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Top 10 Swimwear Trends to Try This Summer | 2023

Swimwear Trends to Try This Summer

Every summer brings so many new swimwear trends for women that it can be difficult for even the most style-conscious ladies to keep track of what’s in and what’s out in terms of swimwear for the current summer season. Not just that, but shopping for new swimwear for vacations or beach trips each summer is not the most enjoyable activity of the year for many women. Many women feel insecure about how their bodies look in swimwear and struggle to try to keep up with the swimwear trends that are constantly changing and may be designed for body types that don’t align with their own.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with this summer’s latest swimwear trends or finding trendy swimwear styles that fit and flatter your unique figure, keep reading. This comprehensive list of the top 10 swimwear trends to try this summer will make it more fun and relaxing for you to shop for swimwear for summer 2022 because it includes a broad variety of swimwear styles that are trendy but are also flattering for a wide range of different body types, shapes, and sizes.

1. Ready-to-Wear Swimwear

Ready-to-wear swimwear is one of the top swimwear trends for summer 2022. So what exactly is ready-to-wear swimwear? This type of swimwear refers to swimwear looks that can transition easily from the beach to lunch at a resort. They’re the perfect convenient and stylish swimwear looks that are perfect for vacation because they allow you to move from one activity to the next without having to worry about changing in between.

Some examples of ready-to-wear swimwear looks include swimwear looks that incorporate cover-ups and sarongs that match or coordinate with the print of your swimsuit to create a complete look. Matching or coordinating button-up tops are especially trendy cover-ups for ready-to-wear swimwear looks this summer.

2. Supportive Bikini Tops

In years past, many larger-busted women have been excluded from some of the top swimwear trends in the world of mainstream women’s fashion–simply because many of the trendiest women’s swimwear tops you’ll find in your local boutiques and department stores tend to lack an adequate amount of support to keep women with bigger busts comfortable.

Over the past several summers, however, there has been a shift in the amount of support that is available from trendy bikini tops on the women’s mainstream swimwear market. This summer, there are more supportive swimwear options available on the market than ever before. Supportive swimwear tops and supportive one-piece swimsuits that feature underwire lining, wide straps, hook-and-eye closures, and other supportive features are currently trending in women’s swimwear in order to ensure that women of all body shapes and sizes are able to find stylish swimwear options that fit and flatter their unique figures.

If you’re in search of supportive swimwear tops or one-piece styles but are having trouble finding any that meet your needs, try turning your attention toward swimwear and lingerie retailers that gear their items toward plus-size and larger-busted women.

3. Metallic Materials

This summer, women’s swimwear stands out with a wide variety of trending swimsuits that are designed with metallic or glittery materials. These swimsuits are attention-grabbing and turn heads in the best way. Plus, they’re ideal for women who want to make a statement with their swimwear while sticking to solid colors rather than bold patterns and prints.

Metallic, glittery, and shimmery swimsuits are fun, flattering, glitzy, and glamorous. If you do choose to add metallic or shimmery swimwear to your wardrobe this summer, it is important to make sure that you know how to take care of these swimsuits correctly. Many swimsuits that are made from materials with a metallic or shimmery finish require special care to remain in good condition without snagging, unraveling, or otherwise falling apart.

4. Belted Swimwear

Belted swimwear is definitely a trend that is a blast from the past, but that’s no surprise in the women’s fashion industry. A belted swimsuit can feature anything from a narrow, barely-there belt or a wider belt with a full-on buckle in the middle.

This vintage-inspired trend includes both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits featuring accents that give them a belted look around the middle. Belted swimwear is flattering for all body types, shapes, and sizes. Having a belt cinched around your middle gives your

waist a slim, shapely finish and creates the illusion of a curvy hourglass figure. This is especially helpful for women who want to show off their figure in one-piece swimsuits, which have a tendency to conceal the shape of your body. A belt breaks up the sameness of a one-piece swimsuit and emphasizes your figure underneath your swimwear while still offering plenty of coverage for your body.

5. Strappy Swimwear

Strappy swimwear is a must-have this summer. This ultra-hot swimwear trend refers to any string bikini or swimwear look that features extra straps or ties, such as a bikini top that crosses in the middle and ties around your back or bikini bottoms that feature separated double straps that secure around your waist. Strappy swimwear accentuates the shape of your figure and is very flattering for a wide range of body types, shapes, and sizes.

Many strappy swimwear tops double as convertible string bikini tops. These swimsuit tops can be worn in several different ways depending on how their strings are arranged and tied, which allows you to create a wider variety of unique swimwear looks and save some room in your suitcase when you’re packing for a summer vacation.

6. High-Cut Bikini Bottoms

High-cut bikini bottoms are definitelyinthis summer on the women’s mainstream swimwear market. These bikini bottoms feature a unique cut that rises up higher around your hips than traditional bikini bottoms. High-cut bikini bottoms create a V-shape around your midsection that shows off your stomach while offering coverage for your hips.

The unique cut of high-cut bikini bottoms naturally makes your legs appear longer and your waist appear slimmer. High-cut bikini bottoms also create the illusion of curves and a defined waist for women who naturally have straighter figures. Pair high-cut bikini bottoms with any traditional

7. High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

High-waisted bikini bottoms are similar to high-cut bikini bottoms, but there are differences between these two trending bikini bottom styles. High-waisted bikini bottoms rise up higher around your hips and midsection than traditional bikini bottoms. They offer the perfect trendy compromise between a traditional two-piece bikini and a one-piece swimsuit for many women.

High-waisted bikini bottoms offer additional smoothing and shaping coverage around the lower midsection that is welcomed by many women. In a high-waisted bikini, you can flaunt your figure with pride without feeling like you have to worry about a visible tummy pooch or bloating from poolside cocktails. Make sure to pair high-waisted bikini bottoms with a simple bikini top to avoid creating an overcrowded swimwear look that makes your figure appear bulky.

8. Ribbed Fabrics

Ribbed and knit-like fabrics are very trendy in the world of women’s swimwear this summer. Ribbed swimwear is ultra-flattering. It conceals imperfections and is very stretchy and comfortable. Plus, the unique texture of ribbed swimsuits is very aesthetically pleasing.

Like metallic and glittery swimsuits, swimsuits that are made from ribbed or knit fabric may require special care. Make sure to read the care instructions for your ribbed swimsuit carefully before washing or drying it in order to extend the life of your trendy new swimwear as long as possible.

9. Cut-Out One-Piece Swimwear

One-piece swimwear looks have a reputation for being overly modest and unflattering, but many one-piece swimsuits are actually extremely stylish and flattering for many women. In fact, one-piece swimwear has been trending consistently every summer for several years.

One-piece swimsuits that feature cut-outs are especially trendy this summer. Cut-outs counterbalance the full coverage that one-piece swimsuits traditionally offer by showing off just a little bit of skin. They’re also very flattering; well-placed cutouts can do wonders to accentuate the shape of your figure.

10. Funky and Floral Prints

Another vintage-inspired trend, funky and floral prints are very popular for swimwear this summer. If the print of a swimsuit looks like it came straight from the 1970s, you’re on the right track.

These funky and floral prints are bold, bright, and fun for swimwear looks. They’ll definitely help you stand out on the beach or by the pool, and you can find them anywhere this summer–which makes it easy to make sure you
If you’re in the market for trendy swimwear for all of your adventures this summer, visit luxury swimwear and lingerie retailer HauteFlair’s swimwear collection to find many of the styles described above and many more ultra-trendy swimsuits for you to rock for summer 2022.