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Teddy Lingerie

Teddy lingerie is one of the most popular styles in the current lingerie market. The earliest version of this one-piece lingerie bodysuit first came into fashion for women more than one hundred years ago, in the 1910s. While these historical teddies were excessively modest and never worn without a dress over them, they paved the way for increasingly modernized teddy styles throughout the next century.

Although the relation between the teddy styles introduced in the 1910s and those that are trending in the 2010s is almost recognizable, the long history of teddies shows that they have a timeless style that has already survived the past century and only continues to climb the trend charts of the current lingerie market.

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What is Teddy Lingerie?

A good way to describe teddies is to compare them to a lingerie bodysuit. They are a one-piece lingerie style that fits just like a standard bodysuit. Teddy lingerie is just as trendy and flattering as this season’s most stylish sexy bodysuits, but they’re made from lace or satin instead of cotton and spandex.

Teddies are fitted to cling to your skin and emphasize each and every one of your curves. Most of them feature a revealing neckline, sheer material, a thong cut, or other added sexy features that set them apart from the regular bodysuit. Even though they share a common general design, the teddies on the current lingerie market vary widely in color, material, and style. Teddies can be made from many different materials, including sheer lace, satin, silk, or mesh. Depending on their design, these pieces can create a broad spectrum of lingerie looks that range from delicate to daring and every style in between.

Why Wear Teddy Lingerie

Teddy lingerie has withstood the test of time much longer than most other lingerie styles, having evolved with the trends over the decades and remaining in style for more than a century and counting. Teddies haven’t remained in fashion for several generations without earning their place. There are countless reasons for the lasting success of teddies in fashion, the most important of which include how effortlessly flattering, versatile, and practical this lingerie style is.

1. They’re Flattering

Shopping for lingerie is a stressful chore for a lot of women. The process causes many women to feel insecure about their bodies if they are unable to find lingerie that really fits and flatter their figure. Picking out new lingerie for yourself should be a fun way to celebrate your body, not a looming source of dread. However, women’s body types, sizes, and shapes vary greatly. It can be extremely difficult to find a lingerie style that effectively flatters this diverse range of bodies.

Teddies are a universally flattering lingerie style that enhances virtually any body type. If you have a slim, straight, or athletic figure, the tight fit of teddies draws attention to any curves you do have and highlights the contours of your body to create the illusion of more shape. For women who are naturally curvier, teddies gently hug and shape those curves to create a sexy, smooth finish. There are few alternative lingerie styles are able to truly flatter such different bodies with the same fundamental design.

2. They’re Versatile

Teddies are extremely versatile lingerie pieces. Even though they are fairly simple, teddies are available in countless different styles that put a sexy twist on the garment’s traditional design. These different types of teddies each feature their own unique colors, materials, adornments, and other embellishments that set them apart from any other style. You can develop an entire collection of teddy lingerie without ever buying two pieces that look anything alike.

Most teddies are designed to be worn by themselves. In fact, one of the best things about teddy lingerie is that it lets you create a complete lingerie look with just one piece. However, you can also pair additional lingerie pieces and accessories of your choice with teddies if you want to add more interest and creativity to your look. Teddies can act as the flattering foundation of your look or create a complete sexy look all on their own.

3. They’re Practical

When you think about buying lingerie, practicality is probably not your first priority. Lingerie is supposed to be fun and frivolous, but teddies are the best of both worlds: they are practical and indulgent at the same time.

Teddies have a very simple design, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. In fact, the simplicity of teddies is what helps them flatter such a wide range of body types. It also means that, when you put on a teddy, you’ll never have to go through the struggle of figuring out how to wear an overly complicated piece of lingerie. With teddies, what you see is what you get. Their laid-back design enhances the appearance of your figure but lets your curves capture center stage.

Also, putting together a lingerie look with a teddy is incredibly easy. You don’t have to worry about pairing multiple pieces together to create a full look. Teddies form a complete sexy lingerie look all by themselves. There is no need for you to feel forced to add in extra pieces or accessories. Only introduce more to your look if you can easily find complementary pieces without getting frustrated or discouraged.

