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Va Bien Bodysuits 32 / C / Nude Va Bien Backless Strapless Thong Bodysuit ShapewearVa Bien Bodysuits Va Bien Backless Strapless Thong Bodysuit Shapewear
Body sin tirantes sin tirantes de tanga Precio de oferta$95.00 USD

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Fine Lines Bodysuits 32 / A / Black Refined Convertible Low Back Backless Thong BodysuitFine Lines Bodysuits Refined Convertible Low Back Backless Thong Bodysuit

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Leonisa Shapewear S / Nude Slimming Body Shaper Short With Booty LifterLeonisa Shapewear Slimming Body Shaper Short With Booty Lifter
Leonisa Shapewear S / Nude Power Slimmed Mid-Thigh Full Body ShaperLeonisa Shapewear Power Slimmed Mid-Thigh Full Body Shaper
Power Slimmed Mid-Thigh Full Body Shaper Precio de oferta$90.00 USD

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Shapewear Bodysuits

This collection is dedicated to shapewear bodysuits for women. These shapewear bodysuits are comfortable, practical, effective, and discreet. They remain invisible under virtually any outfit.

Whether you are new to shapewear or a seasoned shapewear wearer, browse through this collection to discover your new favorite shapewear bodysuit styles and learn how they can enhance your figure without hiding your sexy curves.

What is Shapewear?

Almost everyone is somewhat familiar with shapewear, even if they don’t wear it themselves. With that being said, however, fewer people actually know exactly what shapewear is and what the term ‘shapewear’ really means. To put it simply, the term ‘shapewear’ generally refers to any undergarment or piece of clothing that is designed to smooth and sculpt your figure to create a slimmer silhouette.

Different shapewear styles offer different levels of compression. Low compression shapewear styles are usually crafted from special firming or double-layer material that gently smoothes and sculpts your figure, whereas high compression shapewear styles are designed with special features like internal boning for more intense sculpting.

Shapewear styles also vary in the amount of coverage they provide and which areas of your body they target. Some shapewear styles—such as shaping thong panties—just focus in on one concentrated area of your body—like your midsection or backside—jand target your figure there to provide concentrated smoothing and sculpting. Other shapewear styles—like full-body shapewear styles—offer more coverage and provide all-over shaping and sculpting to slim and streamline your figure as a whole.

Does Shapewear Really Work?

There are many widespread misconceptions about whether or not shapewear really works to effectively slim and sculpt your figure. The answer to the question of whether or not shapewear really works is a simple “Yes”. High-quality shapewear styles should accomplish what they claim to do for your figure. However, many women have somewhat unrealistic expectations for shapewear. For example, wearing low compression shapewear panties will not firm up your backside for good. The slimming

and sculpting effects of shapewear are only temporary and will not change the shape of your figure permanently. Wearing shapewear is not an effective weight-loss or fat-burning technique. However, shapewear is great for smoothing and sculpting your figure to enhance your curves underneath virtually any outfit. The women’s shapewear market is so diverse and includes such an expansive selection of styles that you’re almost guaranteed to find a shapewear style that will remain discreet and invisible under any outfit.

Whether or not shapewear works for you depends on which shapewear style, compression level, and size you choose to wear. It is important to only wear shapewear that fits your figure. Wearing shapewear that is too big will be ineffective and wearing shapewear that is too small will only create additional lumps and texture under your clothing instead of smoothing them out.

If you are just starting out wearing shapewear, start with high compression shapewear styles that offer a small amount of targeted coverage in order to acclimate yourself to wearing shapewear and move up to higher compression levels if needed.

Who Can Benefit from Shapewear Bodysuits?

Shapewear bodysuits are one of the most versatile shapewear styles. They flatter a wide range of figures and body types, shapes and sizes.

These shaping bodysuits in this collection offer varying amounts of coverage. Some of these bodysuit shapers specifically target your midsection to sculpt and slim your waistline, tummy, and hips. Other shapewear bodysuits you’ll find in this collection offer more coverage and compression for your upper thighs and backside as well as your midsection.

Whether you’re in the market for low compression, low coverage shapewear or high compression, high coverage shapewear, there are shapewear bodysuit styles in this collection for every preference.

Shapewear Bodysuit Styles

There are more shapewear bodysuit styles on the market than you might expect. While shapewear bodysuits are a type of shapewear in and of themselves, there are many styles that are included underneath the umbrella of shapewear bodysuits.

Keep scrolling to learn more about these styles and browse through top picks in the expansive inventory of this shapewear bodysuit collection.

Backless Shapewear Bodysuits

If you are in the market for a shapewear style that you can discreetly pair with a low back or backless top or dress, look no further than the backless shapewear bodysuits you’ll find in this collection.

These backless shapewear bodysuits are extremely low-cut in the back. They still manage to effectively sculpt and slim your midsection and are designed to be worn invisibly under tops and dresses that are low-cut in the back or even those that are completely backless.

Underbust Shapewear Bodysuits

The underbust shapewear bodysuits in this collection only extend up to the top of your ribcage. They are designed to sculpt your lower and upper midsection without disrupting your bust.

You can pair any bra of your choice with the underbust shapewear bodysuits in this collection. These shaping bodysuits also pair well with low-cut tops and dresses, under which they can remain invisible due to their discreet underbust design.

Thigh Compression Shapewear Bodysuits

Many of the one-piece shapewear bodysuits in this collection include shaper shorts that offer coverage for your backside and thighs. These shapewear bodysuits target your lower body as well as your midsection. They smooth your backside and sculpt and slim your upper thighs to ensure an all-over streamlined finish for your figure.

The thigh compression shapewear bodysuits you’ll find in this collection are designed to be worn underneath less revealing outfits that cover your entire backside and upper to mid-thigh. Under more revealing outfits, these thigh compression shapewear bodysuits might be visible, so be careful with which outfits you pair with these half-body shapers.

Shapewear Bodysuits with Booty Lifters

Some of the shapewear bodysuits you’ll find in this collection that offers shaping coverage for your backside feature special booty lifters. These booty lifters are designed to gently lift your backside with natural-looking results.

f you’re worried about bodysuit shapewear that includes shaper shorts flattening your backside, browse through the shapewear bodysuits to discover shapewear bodysuit styles that will automatically reverse any flattening and lift and flatter your backside instead.