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Whether you’ve never bought lingerie before or you just want to improve and develop your existing Lingerie collection, shopping for lingerie can be a stressful process. Shopping for lingerie requires you to be vulnerable and honest with yourself about your body and your sexuality, which is very difficult for many women. However, the purpose of lingerie is to help women celebrate their sexuality and feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. Lingerie shopping shouldn’t feel like a chore or a punishment; it should be fun.

When it comes to shopping for new hot lingerie, knowledge is power. Learning as much as you can about current sexy lingerie trends and discovering how you can successfully seek out the hottest lingerie that caters to your unique needs can help you create the lingerie collection of your dreams without any of the frustration or discouragement you expect from the lingerie shopping process.

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Sexy Lingerie Collection Trending Now

It can be hard to keep track of lingerie trends as they fade in and out of fashion. Different colors, materials, and styles gain popularity every season and trying to trace these ever-changing patterns can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming. However, keeping up with lingerie trends can help you develop the hottest lingerie collection possible. Use the comprehensive guide below to discover some of the current major lingerie trends and determine which ones you can easily incorporate into your lingerie collection while staying true to your style. Find more examples of on-trend lingerie in this sexy lingerie collection that is consistently updated with the current most stylish pieces and sets on the lingerie market.


Scalloped Lace Lingerie Collection

Hot Lingerie-Lingerie Collection- Heidi Klum Sofia Lace Thong

Heidi Klum Sofia Lace Thong and Bra Set

One of the current hottest trends in lingerie is scalloped lace accents. While it might not seem like detail as subtle as scalloped lace would make much of a difference in the look of a lingerie piece, but it can have a transformative effect on how flattering and stylish your lingerie is. Many sexy lace lingerie pieces and sets on the lingerie market now feature scalloped lace due to the current trendiness of this detailing. This lace design is commonly found sexy lining bra and panty sets, but it is also featured in a wide variety of other lingerie pieces such as the hemline of babydoll nighties or the edging of teddies.

Scalloped lace adds flair and delicate femininity to any lingerie piece and makes even the most simple lingerie sexier and more interesting. It can instantly transform a basic everyday bra and panty set into a seductive lingerie look. Scalloped edging or trim on lacy lingerie can also highlight your physical assets by drawing attention to certain areas of your body. Accentuate your backside in panties with scalloped lace edging or enhance your cleavage with lingerie that features a neckline lined with scalloped lace. Scalloped lace lingerie is an excellent choice for women in search of delicate, feminine lingerie that is flattering and alluring without being too over the top.


Strappy Lingerie Sets 

Lingerie Collection- Hanky Panky Strappy Lace Lingerie

Hanky Panky Strappy Garter Lingerie Set

Straps are fashionable as well as functional in today’s lingerie market. Strappy lingerie sets are sexy, flattering for all body types, and have become one of the trendiest lingerie styles of the season.

Strappy lingerie gives an instant bold and daring edge to your look. Strategically placed straps also enhance and draw positive attention to certain parts of your body. A strappy bra accentuates your cleavage and makes your bust look larger than it is. Strappy sexy panties can draw attention to your backside or highlight and emphasize the slimness of your waist.


Floral Lingerie Print 

Lingerie Collection -  Hanky Panky Janis Retro Floral Thong

 Hanky Panky Janis Retro Floral Thong

If you’re looking to add stylish, flirty lingerie with a playful finish to your collection, try exploring the market of trendy lingerie pieces and sets that feature a floral print. Floral print lingerie pieces and sets vary widely. While some floral pieces have a delicate and feminine finish, others draw more attention with a bolder design. The floral lingerie trend includes a wide variety of floral prints and styles, so you can choose whichever pieces match your personal preferences and still stay in line with current trends.

Many lingerie pieces include a lace that features a floral pattern. This semi-sheer floral lace material adds a tantalizing, delicate finish to your lingerie and draws subtle attention to your bare skin underneath. Lingerie with brighter and bolder floral prints are more casual and have a playful, carefree finish. While bright floral prints can be fun, be cautious of floral lingerie with an excessively busy design. If you choose to wear lingerie with a bolder floral print, find a style that is fairly revealing or includes more sophisticated accents—like lace or multiple straps—to differentiate your lingerie from everyday undergarments as well as avoid inadvertently creating a lingerie look that comes off as childish or immature.


