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by Shaylie Foley November 22, 2017 10 min read

Plus Size Lingerie, Plus Lingerie  

Plus size lingerieis a topic that contemporary mainstream media does not talk about enough and that plus size women are forced to think about way too much. Recent statistics estimate that more than sixty-five percent of modern women wear clothing above size 14, which is considered to be the minimum cutoff for plus sizes. Despite the fact that the majority of modern women fit into plus sizes, there are far fewer clothing options in plus sizes Intimate Apparel than standard sizes on the current market. There is also a noticeable lack of fashion guidance for plus size women in magazines and online. When fashion advice is directed toward plus size women, most of it seems to focus on how to make your body look slimmer or smaller than it is instead of how to use fashion to celebrate your body at its current size and shape. Plus size lingerie & intimate apparel seems to be even more taboo than other plus size clothing. Most plus size women trying to shop for sexy XXL lingerie feel like they’re on their own because of the noticeable lack of relevant shopping guidance available to them.

Hanky Panky Plus Size Babydoll

Hanky Panky Babydoll G String Set in Red, Black or White $108.00

As almost every plus size woman knows, quality plus size clothing & Intimate Apparel as a whole can be very difficult to shop for successfully. Many “plus size” styles are not flattering or well-fitting for real plus size women, and there are never enough clothing options. Unfortunately, shopping for plus size lingerie is an even more frustrating challenge. There are very few lingerie lines that are designed specifically for plus size women. The majority of items passed off as “plus size lingerie” are just extended sizes of pieces that were initially designed to be worn by slimmer women. Also, most lingerie lines do not employ plus size models to show off their products on runways or in magazine spreads. When they do use plus-size models, the women they choose often have bodies that look nothing like the bodies of plus size women who will end up wearing the lingerie.


The under-representation and inaccurate portrayal of plus size lingerie in the media turn the process of shopping for lingerie—which can be stressful and be discouraging for any woman—into a nightmare for plus size women. Access to accurate and extensive information about plus size lingerie and how to shop for it can be a complete game-changer for plus size women. This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need and wants to know the ins and outs of women’s plus size lingerie and how you can find the best, sexiest styles for your body.

Table of Contents

Best Types of Plus Size Lingerie

  • Plus Size Teddy
  • Plus Size Babydoll
  • Plus Size Chemise
  • Plus Size Bras and Panty Sets
  • Plus Size Lace Lingerie
  • BBW Lingerie

Plus Size Crotchless Lingerie

  • Plus Size Crotchless Panties
  • Plus Size Crotchless Teddy

Plus Size Underwear and Panties

  • Plus Size Thongs
  • Plus Size Sexy Panties

Plus Size Special Occasion Lingerie

  • Plus Size Holiday Lingerie
  • Plus Size Valentine’s Day Lingerie

1. Best Types of Plus Size Lingerie

There are as many types of plus size lingerie and Intimate Apparel as there is standard size lingerie. Your choices are endless; no lingerie styles are off limits for plus size women. Prioritize how you feel in a certain type of lingerie over everything else.

No type of lingerie is better for plus size women than another, and you shouldn’t let the size or shape of your body dictate which styles you try. It doesn’t matter whether you feel sexiest in a lace chemise or a scandalous costume; you should always wear whatever lingerie makes you feel the most confidence.

I. Plus Size Teddy

Plus Size Crotchless Teddies

Hanky Panky Plus Size Crotchless Teddie


Teddies are a very sexy choice for plus size lingerie. This lingerie style is just one piece that looks very similar to a standard bodysuit. Teddies create a full sexy lingerie look with only a single piece. They fit tightly against your skin and accentuate the curves of your midsection in the most attractive way possible.

Some teddies are crafted from soft, solid fabrics and provide complete coverage, while others are made primarily from semi-transparent mesh or lace materials. Teddies can be high- necked or feature a low V-neck that dips down below your bust. The style of teddy you choose depends on how much of your body you want to put on display in your lingerie and how much you want to leave to the imagination.

