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High Leg Bikinis 

As the repetitive rising and falling of women’s waistbands—from a super high rise in the ‘80s to ultra-low rise in the ‘00s and back again—demonstrates, fashion is cyclical. Styles that were once very popular before slowly falling out of fashion are likely to make their way back to the top of the trend charts once again—usually at least a few decades after their original rise to widespread popularity.

One of these buried trends which has recently made a major comeback in the world of women’s fashion is the high leg bikini. While the high cut bikini—which was originally popular in the 1980s—has been lingering on the outskirts of trend charts for the past few seasons, summer 2019 has marked its official resurgence in modern women’s fashion as this throwback trend has climbed to the top of the trend charts yet again.

What are High Leg Bikinis?

The descriptor ‘high leg’ that sets high leg bikinis apart from other swimwear styles refers only to these swimwear styles’ high-cut leg openings. In fact, high-cut leg openings are really the only shared characteristic that all high leg bikinis have in common. As such, the styles that qualify as high leg bikinis are extremely diverse and include bikini styles that feature a wide variety of different cuts in back and in front.

The leg openings of high leg bikinis rise up above your hips to create a high waisted fit that dips down slightly at the front center of your midsection. The resulting fit effortlessly flatters your curves while helping your waist appear slimmer, your tummy look flatter, and your legs look longer.

Another important thing to note about high leg bikinis is that their fit incorporates another women’s fashion trend from the 1980s that has undergone a major resurgence in trendiness and popularity in recent seasons—high-waisted bottoms. If you were to go out today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman wearing low-rise pants in public. These days, it’s all about the high waist. Everything from women’s athleisure leggings to basic jeans to bikini bottoms are more readily available with a high-waisted fit.

It’s no big wonder why high-waisted bottoms have made such a comeback in the world of women’s fashion. High-waisted jeans, leggings, skirts, etc. are super comfortable, practical, ultra-versatile and easy to pair with a wide variety of different styles on top. Plus, all that’s not to mention that high-waisted bottoms are also effortlessly flattering for women of every body type, shape, and size. They somehow manage to enhance the natural beauty of curvy figures just as well as they highlight the assets of women with more petite and athletic figures. High-waisted bottoms’ re-rise to the top of the trend charts in the mid-to-late 2010s is responsible for boosting the body confidence of women everywhere. Luckily, high leg bikinis include the same characteristics that make high-waisted bottoms universally flattering—with the added bonus that high leg bikini also naturally balance your figure and help your legs look longer.

This high leg bikini collection is home to some of the best high leg bikinis on the women’s swimwear market. All of the high leg bikinis you’ll find in this collection are sourced from top designers and are in line with the current hottest women’s swimwear trends. In this collection, you’ll find a special hand-picked selection of individual high leg bikini bottoms and two-piece high leg bikini sets in addition to several high leg one-piece swimsuit styles. Regardless of your body type, shape, and size, you’re guaranteed to find an ultra-trendy, leg-lengthening, waist-slimming, universally flattering high leg swimwear style in this collection that will fit and flatter your figure like it was made for you.

High Leg One Piece Swimsuits

While the term ‘bikini’ does not technically refer to one piece swimwear, this high leg bikini collection also includes other high leg swimsuit styles—including high leg one piece swimsuits.

Because of their one-piece design, the high leg one piece swimwear styles in this collection aren’t high waisted in the same sense as the two-piece high cut high waisted bikinis you’ll find here. However, their high cut leg openings create the illusion of a high waistline and provide the same universally flattering effects of traditional high waisted two piece swimwear styles.

The high leg one piece swimsuits in this collection are available in a variety of cuts, including skimpy thong cuts and bikini cuts that offer a little more coverage in back. To up their trend factor, many of these high leg one piece swimsuits also feature super stylish detailing including sexy plunging necklines, lace-up fronts, side string ties, etc.

High Leg Bikini Sets

This collection includes a wide selection of two-piece high leg bikini sets. Each of these matching bikini sets includes a pair of high leg bikini bottoms and a matching bikini top. The variability within the bikini top styles in these sets—which includes halter bikini tops, string bikini tops, reversible bikini tops, bandeau bikini tops, and more—showcases the effortless versatility of high leg bikini bottoms and demonstrates how seamlessly these styles are able to coordinate with a broad range of different bikini top styles.

These matching high leg bikini sets are designed to be worn together to create a complete, stylish, and streamlined swimwear looks. However, you can also feel free to mix and match the tops and bottoms that are included in these sets with other tops and bottoms that you already have in your swimwear collection to create your own beach-ready looks that are completely one of a kind.

High Leg Bikini Bottoms

Of course, this collection wouldn’t be a high leg bikini collection if it didn’t include a wide selection of high leg bikini bottoms. The high leg bikini bottoms available in this collection are super stylish and ultra-flattering. They fit comfortably and snugly around your midsection with a super high waistband that rises above your hips to slim your waist, lengthen your legs, and reduce the visibility of pesky tan lines after a day in the sun.

This collection includes high leg bikini bottoms in a wide variety of different cuts and styles in order to match your style preferences and desired level of coverage.
A few of the most popular high leg swim bottom styles that are available in this collection include high leg cheeky bikini bottoms, high leg Brazilian bikini bottoms, high leg seamless bikini bottoms, high leg string bikini bottoms, and more.