Embroidered Lingerie Accents

Lingerie Collection - Panache Lois Sheer Lace Balconnet Bra

Lingerie Collection - Panache Lois Sheer Lace Balconnet Bra

Embroidered accents make any piece of lingerie look more intricate, elegant, and alluring. If your style preferences are simple, but you want your lingerie pieces and sets to be more eye-catching, embroidered accents can help you achieve this goal by adding interest to your lingerie collection.

Seek out lingerie pieces with subtle embroidered accents. An excessive amount of embroidery can turn your lingerie look from pretty and elegant to gaudy and cheap-looking. Create a classy lingerie look with pieces featuring minimal embroidery—like a babydoll with an embroidered neckline or a pair of panties with a delicate embroidered floral pattern—that enhances your look without standing out as its focal point.


Sheer Lingerie Collection

Lingerie Collection - Addiction Fleur de nuit Babydoll

Lingerie Collection - Addiction Seductrice Babydoll

Wearing sheer lingerie takes some courage. Many women prefer more modest pieces and don’t feel comfortable exposing so much of their bare skin underneath the see-through material. However, the sheer Lingerie material is extraordinarily trendy and can be found in a wide range of lingerie pieces and sets this season.

The purpose of lingerie is to enhance your body, not distract from it. However, many intricate lingerie looks tend to steal center stage away from your figure. Lingerie that features sheer material highlights your body without distracting from it. The most flattering sheer lingerie pieces are simple with a delicate, barely-there design that keeps all of the focus on your body. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing fully see-through lingerie, seek out pieces with sheer panels that keep the focus on your figure without revealing too much bare skin.


Pink, Yellow, and Blue Lingerie Collection

The current hottest lingerie colors are pink, yellow, and blue. Wearing lingerie in one of these colors adds instant interest to any lingerie style. Each one of these trendy colors creates lingerie looks with very different vibes depending on your mood or personal style preferences.

Sexy pink lingerie is notoriously delicate and feminine. Within the pink family, blush shades are especially trendy at the moment. Blush lingerie is neutral and nicely complements every skin tone. Lingerie in this neutral shade of pink creates a natural lingerie look that enhances your figure without drawing too much attention away from your body itself. Be cautious of extremely bright pink lingerie. While it can look fun and flirty, excessively bright pink pieces also tend to come off as garish and gaudy. If you’re not a fan of light pink lingerie, try darker shades that have a more sophisticated, elegant finish.

Like pink, blue is another classic lingerie color that is timelessly trendy. Blue lingerie is elegant, classy, and flattering for every skin tone and figure. Dark or royal shades of blue create more sophisticated lingerie than lighter or brighter shades. Blue lingerie is flattering, slimming, and classy like black lingerie, which makes it an excellent alternative to black lingerie if you want to keep a little more color in your look. Black and blue also pair well together in lingerie pieces. Black and blue lingerie look effortlessly sexy, elegant, and bold at the same time.

Yellow has only recently gained popularity as a trendy color in the lingerie market. Because yellow is not a color that is not commonly seen in lingerie, wearing lingerie in this color adds instant interest to your look. Yellow lingerie is unique, playful, whimsical, and effortlessly eye-catching. Simple, subtle yellow lingerie styles made from light materials like lace or mesh help offset the brightness of yellow and ensure that your look maintains a classy finish.


How to Find the Hottest Lingerie Collection

Lingerie Collection - Giapenta Wynwood Lace Plunge Bodysuit

Lingerie Collection - Giapenta Wynwood Lace Plunge Bodysuit

When you’re shopping for new lingerie, considering which styles are currently trending is a great way to get inspired by the hottest styles of the season that other women have found to be especially sexy and flattering. However, trends shouldn’t be the only thing you think about while deciding which lingerie pieces and sets to add to your lingerie collection.

‘Hot lingerie’ is a subjective term that is slightly different for every woman. If you buy lingerie based only on the general hottest trends of the season, you are likely to end up with a collection that doesn’t fulfill all of your style needs and preferences. The hottest lingerie for you is different than the hottest lingerie for your best friend or favorite celebrity. That’s why it’s important to consider a wide variety of other influencing factors, including your body type, current style, comfort level as well as current trends to find the lingerie that will flatter you best and make you feel as confident and sexy as possible.