II. Plus Size Babydoll

See Through Plus Size Babydoll | HauteFlair

Striped Sheer Mesh Satin babydoll $49.00

Babydolls are another trendy lingerie choice among plus size women. These lingerie nightgowns are loose-fitting below the bust, which makes them an excellent option for plus size women who want to conceal their curves. Although it flows loosely below your bust and falls to your mid-thigh, babydoll lingerie fits snugly around your breasts. This tighter fit allows the babydoll to emphasize the size and shape of your bust while providing support that most plus size women require but that many other lingerie styles do not offer.

Because they look and feel like a regular nightgown with a sexy twist, babydolls can easily double as plus size women’s nightgowns. Once the fun of your night is over, and you’re ready to go to sleep, you can spend the night comfortably in a sexy babydoll without having to change.

III. Plus Size Chemise

Plus Size Chemise Babydoll Lingerie

Chemises are very similar to babydolls, so much so that many people don’t even recognize the difference between them. However, there are subtle discrepancies between the two lingerie styles that might make or break your decision if you’re deliberating between them.

While babydolls fall loosely below your bust, chemises are form-fitting all the way down. They are a good option for plus size women who want to show off their curves rather than conceal them. Chemises are comfortable to sleep in, and they can be designed to any length so that they can fall anywhere from the tops of your hips to below your knees.

IV. Plus Size Bras and Panty Sets

Plus Size Bra & Panty Set | HauteFlair

Sheer Lace, Mesh Soft Cup Bra$24.00

Bra and panty sets are one of the most popular styles of lingerie for women of any size. They’re pure, sexy, and very versatile. If you are plus size and want to find a flattering set, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.

Plus size women require more bust support than slimmer women. Make sure that the bra in the set you buy includes the support you need. If you’re shopping for your set in online stores, you should know your exact current measurements before you start looking. Having this knowledge from the start helps you narrow down your choices, so you don’t get overwhelmed and is key to finding flattering plus size bras and panties.

V. Plus Size Lace Lingerie

Sheer Lace Babydoll G String Set $42.00

Lace is a ubiquitous material that is used in almost every lingerie style. It adds instant interest, intrigue, and sexiness to lingerie ranging from babydolls and chemises to sets and costumes. Many plus size women feel uncomfortable with lace lingerie. Lace is detailed and mostly transparent, so it puts almost your entire body on display and draws attention to every area.

Even if you feel a little uncomfortable, you should consider experimenting with lace lingerie pieces. Start small with pieces that only include lace edging or panels of lace along with other materials that provide more coverage. You will likely find that your lace lingerie ends up making you feel sexy, classy, elegant, and confident all at the same time. Even if you feel a little uncomfortable, you should consider experimenting with lace lingerie pieces. Start small with pieces that only include lace edging or panels of lace along with other materials that provide more coverage. You will likely find that your lace lingerie ends up making you feel sexy, classy, elegant, and confident all at the same time.

VI. BBW Lingerie

BBW Lingerie Longline Garter Belt Bra Set

BBW (big, beautiful women) lingerie is just another word for plus size lingerie. It is lingerie that is designed to fit larger, curvier women and includes countless different types and styles.

However, many plus size women find that they have better luck finding flattering lingerie when they search specifically for BBW lingerie. This is because BBW lingerie usually refers to plus size lingerie that has been designed specifically for plus size women. Unlike the umbrella term of ‘plus size,’ BBW lingerie is not generally used to describe lingerie pieces that were designed for slimmer women and are simply also available in extended sizes. If you’re shopping online, try narrowing your search to BBW lingerie to see if you have success.

2. Plus Size Crotchless Lingerie

Plus Size Crotchless Lingerie. Hanky Panky Crotchless Lingerie

Crotchless lingerie seems a bit intimidating to many women, no matter what size they are. However, crotchless lingerie is quickly gaining popularity as a lingerie trend. It’s sexy, scandalous, and feels just a little bit naughty while still maintaining its class.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone with crotchless lingerie. You might find it’s more fun and less scary than you think.

