Panache Bras

Panache Andorra Short Panty 5674 $31.00 USD
Panache 1 review Andorra Tanga Panty 5679 $26.00 USD
Panache Cari Brief 7963 $31.00 USD
Panache Clara, Breve Panty 7252 $31.00 USD
Panache Clara Full Cup Bra 7255 $67.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Asher Balconnet Bra - Black $55.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Asher Balconnet Bra - Latte $55.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Asher Brazilian Brief $29.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Brief $29.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Harper Brazilian Brief $29.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Harper Thong $26.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Lyzy Non Wired Triangle Bra $55.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Lyzy Tanga Brief $29.00 USD
Panache Cleo Cleo Moulded Plunge Bra $59.00 USD
Panache Olivia balconet. $67.00 USD
Panache Braguita Alche Panache $31.00 USD
Panache Swim Panache Anya Bandeau Bikini Tops $64.00 USD
Panache Panache Anya Bandeau Top $64.00 USD
Panache Panache Anya Bikini Top $64.00 USD

Panache Bras, Swimwear & Sports Bras

Panache is a leading lingerie designer and manufacturer that has been revolutionizing the lingerie world for three decades. Their styles are now sold in fifty-three different countries across the globe. Over the past thirty years, Panache has shown continuous dedication to designing new innovative styles that stay in line with current trends and successfully meet the changing lingerie needs and preferences of modern women.

Worldwide, Panache is renowned for the commendable fit, functionality, and fashion of the pieces they create. They specialize in designing and manufacturing quality D plus Bra with the goal of creating bras that accommodates and flatters women of all shapes and sizes with many different body types. All of the pieces Panache creates are crafted with comfort and support in mind in order to ensure that their designs are not only stylish, but also functional and practical for women to wear on a daily basis. Panache’s designs are beautiful, intricate and go above and beyond the expectations of top-quality lingerie. In addition to looking gorgeous, Panache bras masterfully flatter and enhances every body size, shape, and type in order to help modern women everywhere feel as confident and sexy as possible.

Panache Collections

Every woman has different needs when it comes to quality lingerie depending on her size, style preferences, support needs, and daily activities. The most flattering, well-fitting lingerie for one woman isn’t necessarily the most practical piece for another woman. Panache recognizes the variability of modern women’s lingerie needs and aims to accommodate as many of these widespread needs as effectively as possible.

In order to achieve this goal, Panache divides their pieces into different categories, each of which includes a collection of styles designed for women with a specific set of needs and preferences. This range of categories helps women find the lingerie that is the best choice for them as quickly and easily as possible.


Panache is very versatile lingerie. Its pieces are designed primarily with support and comfort in mind. Their designs are very eclectic and feature many pieces with fun, bright patterns, colors, and details as well as more basic styles. The collection includes matching bra and panty sets available in many different styles to allow you to create a complete, customized sexy lingerie set. If you’re looking for simple, practical lingerie to wear comfortably on an everyday basis, the Panache collection is the first place you should look.

Etta Balconette Bra

The Etta Balconette Bra provides enough coverage for everyday comfort and is revealing enough to translate easily to sexy nighttime wear. It features opaque supportive cups detailed with a sheer stripe pattern along the top edge that adds interest and sexiness to the bra. The bra is made from comfortable stretch fabric in an alluring red wine shade and is available in cup sizes D through I. Matching Brazilian and high waist panty styles are also available.

Andorra Full Cup Bra

Crafted to be both extremely supportive and very stylish, the Andorra Full Cup Bra is the perfect choice for full-busted women who want to feel comfortable and look incredibly sexy at the same time. The bra features stretch lace detailing and edging that creates a smooth appearance for your bust under clothes. Its lace adornment and availability in four beautiful colors—white, black, pearl, and purple—makes the Andorra intricate and sexy, but the bra’s full sectioned cups and powermesh wings ensure maximum comfort and support. The Andorra Full Cup Bra comes in sizes D through J and is available with matching short and thong panties.

Thea Balconette Bra

The Thea Balconette Bra has a delicate, feminine finish and many supportive features that make it the perfect bra choice for fun and playful everyday wear. It includes sectioned cups lined with stretch mesh that increases comfort for women of many sizes. The bra is crafted from sheer mesh in the back for breathability and style and its cups are adorned with intricate Swiss- designed embroidery. The Thea Balconette Bra comes in sizes D through I in plain or floral- patterned black. Matching brief panties are available separately.

Panache Black

Panache Black is a special category of Panache lingerie that includes the hottest, most current styles and designs. The collection is updated as new items are designed or rise to the top of the trends chart. Its items revolve seasonally and you can look forward to discovering a brand new inventory of relevant lingerie in this collection as the seasons change. If you love to keep up with ever-changing fashion trends, you can check out the Panache Black collection to constantly stay abreast of the current sexiest, most sought-after lingerie pieces.

Porcelain Elan T-Shirt Bra

There are few things in the clothing world that are more comfortable and comforting than a quality T-shirt bra. The Porcelain Elan T-Shirt Bra is everything you’ve dreamed of in a T-shirt bra for large-busted women. It features soft, shaped cups that are lined and gently wired for support. The bra’s outer lining is crafted from a semi-sheer fabric that adds interest to the appearance of the bra and ensures the smooth, invisible fit you expect from a top-quality T-shirt bra. Its straps are convertible for added versatility and fit options; they can be easily crossed in the back to create a racerback style. The Porcelain Elan T-Shirt Bra comes in a wide range of sizes from D to I and is available in classic, practical nude and black.