Flatter Your Figure 

Lingerie Collection - Collection Rocky Candy Bra and Panty

Lingerie Collection - Addiction Rocky Candy Bra and Panty 

How flattering your lingerie is and how well it highlights and enhances your physical assets can make or break how comfortable, confident, and sexy you feel while wearing it. The most important thing to consider when buying lingerie is how well it flatters your figure. Most women have heard this timeless advice, but many aren’t sure exactly how to find the most flattering lingerie for their unique body type, shape, and size.

If you have an hourglass figure, pick out lingerie pieces—like garter belts and strappy panties— that highlight your small waist. Wear high-waisted panties to balance out a large bust and conceal tummy fat. Accentuate a well-balanced, petite figure with sheer lingerie that puts your entire body on display and enhances all areas of your figure. If you have a more asymmetric figure, bright colors and bold prints can help you distract from certain parts of your body and draw more attention to others.

No matter what body type you have, you can use the details of your lingerie pieces to accentuate the parts of your body that make you feel the most confident about yourself. If you want to show off your bust, highlight it with a bra that features a plunging neckline or embroidered embellishments that draw attention to your chest area. Accentuate your backside in panties that have a sheer lace back or a strappy design.


Stay True to Your Lingerie Style

Don’t get too carried away with chasing the hottest lingerie trends of the season. Trends are fleeting, but your natural style preferences aren’t likely to change much over time. If you buy a brand new lingerie wardrobe every season to keep up with the current trends, you’ll eventually end up with a closet full of outdated pieces that you never really liked much in the first place.

Instead of ignoring your style preferences in favor of staying in line with the trends of the moment, try to compromise by choosing fashionable lingerie pieces that stay true to the styles you like. The current hottest lingerie trends are very widespread and include multiple colors and materials as well as specific styles. No matter what your lingerie preferences are, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to find pieces that match your style and incorporate at least one of the latest trends at the same time.

By prioritizing your style over general trends when picking out lingerie, you can develop a timeless collection of pieces that remain in your favor after the trends of the moment inevitably shift. Plus, you’ll find out that wearing the trendiest lingerie won’t necessarily make you feel the sexiest. You will feel much sexier and confident in lingerie pieces and sets that you genuinely love, regardless of whether they match up with current trends.


Feel it Out

When you wear a lingerie piece or set, pay attention to how you feel about it. If you feel uncomfortable in a certain lingerie style, don’t brush off that feeling just because the lingerie you’re wearing is in line with current trends. When it comes to picking out new lingerie for your collection, always prioritize your comfort and confidence over everything else. Every woman has different style preferences and comfort levels, all of which are completely valid. Don’t feel like you need a reason to feel uncomfortable in a certain lingerie style. Listen to your feelings when you try out new lingerie looks and settle on the pieces and sets that make you feel genuinely comfortable, confident, and sexy every time you wear them.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to try out many different types and styles of lingerie, even if you wouldn’t normally consider them. Use the current trends in the lingerie market as a guide. Experimenting with a wide range of lingerie styles and monitoring how comfortable and confident you feel in various pieces and sets can help you determine your real taste in lingerie and develop a trendy collection that suits your unique preferences, expectations, and comfort level.


Know Your Audience

You should never buy lingerie based solely on the preferences of another person. Lingerie is a very personal thing. You should always prioritize your preferences over those of your partner when choosing lingerie to make sure you end up with pieces that make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with taking your partner’s preferences into account when buying lingerie. Your partner will appreciate your lingerie more if it fulfills his fantasies, and you will likely feel sexier and more confident if you know that you’re wearing a lingerie style that is especially enticing for your partner. Before you buy lingerie, have an open conversation with your partner about what types of lingerie he’d love to see you wear. If he seems unsure of his preferences, browse through online lingerie collections together and take note of the pieces that interest him.

You can also ask your partner some general questions or run through them yourself based on your own experience to get a better sense of his real preferences. Does your partner love ripping lingerie off your body immediately or does he prefer to admire your body in it all night? Consider a crotchless version of your favorite lingerie style if the latter applies. Is there a certain part of your body that your partner always particularly admires? Choose a lingerie style that displays and enhances this body part. By considering your partner’s preferences as well as your own when shopping for lingerie can help you find pieces that send up sparks for both of you in the bedroom.


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