Types of Teddy Lingerie

Underneath the umbrella of teddy lingerie, there are countless different types of teddies. These teddies vary widely in construction, design, material, and style. No matter what your lingerie and style needs and preferences are, you find a teddy style that meets all of your expectations. Whether you want to stay cozy and comfortable in a sleepwear teddy or bare it all in a sheer lace teddy, the expansive variety of teddies is almost guaranteed to include the ideal lingerie style for you.

High Cut Teddy

High cut teddy lingerie features leg holes that rise up on your hips so that the edges of the teddy frame your waist. This cut reveals more bare skin than standard teddies to create a sexy, daring look that still provides enough coverage to keep more modest women comfortable.

Teddies with a high cut style are also very flattering for many women. The high cut automatically makes your waist appear smaller. It also creates the illusion of longer legs and draws attention to the curves of your hips and backside. These unique features of high cut teddies can benefit women who want to show off their existing curves as well as slimmer women hoping to look curvier.

Teddy Sleepwear

Most women don’t buy teddy lingerie for the purpose of sleeping in it. Teddies are designed to be sexy lingerie pieces that add fun and excitement to your bedroom before you actually go to sleep. However, teddy sleepwear is available for women who like to sleep in their lingerie or find traditional teddies to be too uncomfortable to wear.

Teddy sleepwear is meant to be comfortable enough for sleeping. These teddies are usually made from soft satin or silk-like fabric instead of lace, mesh, or other materials that have the potential to itch or irritate your skin after prolonged wear. Most of them also have a looser fit than traditional teddies into order to allow for more mobility to prevent you from feeling constricted while you sleep.

Garter Teddy

Garters and teddies are both classic lingerie styles that are timelessly sexy and never seem to go out of style or fade from the forefront of the lingerie market. Therefore, it makes sense that garter teddies that combine these two traditional styles are very popular among modern women.

The only difference between garter teddies and traditional teddies is that garter teddies include garter straps attached to their bottom edge. Some garter teddies come with coordinating garters to help you create a full, matching lingerie look. Other teddies leave it up to you to pair it with your favorite garters. Also, the garter straps on most garter teddies are removable. This feature gives you the freedom to choose whether or not you want to attach garters to your teddy and allows you to wear the teddy on its own without awkward straps dangling from it.

V Teddy

You can recognize V teddies by the deep plunging V neckline that defines them. These teddies feature dramatically low necklines that put all of the focus on your cleavage. The height of their necklines vary between styles, but many V teddies plunge all the way down to your waist. This sharp V cut draws attention to the middle of your figure and makes your waist and tummy look slimmer while enhancing the appearance of your bust as well.

V teddies create a lingerie look that is sexy, scandalous, and classy at the same time. They can flatter women of all shapes and sizes but are especially popular among women with larger breasts since this teddy style lets your bust be the focal point of your look. If you want your lingerie to highlight your bust and accentuate your cleavage, wearing a V teddy is a great way to accomplish that goal in the sexiest possible way.

Christmas Teddy

As December approaches each year, the lingerie market experiences a brief spike as shoppers prepare for their celebration of the upcoming holiday. Among holiday lingerie, one of the most popular styles each year is the teddy.

On the holiday lingerie market, you can find a wide variety of Christmas-themed teddies. These teddy styles range from sheer red lace teddies adorned with miniature satin bows to sexy Santa teddies complete with black buckle belts and white fur trim.

Mesh Teddy

Mesh teddies are one of the most popular modern teddy styles. They are usually crafted from a see-through mesh material that provides sexy sheer coverage while leaving your bare skin on display. Mesh teddies let you have the best of both worlds: you get to watch your partner’s jaw drop twice as fast at the sight of your sexy lingerie and your naked body at the same time. These teddies create a modern, scandalous lingerie look all on their own.

