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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Hosiery & tights for Women

Sexy Hosiery & Tights For Women

When you think of women’s hosiery, ‘sexy’ might not be the first word that comes to mind. You might be more likely to think of business casual or other professional wear. However, hosiery is not just for practical or professional affairs.

Sheer tights—which are also widely known as pantyhose—have a long history. Their invention in the late 1950s actually catalyzed a revolution in the women’s fashion industry. Throughout the 1950s and for many decades before, women were expected to wear thigh-high stockings or other garments for leg coverage. Most of these garments were extremely uncomfortable and some even limited women’s mobility while they were wearing these restrictive pieces.

When pantyhose were invented in 1959, women felt like they had more control over what they could wear. Pantyhose were much more comfortable and convenient than traditional thigh-high stockings. Plus, these sheer tights could be paired practically with skirts that had shorter hemlines because they came all the way up to the wearer’s waist rather than stopping at the knees or mid-thighs like traditional stockings. Pantyhose quickly became a trendy fashion statement and eventually came to represent freedom and youthfulness among women.

While it might seem outdated at this point in time, hosiery is actually making a major comeback in the lingerie industry. In fact, women’s hosiery can make a very sexy addition to any lingerie look when paired with the right pieces.

Luxury lingerie brand HauteFlair offers a full collection of sexy hosiery and tights for women. Even if you’ve never considered wearing hosiery as part of your lingerie looks, check out HauteFlair’s sexy hosiery collection to find the sexiest, most modern hosiery styles that are sure to add a spark to your current lingerie wardrobe.

Keep reading to learn more about modern sexy hosiery and the types of pieces that are offered in HauteFlair’s sexy hosiery collection.

What is Hosiery?

Hosiery is a category of women’s undergarments that includes stockings, socks, and tights. Pantyhose—which basically just means sheer tights—are the most recognizable types of hosiery and are the types of hosiery that are most commonly worn in the modern world.

Many women get confused about the difference between tights and stockings. While this confusion is understandable, the difference between these two types of hosiery is very simple. While tights offer full coverage for your legs and toes and generally fall at the middle of your waist, stockings offer less coverage—most stockings fall at the knees, just above the knees, or at the mid-thighs.

Types of Hosiery

There are many different types of women’s hosiery on the modern lingerie market. HauteFlair’s sexy hosiery collection is home to a wide variety of different types of hosiery.

This includes some of the most popular types of hosiery and hosiery styles that are currently available in the lingerie industry. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular types of women’s hosiery that you can find if you browse through HauteFlair’s sexy hosiery collection.

Sheer Tights

Sheer tights are the most common type of sexy hosiery. Sheer tights are ultra-flattering for women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. They have a natural smoothing and elongating effect on your legs. Plus, they leave little to the imagination in terms of skin coverage—so they’re perfect for the bedroom.

This collection includes a broad selection of both nude and black sheer tights. Black sheer tights make more of a bold statement in the bedroom, whereas nude tights add subtle, flattering flair to your lingerie looks. The sheer tights you’ll find in this collection can be paired with virtually any lingerie look to ensure a flattering and sexy finish.

Opaque Tights

Opaque tights might not seem sexy, but non-sheer hosiery can make sexy additions to lingerie looks just like sheer tights can.

Try pairing opaque tights with a sexy bra and panty set or other lingerie looks that shows off a good amount of skin in order to offset the more modest coverage that non-sheer tights provide for your legs.

Tummy Control Tights

Some of the sexy tights styles in this collection are tummy control tights that offers smoothing and shaping coverage for your lower midsection.

Most of these tummy control tights are high-waisted and are designed with special tummy panels that help smooth and flatten your lower midsection while defining the curves of your hips and your waistline.

Some tummy control tights are also made from special firming material that offers smoothing and shaping coverage for your legs as well as for your lower midsection.

Sexy Stockings

This collection of sexy hosiery from HauteFlair includes a wide selection of other sexy stocking styles. While traditional stockings in the mid-1900s were far from sexy and were worn to cover women’s lower legs, modern stockings can indeed be sexy.

Thigh-high hosiery adds a tantalizing finish to virtually any lingerie look and stockings that extend up to your mid-thigh help elongate your legs. Try pairing the stockings in this collection with a garter belt to give any lingerie look a sexy and scandalous finishing touch.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights add a sexy fashion statement to any lingerie look. These tights offer minimal coverage for your legs and leave little to the imagination. They draw attention to your legs and help make your legs appear longer than they really are.

Try pairing fishnet tights with a simple lingerie look to allow these tights to be the focal point of your look. Or, layer a pair of fishnet tights underneath a more modest lingerie style—such as a babydoll or a chemise—to create a lingerie look that is both sexy and sweet at the same time.

Plus Size Tights

HauteFlair is a very inclusive lingerie company that strives to offer luxury lingerie styles that fit and flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.

Most of the sexy hosiery that is available in this collection comes in multiple different plus sizes that range from 1X through 3X. This collection also includes a selection of

plus size tights styles that are designed specifically for plus size women in order to flatter the real curves of real plus size women.