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Maternity Lingerie and Nursing Bra Guide

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Maternity Lingerie and Nursing Bra Guide

Feeling Sexy While Pregnant

Many women have trouble feeling sexy during their pregnancy. It can be challenging to feel confident about your body while dealing with nausea, swelling, back pain, extreme weight gain, and other unpleasant changes your body endures as your pregnancy progresses. Although these changes are all normal, natural side effects of growing another human being inside of you, they cause many women to feel unattractive or even unfamiliar with their own body.

The fact that so many women experience a significant drop in body confidence during their pregnancy is unfortunate and unnecessary. The ability of the female body to develop a brand new human life inside of it in nine months is incredible and a cause for celebration. Pregnant women deserve to feel proud of their pregnant bodies and all of the ways it changes to become a healthier environment for fostering the development of a baby. Pregnancy is the time when the female body is at its most miraculous and, if anything, pregnant women should feel more—not less—confident about the way their bodies look during this time. However, feeling sexy while you’re pregnant can be easier said than done. Unwanted body changes mixed with volatile hormones creates a recipe for low self-esteem and plummeting confidence in many pregnant women.

A Guide to Maternity Lingerie

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If you’re struggling to feel attractive during your pregnancy, wearing sexy lingerie can be a great way to reverse feelings of unattractiveness and help you learn how to embrace your sexiness again. Wearing the right lingerie while you’re pregnant enhances the appearance of your body just the way it is and reminds you how alluring your body is at all stages of your pregnancy. Even if lingerie is not a regular part of your life in the bedroom when you’re not pregnant, consider trying out a few lingerie styles during your pregnancy. You might discover that wearing sexy lingerie has the transformative effect on your confidence that you need to feel attractive again.

Sexy Maternity Lingerie

Sexy Maternity Lingerie

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During the first trimester of your pregnancy, before your baby bump begins to show, you can probably get away with comfortably wearing lingerie in standard sizes. In fact, some women find that they can wear regular lingerie sizes throughout their entire pregnancy. However, just like how the majority of women begin wearing maternity clothes around the start of their second trimester, most women find that special maternity lingerie provides a more comfortable fit once they are farther along in their pregnancy.

Whether you don’t usually wear lingerie at all or already have a well-worn collection of pre-pregnancy lingerie pieces, it can be intimidating to shop for maternity lingerie. Even if you know precisely which lingerie styles you love when you aren’t pregnant, you might be unsure of which styles will flatter your pregnant body. Fortunately, there are many different styles of maternity lingerie, all of which can complement your pregnant body if you choose pieces that make you feel sexy and confident.

Maternity Babydoll Nightie

Babydoll nighties are one of the most popular types of maternity lingerie. They are usually made from soft silk or satin material that won’t itch or irritate your skin. These maternity nightgowns fit snugly around your chest to show off your growing cleavage. Many babydolls also feature real bra cups or at least an under-bust band that help comfortably support your tender, swelling breasts.

Below their tight bust, babydoll nighties have a loose, flowing fit that settles around your upper thighs. This loose fit around the midsection softens the appearance of your pregnant stomach and comfortably accommodates your belly as it grows, allowing you to wear the same nightie throughout all three trimesters of your pregnancy. In fact, many women don’t even have to buy a maternity babydoll and can wear a standard- sized nightie even while pregnant.

Maternity Teddy

Teddies are a daring and sexy choice for maternity lingerie. They look similar to bodysuits but are designed to be worn in the bedroom. Teddies fit snugly all over, and maternity teddies show off the size and shape of your pregnant belly as it grows.

If you feel uncomfortable with how your body shape is changing, a maternity teddy is probably not the best choice of pregnancy lingerie for you. But if you’re proud of your pregnant body and are eager to show it off in the bedroom, the tight fit of a maternity teddy provides you with the perfect opportunity to do so.

Maternity Boudoir Outfits

It is natural for pregnant women to want to document what is—for many—a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many women choose to take private maternity photos in maternity boudoir photoshoots so that they can have beautiful, personal pictures from their pregnancy to look back on after their child is born.

Choosing an outfit for a maternity boudoir photoshoot can be difficult. These photos are exceptional, and it’s normal to want them to be perfect. Since the photo shoot is all about your pregnancy, your boudoir outfit should keep the focus on your belly. An open chemise, bra and panty set, or other lingerie that leaves your pregnant stomach bare are excellent choices for a maternity boudoir shoot. If you feel uncomfortable completely exposing your belly, wear a sheer babydoll or teddy that covers your midsection but keeps your stomach in view.

Maternity Chemise

Maternity chemises are very similar to babydoll nighties. They both support your bust and fit loosely around your midsection to provide a comfortable, flattering fit. The only real difference between chemises and babydolls is that babydolls fall around your upper thighs and chemises’ hemlines range from above your hips to below your knees.

The variable hemlines of chemises provide you with more options depending on your lingerie preferences. Shorter chemises look more scandalous and show off your legs, while longer chemises offer more coverage while maintaining a flattering fit. If you want to expose your belly playfully and sexily, choose an open maternity chemise of any length. Open chemises part in the center under your bust to reveal a peek at your pregnant stomach.

Maternity Wedding Undergarments

Many women struggle with choosing maternity lingerie for their wedding and honeymoon if they will be noticeably pregnant when they get married. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of maternity wedding undergarments that can help you feel as sexy and confident as any bride should on her wedding day—and night.

A classic bra and panty set is an ideal choice for brides searching for maternity wedding undergarments. The bra can provide more support to your bust than most other lingerie options, and you can choose a sexy high-waisted panty style that supports your belly. Most bra and panty sets are invisible underneath your wedding dress and won’t add extra layers of bulky material over your stomach. To stay in line with traditional bridal lingerie standards, choose a white bra and panty set with lace, beading, or other intricate detailing. If you want to feel slightly less exposed once the vows are over and your wedding night arrives, pair your bra and panty set with a sheer white chemise or babydoll nightie once your honeymoon begins.

Maternity Leggings

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are sexy maternity clothes that are transformative for many pregnant women. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn as loungewear, pajamas, part of a lingerie outfit in the bedroom, or as everyday bottoms. Maternity leggings provide pregnant women with a sexy, trendy alternative to having to choose between wearing sweats to work or struggling through the impossible chore of comfortably fitting jeans or slacks around their belly.

Leggings designed for pregnant women are made from soft and stretchy material to ensure a comfortable fit. They are incredibly high-waisted and are intended to rise over your pregnant stomach. This high-rise fit allows the leggings to compress your midsection to support your growing belly comfortably lightly.

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