I. Plus Size Crotchless Panties

Crotchless panties are by far the most popular type of crotchless lingerie. There are countless options for crotchless panties in all sizes available online. There are also way more different styles of crotchless panties than you probably think.

Some of the more scandalous styles of these panties consist of basically just a waistband and nothing else. Other crotchless panties include a small opening between your legs and provide standard coverage everywhere else. Some styles even feature lace or pearls that connect the front and back of the panties. The style you choose depends on your personal preferences and what will make you feel the most confident.

II. Plus Size Crotchless Teddy

Crotchless lingerie doesn’t just include panties. Teddies are also often available in crotchless styles. Crotchless teddies are fun because you can wear them as long as you want without having to remove them for specific bedroom activities. If you’re going to spend money and effort finding the perfect flattering lingerie, why not choose a piece that you get to show off for as long as possible?

If you want to have coverage for your backside, you can still wear a crotchless teddy. Many crotchless teddies still feature material that covers your backside and is only open directly between your legs.

3. Plus Size Underwear and Panties

Plus Size Underwear, Plus Size Panties

Plus Size Underwear and Panties

Panties are one of the essential parts of lingerie. You can wear them alone in a bra and panties set, but panties complement many other lingerie styles as well. Many women choose to wear a pair of underwear underneath their teddy, babydoll, chemise, etc.

No matter what type of lingerie you wear, you’ll likely find yourself wearing panties along with it. If you’re shopping for plus size lingerie, you should include plus size panties on your list. Every woman should maintain a sizable collection of sexy panties in her lingerie wardrobe.

I. Plus Size Thongs

Thong panties are the most popular lingerie panty style. They’re sexy, scandalous, and simple enough to go with almost any other lingerie piece.

You can never have too many plus size thongs. Make sure that you know your correct measurements, then start searching the web for the thongs you like best. Don’t stick with basic nude or black styles. Get creative with colorful thongs, lace thongs, mesh thongs, and other eye-catching designs.

II. Plus Size Sexy Panties

There are no rules for what makes panties sexy. When you think of sexy underwear, scandalous thongs might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, virtually any style of panties can be sexy.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing thong panties and exposing your entire backside, don’t feel like you’re compromising the sex appeal of your lingerie. Experiment with other sexy plus size panty styles instead, such as panties that are crafted from semi-transparent mesh or material or even completely full-coverage panties that feature bow adornments or lace edging.

4. Plus Size Special Occasion Lingerie

Special occasion lingerie is a wide market. Many women enjoy dressing up in special, themed lingerie pieces and sets for occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. You don’t need an excuse to wear sexy lingerie, but surprising your partner with a scandalous lingerie outfit brings more fun and joy to any holiday. Plus, special occasion lingerie makes a great gift that both you and the special someone in your life can enjoy.

Fortunately, there are plenty of quality options available for plus size special occasion lingerie once the holiday season begins.

I. Plus Size Holiday Lingerie

Holiday lingerie is whimsical and unexpected. Sex appeal is most definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Santa Claus. However, there is a huge market for plus size Santa lingerie that is nothing but sexy.

You don’t have to dress up as Santa or one of his elves to take part in the holiday lingerie trend. Any red or green lingerie that you feel sexy in can count as holiday lingerie. Holiday-themed lingerie doesn’t have to be delicate or elegant, though. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and choose a less serious, more whimsical option as your lingerie for the holiday season.

II. Plus Size Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Plus Size Stretch Lace Garter Belt Set

Stretch Lace Garter Belt set $47.00

You don’t have to dress up as a sexy cupid to look hot in plus size Valentine’s Day lingerie— although you definitely can and should if you’ll have fun in it. However, lingerie options for plus size women on the holiday of love are virtually endless. Any style of lingerie will work as Valentine’s Day lingerie. Just try to pick out pieces and sets that include some of the classic V-Day colors of red, pink, and white.

Try anything from a simple, delicate pink plus size lingerie babydoll to a hot, scandalous red plus size lingerie costume. Any lingerie that makes you feel confident and sexy is a viable option. Make sure that the lingerie you choose is at least slightly different than the styles you usually wear; special occasion lingerie should be special.


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