While mesh teddies are very sexy, some of them can also be extremely uncomfortable. Mesh material can be very itchy and irritating, especially for women with sensitive skin. If this applies to you, consider wearing a sexy bra and panty set underneath your mesh teddy to minimize irritation in your most sensitive areas.

Satin Teddy

Satin is one of the most popular materials used in the design of teddy lingerie. Satin teddies are soft to the touch; the shiny, smooth fabric grabs your partner’s attention and invites them to run their hands over each and every one of the curves your teddy highlights.

Although satin teddies are extremely sexy, they are also an ideal lingerie choice for women who want to create a more modest look. Satin material is opaque and provides plenty of coverage for your bare skin while still accentuating your curves. The sight of your curves poured into the soft, silky sheen of satin creates a lingerie look that is both subtle and irresistibly sexy.

Plus Size Teddy

Teddies are universally flattering; they complement bodies of all shapes and sizes. However, teddy lingerie tends to be especially flattering for plus size women. The fitted design of teddies hugs the contours of your body and accentuates your curves to draw attention to your figure in all the right places.

Most plus size women require their lingerie to provide a certain amount of support in order to feel sexy, confident, and comfortable while wearing it. Because of this, many curvier women hesitate to try teddies because of the lack of support most of them offer. Fortunately, not all teddies are flimsy and minimally supportive. Many teddies designed for plus size women feature invisible support features like real bra-sized cups or underwire that keeps your bust secure without disrupting the sexy finish of the teddy garment.

Thong Teddy

The majority of modern teddy lingerie pieces have thong-cut bottoms. The bottoms of most thong teddies are cut just like standard thong panties. Some of these teddies feature a more complex construction with extra straps or other embellishments for added intricacy.

Thong teddies are very versatile. You can wear them alone to flatter and draw attention to your backside. Or, you can add separate bottoms to create a more complete lingerie look without worrying about panty lines.

Lace Teddy

Sheer teddies are crafted from see-through lace material. The lace material usually features an eye-catching design, like a floral pattern or scalloped edging. These teddies draw attention to your sexy curves and show off a tantalizing amount of bare skin underneath. Their feminine lace material and revealing design create a unique look that is both bold and delicate.

It takes quite a bit of courage and confidence to wear sheer lace teddy. The tight fit of teddy lingerie combined with see-through material puts your entire body on full display. If you don’t feel fully comfortable wearing a completely sheer teddy, you can get more coverage and achieve a similar sexy finish with teddy lingerie that is made from solid material and embellished with panels of sheer lace.

Vintage Teddy

Teddy lingerie is not a new trend. Teddies have been a popular lingerie style among women of all shapes and sizes for many decades. In fact, vintage teddy lingerie that borrows sexy styles from teddies of decades past can be very stylish. You don’t have to wear a teddy that was made thirty years ago if you want to wear lingerie in a vintage style—although you can easily find vintage teddy lingerie that was sewn decades ago if total authenticity is important to you.

Many modern teddies are designed with a vintage finish because of the unique sexiness of this style. Vintage teddies are usually crafted from a shiny satin or silk-like material with embellishments like scalloped lace or floral embroidery. These teddies usually include subtle, light colors like white and baby pink and have a very delicate and feminine finish. Most teddies in a vintage style are also slightly more modest than modern teddies, with a looser fit and short- style bottoms instead of a revealing thong cut.

Strappy Teddy

All types of strappy lingerie are currently at the top of the trend charts. Strappy teddies are especially stylish, considering the timeless trendiness of teddy lingerie itself. The design of these teddies varies widely, providing you with plenty of options regardless of your style preferences.

Some strappy teddies just feature a few extra straps around the waist or neckline to draw more attention to your curves or cleavage. Other styles are made almost entirely from straps and include very little solid material. Whether you’re looking for a subtle lingerie piece or aiming to create a bold and scandalous look, you can find a strappy teddy that meets your expectations.

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