support for your bust and an extra-long length in the front to accommodate your growing pregnant belly. The chemise also features a racerback design for added comfort.

    Equipped with a gathered skirt and silky straps and trim, this sexy maternity lingerie is great for masking and flattering pregnant and postpartum bellies. It is available in both a soft and gentle pink and a sultry navy blue.

    8. Cosabella Talco Maternity Bra

    Cosabella Talco Maternity Bra

    Cosabella Talco Maternity Bra $98.00

    This maternity bra from Cosabella is both practical and subtly sexy. It features V-cut, double- layer sling cups that flatter your bust during every stage of your pregnancy. The bra’s straps are adjustable to ensure that it fits your unique and changing body as well as possible.

    Practical for both pregnant women and nursing mothers, the bra has an easy-on pullover style and clip-on straps. It is available in both black and nude for invisible wear under any top.

    7. Lollypop Maternity and Nursing Bra

    This bra from Lollypop doubles as an excellent maternity and nursing bra and is one of the best maternity lingerie pieces on the market. It provides ample comfortable support with a gentle elastic underhand and firm cups that are not separated in the front. Plus, it features clip-on straps for easy nursing.

    Featuring bow accents and lined with lace trim and a mesh panel in a flirty polka-dot pattern, this maternity bra is the perfect blend of comfort, practicality, and sensuality.

    6. Cake Lingerie Macaroon Chemise

    This full-coverage chemise from Cake Lingerie keeps you comfortably covered and looking beautiful at the same time. Its top and bottom panels are crafted from a blend of cotton, elastane, and nylon that provide plenty of stretch for belly growth as well as maximum comfort and breathability.

    The bra of this chemise has drop-down cups for easy nursing accessibility, a built-in shelf, and an elastic band under the bust that offer gentle, flattering support. This sexy lingerie for pregnant women also includes lace trim along the bust that adds intrigue and instant sex appeal.

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    5. Cosabella Trenta Wireless Maternity Bra

    5. Cosabella Trenta Wireless Maternity Bra

     Cosabella Trenta Wireless Maternity Bra $98.00

    When you’re pregnant, a comfortable bra is a must. Comfortable and sexy are not mutually exclusive, though, as this wireless maternity bra from Cosabella reveals. The bra features clip- on straps for nursing after your baby is born along with a front closure construction for easy take-on and take-off.

    The bra does not include any uncomfortable wiring, but it includes a wide elastic band and cups lightly lined with soft material for added comfort and support. It includes a sexy lace overlay with scalloped lace trim and is available in black, nude, and white.

    4. Cake Lingerie Creme Brulee Brief

    These sexy lingerie briefs don’t look any different from any other gorgeous lingerie, but they are specifically designed for maternity wear. The underwear is crafted from soft and stretchy nylon and elastane fabrics and includes a low cut to sit comfortably underneath a pregnant belly.

    This pregnancy lingerie includes plenty of sexy detailing that adds intrigue to the piece. They include a subtle blue and white pattern with a flirty bow accent. Plus, the briefs feature lace overlay that is sewn on top of stretchy fabric to ensure a soft and comfortable fit.

    3. Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Hotpants

    Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity HotpantsCosabella Never Say Never Maternity Hotpants

    Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Hotpants  $36.00

    This maternity hotpant from Cosabella proves that you can successfully wear full-coverage underwear and still look sexy. This sexy maternity lingerie underwear features subtle lace trim along the leg openings and a full elastic lace waistband.

    The underwear comes in a cheeky style that provides you with comfortable coverage while still showing off a bit of your backside. For ensured comfort and breathability, it is made from soft cotton fabric. These hotpants are available in shades of black, blush, and white.

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    2. Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Thong

    Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Thong

    Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Thong $25.00

    You don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite thong-style underwear when you get pregnant. This maternity thong allows you to look sexy and wear tight pants or dresses without worrying about pesky panty lines.

    The thong is crafted with a breathable and comfortable cotton body and cotton-lined gusset. It also features a sexy lace waistband and comes in many colors, including black, blush, and white.

    1. Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Babydoll

    Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Babydoll

    This gorgeous maternity baby doll from Cosabella is the perfect mix of sexy and comfortable. It features a full-coverage, supportive padded bra that is gentle on your bust and includes clip-on nursing straps for added convenience after your baby is born.

    The cups of this babydoll features lace detailing and see-through mesh lace paneling underneath the bust for added sex appeal. The garment’s body is soft and lose for comfortable and breathable wear. Plus, this babydoll is available in multiple different soft and sensual colors ranging from sultry black to flirty and feminine mauve.

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