Panache Sport

Almost every woman with a bust above a D cup can attest to the fact that it is a daunting challenge to find quality sports bras that provide effective, comfortable support to large-busted women during vigorous physical activity like going for a run or tackling a high-intensity cardio routine at the gym. The Panache Sport category is an award-winning collection of sports bras that are designed specifically for women who wear a D cup size or higher. The bras in this collection prioritize support and comfort to help you rock your workouts without distractions of discomfort, but they also have stylish designs that revolutionize the bulky, unattractive appearance of many other sports bras for women with larger busts.

Panache Non-Wired Sports Bra

Wires tend to become uncomfortable when you engage in intense exercise, so Panache Sport’s Sports Non-Wired Bra is crafted to offer unbeatable comfort and support with absolutely no wires involved. Its molded inner cups stabilize your breasts to keep them in place through any vigorous workout and its cushioned shoulder straps add further support and security. The bra’s material is breathable to keep you cool and dry while you exercise. This functional navy galaxy- patterned sports bra is available in cup sizes B through H.

Panache Sculptress

Panache Sculptress is a collection of Panache lingerie that is specifically designed to enhance and accentuate the curves of women with naturally full figures. It can be extremely difficult for plus size women to find high-quality lingerie pieces that are simultaneously supportive, comfortable, and sexy. Many women find themselves having to consistently compromise on at least one of these important factors when they buy lingerie. The Panache Sculptress collection aims to ensure that no plus size woman has to sacrifice anything when it comes to getting flattering, well-fitting lingerie she loves. The design and construction of every piece in this versatile category prioritize maximum support and comfort with a sexy finish that naturally flatters the figures of real plus size women.

Panache Chi Chi Balconette Bra

Say goodbye to dull and drab plus size lingerie and say hello to the Chi Chi Balconette Bra. This bra includes all of the necessary support features of a bra designed for full-figured, large-busted women. Its cups have four sections with laminated bottom cups and its sides are equipped with a seamed, shaped double layer power cotton wing; these features help keep you feeling secure, comfortable, and supported all day long. The stylish bra is lined with sexy lace detailing and is available in three beautiful colors and patterns: sultry black, classic nude, and elegant navy floral. Its available cup sizes range from D to I and flattering matching high waist brief panties are available for all three of the bra’s patterns.

Panache Cleo Bra

The unfortunate reality of the mainstream lingerie world is that bras and other pieces that fit larger-busted women are often designed with middle-aged or older women in mind. It can be difficult to find lingerie with a youthful appearance in sizes above a C or D cup. This means that many full-busted young women are forced to pass by more playful, vibrant styles for drab pieces in order to get the support they need. Panache’s Cleo category makes sure that young women of every bust size have options for sexy lingerie with a youthful finish. The pieces in this collection maintain the extreme support and comfort all other Panache bras provide, but Cleo presents this support in bright, bold, fashion-forward styles.

Panache Piper Balconette Bra

The Piper Balconette Bra has a playful longline styIe that mimics the design of similar bralette styles that generally don’t provide enough support for larger busts. It features many flirty details that contribute to its youthful feel, including eyelash lace edging, a center bow adornment, and bright pink color. The bra includes multiple support features too, such as its six hook-and-eye

closures and sectioned lined cups. This feminine balconette bra comes in cups sizes D through J and is available with matching Brazilian panties.

Panache Hettie Balconette Bra

Designed to prioritize fit and fashion, the Hettie Balconette Bra is a quality option for women who want cute lingerie that will also comfortably support them throughout the day. This bra has many features included for both style and support. Its balconette cups include three sections and stretch lace that ensures a smooth, comfortable, lifted fit. The style of the bra is a fun, whimsical blend of sporty and feminine; it creates a casual, carefree finish the increases the versatility of the bra and makes it an appropriate choice for wear as an everyday bra or a sexy lingerie piece. The Hettie Balconette Bra includes alluring sheer mesh detailing and flirty scalloped lace edging along the top of the cups. It is available in classic black or bright purple in sizes D through J and is available with the option of matching brief panties.

Panache Swimwear

Shopping for swimwear is an activity that many women of all sizes dread as the warmer seasons approach. However, swimwear shopping can be especially dread-inducing for large- busted women. It can seem virtually impossible to find attractive swimwear that actually provides enough support to comfortably support fuller busts. In order to get the support they need, women with large breasts are often forced to settle for unattractive swimsuits that don’t make them feel confident. The goal of the Panache Swim category is to rectify this problem by offering a wide selection of stylish swimwear styles—including one piece, tankinis, bandeaus, bikini sets, and more—that match the unrivaled comfort and support of Panache’s lingerie. When you know that you’re guaranteed sufficient support and weightless comfort in a stylish swimsuit, shopping for swimwear stops being a dreaded chore. You might even find that you start enjoying the process.

Panache Anya Balconette Bikini

The Anya Balconette Bikini perfectly exemplifies the quality of the Panache Swim collection. The bikini top is crafted from stretchy LYCRA fabric that ensures a comfortable, snug fit. It features sectioned cups and power mesh-lined wings that guarantee all-around support and comfort. This top features gathered detailing on the cups and gunmetal tab adornments on the straps to set this sleek piece apart from other simple black bras and bathing suit tops. It is available in sizes D through I.

Panache Swim’s Anya swimwear line includes many of the collection’s most popular pieces. Along with the Anya Balconette Bikini, the Anya line includes a one-piece, tankini, bandeau top, and three styles of swimsuit bottoms. All of these pieces match the quality and trendiness of the Balconette Bikini.