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Plus Size Nursing Bras

Clip Cup Nursing Bra
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Plus Size Nursing Bras

Bra shopping can be a hassle for any woman, but it is especially frustrating for plus size women. It can be very difficult for plus size women to find comfortable and stylish bras that offer the support that plus size and large-busted women require in order to wear their bras comfortably on an everyday basis.

Nursing bras are a subset of women’s bras as a whole, which means it is even more difficult to find nursing bras for plus-size women. This collection of plus-size nursing bras is designed specifically for plus-size women and women with larger busts. It includes nursing and maternity bras that are designed specifically to support full busts and are available in a wide range of sizes—the bra sizes that are available in this collection go as high as 40HH.

What is a Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras are—as their name suggests—bras that are designed to be worn by new mothers who are nursing. Nursing bras and maternity bras are virtually the same type of bra. Most nursing bras are designed for women to wear throughout their pregnancy and during their first few months of motherhood.

Most nursing bras are designed with special comfort and support features, but the main feature that sets nursing and maternity bras apart from other types of bras is their full drop cups that can be lowered by unfastening a single clip or snap near the top of the cups.

This feature makes breastfeeding much easier, more convenient and more discreet—especially in public settings—in order to help new breastfeeding mothers feel more comfortable while feeding their baby no matter where they are.

Why Wear a Nursing Bra?

The main benefit of wearing a nursing bra is that it makes breastfeeding much easier and more convenient for new mothers. The fact that the cups of nursing bras can be easily unclipped for convenient and discreet feedings is the main feature that draws pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to nursing and maternity bras. Many nursing and maternity bras are also designed with special inner nursing pads that prevent potentially embarrassing visible leakage throughout the day.

Most nursing bras also double as maternity bras that you can wear comfortably throughout your pregnancy. Because nursing bras are designed with comfort and support in mind, they are also generally crafted from soft and breathable materials that won’t irritate your skin or nipples—which is ideal for pregnant and postpartum women with sensitive breasts.

How to Determine Nursing Bra Size While Pregnant

If you want to invest in a nursing bra while you are pregnant—either to double as a maternity bra or to wear after you give birth to your baby and begin nursing—it can be challenging to figure out the right size bra to purchase. Finding a bra that fits you well can be difficult even when you’re not pregnant. However, it is especially difficult to find a well-fitting nursing or maternity bra while you are pregnant.

Women’s breasts naturally change throughout their pregnancy and in the months after they give birth. The size and shape of your breasts can change significantly during your pregnancy and first few postpartum months, which makes choosing a nursing bra in the right size a major challenge.

It is important to come to terms with the possibility that you may have to invest in multiple maternity or nursing bras throughout your pregnancy and in the first few months after you give birth. There is no way to predict exactly how your breasts will change in size and shape during this period of time, so it is possible that you will need to purchase multiple nursing bras in different sizes during and directly after your pregnancy as your body continues to change.

If you are very recently pregnant, it is a good idea to avoid purchasing a nursing or maternity bra too soon. Your breasts will almost inevitably change in size or shape throughout your pregnancy. Most women invest in nursing or maternity bras during their second or even their third trimester of pregnancy—although some women who suffer from sensitive or irritated breasts in their first trimester do need nursing bras earlier on in their pregnancy. It is also important to avoid purchasing multiple nursing or maternity bras in different sizes at the same time, because it is impossible to predict exactly how your body will change throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period.

When shopping for a nursing or maternity bra, measure your bust as you normally would for a bra fitting. Make sure you take accurate measurements in order to find the best-fitting nursing and maternity bras, but don’t worry too much about the exact bra size you purchase. Most nursing and maternity bras have cups that are designed with

some flexibility in order to accommodate fluctuations in breast shape and size while still providing plenty of comfort and support for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Plus Size Nursing Bra Styles

This HauteFlair collection includes a wide variety of nursing and maternity bra styles that are designed specifically for plus size women.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular plus size bra styles that you’ll find in this collection of nursing bras and maternity bras for plus size women.

Wireless Nursing Bras

Most of the nursing bras you’ll find in this collection have a wireless construction. This wireless design allows these nursing and maternity bras to provide maximum comfort for daily and nightly wear while still offering plenty of support for full-busted plus size women.

The wireless nursing bras you’ll find in this collection are designed with alternative comfort and support features such as wide and padded straps; multiple hook-and-eye closures; lined cups; side reinforcements for support while cups are unclipped; special pockets for nursing pads; etc.

Sexy Nursing Bras

Many women struggle with decreases in their body confidence throughout their pregnancy and after they give birth. Women’s bodies change significantly during this time period, which leaves many women feeling insecure about their changing figures.

When you think of nursing bras and maternity bras, sex appeal is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Most women think of nursing bras as convenient and practical, but nursing bras can be sexy as well.

This collection includes a wide variety of plus size nursing bra styles—including sexy nursing bras. The sexy nursing bras in this collection offer plenty of comfort and support for full-busted women during and after their pregnancy, but they are also designed with features like lace trim or bow accents that make them more stylish and can help you feel sexier in your nursing bras.