Parfait Bras & Lingerie

Parfait Dalis Bralette $45.00 USD
Parfait Dalis Bralette $45.00 USD
Parfait Casey Boyshort $20.00 USD
Parfait Casey Brief $20.00 USD
Parfait Casey Plunge Molded Bra $46.00 USD
Parfait Leila que cuida sujetador $49.00 USD
Parfait Aline Bikini $19.00 USD
Parfait Adriana Bikini $18.00 USD
Parfait Adriana Lace Bralette $48.00 USD

Parfait Bras

This collection is dedicated to bras for women from the renowned lingerie brand Parfait.

All of the bra styles you’ll find in this collection are hand-picked from Parfait’s exclusive annual lingerie collections for their quality, durability, and on-trend style.

About Parfait Lingerie

Founded in 2010, Parfait is a renowned wholesale lingerie brand that specializes in producing stylish, high-quality bras for women. In addition to their bras, Parfait also designs high-quality panties and multi-piece lingerie sets for women.

Parfait bras are beloved by women everywhere—including celebrities such as Sofia Vergara and Nicki Minaj—for their versatility, high quality, and flattering fit. All Parfait bras are designed to flatter the real bodies of real women. Parfait designs their bras with comfort, fit, and innovative styling in mind. They prioritize both fashion and functionality in their bras in order to produce secure, supportive bras that offer plenty of comforts and are also stylish, sexy, and in line with current trends in the world of women’s fashion.

Each year, Parfait releases their annual lingerie collection. Each exclusive annual Parfait lingerie collection is designed with the current trendiest color palette and styles in mind. Parfait uses only premium, top-quality materials to produce their lingerie, so every Parfait piece has a unique and luxurious look and feel but is available at an affordable price point.

Every piece in each Parfait lingerie collection is designed with care to ensure that only the highest-quality, most stylish, comfortable, and flattering lingerie items make the cut for inclusion. All of the pieces that are featured in Parfait’s yearly collection are designed to fit and flatter women of a wide variety of body types, shapes, and sizes.

Parfait is also one of the most size-inclusive lingerie brands on the market. They are dedicated to offering high-quality bra and lingerie options to women of all shapes and sizes. In order to fit and flatter as many women’s figures as possible, Parfait offers their bras and lingerie in a much wider range of sizes than is standard. Parfait lingerie styles are available in sizes XS up to plus size 4XL, and their bras are available in cup and band sizes 30A up to 44K.

Parfait Bra Styles

Parfait carries a wide range of different bra styles that are designed to fit and flatter both small and large busts. From sexy lingerie, bras to secure and supportive sports bras to strapless bras that won’t slide down no matter how long you wear them, this collection of Parfait bras has everything you’re missing in your bra collection.

This collection of Parfait bras can be your one-stop-shop for all of your bra wants and needs, whether you’re in the market for a flattering minimizer bra for everyday wear or a sexy bra to show off your curvy figure in the bedroom.

All of the bras you’ll find in this collection are designed with both style and support in mind in order to provide a trendy, secure, supportive fit for women of all shapes and sizes. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular types of bras you’ll find in this Parfait bra collection.

Full Cup Bras

Finding bras that are both stylish and supportive enough for full-busted women can be quite a challenge. Luckily, Parfait specializes in on-trend full cup bras for full-busted women. Their bras are available in cup sizes up to 44K, and they offer a special collection of full cup bras that are designed specifically to fit and flatter full-busted, curvy, and plus size women.

Parfait’s full cup bras are designed with support, security, and comfort in mind. They are made with a variety of added features for maximum support and security and are available in larger bra cup and band sizes that range from 30D to 44K. Like all of Parfait’s bras, these full cup bras are ultra-stylish and in line with the most up-to-date trends in the world of women’s fashion.

Everyday Bras

Having a selection of everyday bras that are comfortable and supportive enough for everyday wear is very important. Parfait’s selection of everyday bras are versatile, comfortable, secure, and supportive for women of all bust sizes. Parfait produces a wide variety of bras that are designed for everyday wear.

Their selection of T-shirt bras are designed to gently your bust to create a smooth, streamlined, rounded finish underneath any top. Their minimizer bras reduce the appearance of full busts to balance out your look and prevent your bust from stealing the spotlight of every outfit you wear. Their plunge bras can be worn discreetly underneath low-cut tops and dresses. Keep reading to learn more about Parfait’s secure and supportive strapless bras for everyday wear.

Strapless Bras

Parfait offers a wide selection of strapless bras and bras with convertible straps that can be configured in many different ways.

These ultra-versatile strapless bras are designed with special anti-slip inner silicone lining that prevents them from slipping and sliding down your frame—even when you wear them all day long.

Sports Bras

Parfait designs sports bras on the same principles under which they design all of their bras: comfort, support, style, and a flattering fit.

All Parfait sports bras are designed to fit and flatter both small- and large-busted women. Their fashion-forward designs and special supportive features make these sports bras some of the best on the market in terms of quality, comfort, support, and on-trend style.

Nursing Bras

Parfait bras are designed to support you through every stage of your life—including pregnancy and new motherhood.

Parfait’s nursing bras are designed to support you with soft comfort and on-trend style. Their unique construction makes breastfeeding more convenient and comfortable for both you and your baby, and their fashion-forward style boosts your body confidence—even right after you’ve given birth.