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Leonisa Leggings Black / S Firm Compression Butt Lift Legging - ActiveLifeLeonisa Leggings Firm Compression Butt Lift Legging - ActiveLife

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Black Leggings - HauteFlair

Black Leggings

Black leggings are an undeniable essential in any woman’s everyday wardrobe. They’re breathable, comfortable, stylish, and ultra-versatile. You can pair basic black leggings with just about anything in your closet—from a tunic top and wedges to an oversized sweater and tall boots—to create on-trend looks that keep you comfortable all day long.

This collection can be your shopping hub when it comes to black leggings. From top- quality basic black cotton leggings to dressed-up black leather leggings, the multitude of styles in this collection offers both classic staples and variety to expand and complete your black leggings collection. All of these black leggings are made from materials of the highest quality. They are fully opaque, ultra-durable and mold to your figure for a flattering finish that’s never baggy.

Basic Black Leggings

Every woman needs at least one—or five—pairs of black leggings in her everyday wardrobe. The basic black leggings in this collection can be your go-to for casual, versatile solid leggings that complement virtually anything in your closet.

The basic black leggings you’ll find here are crafted from a blend of cotton and spandex materials to provide a close fit that flatters your figure and doesn’t bag even after extended wear. All of the basic black leggings in this collection are fully opaque, so you don’t have to worry about a see-through finish.

Shaping Black Leggings

Many of the black leggings in this collection have hidden shaping benefits. These shaping leggings are crafted with breathable firming materials that subtly sculpt and slim your curves while keeping you comfortable. They are designed with an extra high waistband as well to provide slimming support for your tummy, waist, hips, and love handles.

Black Leggings for Winter

Black leggings are the perfect comfy pairing for an oversized sweater on a chilly day, but very few black leggings styles can actually stand up to cold weather.

The breathability of leggings is part of what makes them so comfortable. However, the thin material of traditional leggings also lets through wind and chill when the weather is cold. This collection includes black leggings styles that are designed specifically to keep you warm in cold winter weather. These leggings are lined with fleece for an ultra-soft and cozy fit that keeps your legs warm above your winter boots.

Fashion Black Leggings

From snakeskin print to a faux leather exterior, many of the black leggings styles in this collection are anything but basic.

These fashion leggings are designed to add style to your everyday looks and mix up your wardrobe while still providing the comfort and versatility of classic basic black leggings.

Cutoff Black Leggings

In addition to full-length leggings, this collection also includes a selection of shorter cutoff black leggings.

These Capri leggings are the perfect comfy, carefree addition to your casual everyday collection. The breathability and flexible fit of these cutoff leggings also make them functional as workout wear.