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It can be tough to feel sexy while you’re pregnant. Your changing body and unpredictable hormones can be frustrating and confusing, but the journey of pregnancy is difficult enough without taking a blow to your confidence as well. Every pregnant woman deserves to feel sexy and beautiful from the beginning of her first trimester through the end of her third.

Finding quality maternity lingerie that is both sexy and functional regarding comfort and support can seem impossible, but don’t give up yet. The maternity and pregnant lingerie styles in this collection are designed to maximize your confidence while offering the comfort and support your changing body needs. These pieces make you look and feel as sexy as possible to help you accept and embrace your pregnant figure and keep your life in the bedroom alive throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

Modest Maternity Lingerie 

Many women feel uncomfortable showing off too much skin during their pregnancy. Unfortunately, trying to find semi-conservative lingerie that flatters your figure without looking frumpy, bulky, or hiding your figure can be a challenge.

This maternity lingerie collection includes a wide variety of trendy lingerie styles— including a selection of flirty, feminine babydolls—that are modest and sexy at the same time. These modest lingerie styles cover just enough skin to keep you comfortable and confident without completely concealing your figure. They flatter your pregnant frame without making you feel exposed or uncomfortable.

Comfort and Support

From swelling to nausea, most of the side effects of pregnancy are incredibly uncomfortable. Many women don’t even consider wearing lingerie while they are pregnant because they don’t want to worsen the discomfort they already feel.

Comfort and support are key when it comes to maternity lingerie—especially since a common uncomfortable side effect of pregnancy is swollen and tender breasts.
All of the maternity lingerie pieces in this collection are designed to provide maximum comfort and support to flatter your figure without exacerbating your discomfort.

Versatile Sizes 

Your body undergoes many significant changes very quickly throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.

The maternity lingerie styles in this collection are very versatile. They are designed to accommodate your changing body throughout your pregnancy to continue providing comfort, support, and a flattering fit as you progress through all three trimesters. The versatility of these pregnant lingerie pieces saves you money, time, and effort throughout your pregnancy by growing with you, so you don’t have to search for replacement pieces every other month.

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