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Summer Dresses 

One of the best parts of summer is getting to wear stylish summer dresses once the weather finally warms up and the sun comes out to stay for a while. Summer dresses are undeniably awesome all around. They’re timelessly trendy, universally flattering for women of all shapes and sizes, and they’re super comfy. Plus, that’s not to mention that they’re also ultra-versatile. As long as you choose the right style, you can rock a cute summer dress anywhere from the beach to a club to a summer wedding.

Every woman needs a selection of summer dresses in her at-home wardrobe. Summer dresses are the perfect combo of trendy and comfortable and can make anyone look super cute and put-together with very little effort. Each year, without fail, boutiques and department stores flood with the newest trendiest summer dresses for women. As with all trends in women’s fashion, the most popular summer dress styles shift every year. This collection includes a diverse selection of the trendiest summer dresses for 2019, all of which are made from the highest-quality materials and are sourced from top designers in the world of women’s fashion. Browse through the diverse styles in this collection to find your new favorite summer dress (or three) that will effortlessly meet your needs and style preferences for any occasion.

Short Summer Dresses

Short sundresses are probably the first thing to come to mind when you think of summer dresses. As such, this collection includes a broad selection of short summer dresses. The short cut of classic summer dresses keeps you cool in hot weather and gives your look a lighthearted, carefree style that’s perfect for summer fun.

This collection also includes several short romper sundresses. These trendy rompers are stylish, sporty and ultra-functional alternatives to the selection of classic short summer dresses you’ll find in this collection.

Long Summer Dresses

In addition to short summer dresses and rompers, this collection includes a selection of longer summer dresses as well. These longer summer dresses, which range from mid- to floor-length, offer a semi-relaxed fit that flatters your curves while maintaining the beloved flowy fit characteristic of classic summer dresses.

The long summer dress styles in this collection are ultra-versatile and can be worn as everything from poolside cover-ups to summer wedding attire—depending on how you style them.

Summer Dresses with Sleeves

When you think of a summer dress, you probably think of styles that are sleeveless with thin straps or a playful halter neck. Many summer dresses are even altogether strapless to show off your sexy sun-bronzed shoulders and help you avoid pesky tan lines after a day spent in the sun. While the majority of summer dresses are sleeveless, many stylish summer dresses for 2019 feature sleeves.

Sleeves help add modesty and unique style to a classic summer dress. Summer dresses with sleeves are more appropriate than their sleeveless counterparts for a summer wedding, bridal shower, date night, or any other dressier occasion where slightly more coverage is more appropriate.

The sleeved summer dresses you’ll find in this collection are super stylish and in line with the current trends in the world of women’s fashion. Many of the summer dresses with sleeves you’ll find here feature an off-the-shoulder neckline with flattering flowy mid- or full-length sleeves.

Summer Party Dresses

The summer dresses in this collection are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles. You can find sexy backless summer dresses, casual summer dresses, flowy summer dresses, semi-formal summer dresses, summer dresses with plunging necklines, summer dresses with halter necks, colorful summer dresses, solid-color summer dresses, etc. etc.

Whether you’re heading to a beachside BBQ or a bridal shower, you can find a summer dress in this collection that can flawlessly meet your needs for summer party attire.

Summer Dresses for Weddings

If a wedding is on your social calendar this summer, you can find the perfect dress to wear to it within this summer dress collection. Obviously, not every summer dress is appropriate as wedding attire. For example, you should probably steer clear of strapless tube top-inspired summer dress styles or ultra-thin and flowy styles that double as beach cover-ups if you’re heading to a wedding—even if it’s a beach wedding. However, there are plenty of summer dress styles that are perfectly appropriate for a semi-casual summer wedding. Many of the long summer dresses and summer dresses with sleeves in this collection offer just the right levels of style and modesty for a wedding.

How you style a summer dress can also make a big difference in how appropriate that dress is for a more formal occasion like a wedding. There are many ways to dress up a summer dress to make it appear more sophisticated. Cinch a super flowy summer dress

around the waist with a wide belt to give it a more elegant, fitted finish. Pair a long summer dress with heels or wedge sandals to instantly dress up your look.

Summer Dresses for the Beach

If you’re heading on a beach vacation this summer, this collection of summer dresses has got you covered. This collection includes a wide selection of flowy summer dresses that are perfect for those sweet summer beach days you wish could last forever. The best summer dresses for the beach are the ultra-versatile dresses that you can flaunt as a bikini cover-up and show off at dinner.

Many of the flowy, long summer dresses in this collection are made to be your ultimate sidekick for your upcoming beach day or tropical vacay. These dresses offer a flattering yet relaxed fit. They are loose enough to easily pull on and off over your swimwear, but flattering enough to show off your bronzed skin and sexy curves at a nice beachside restaurant. Many of the long summer dresses in this collection also feature side slits, which makes it easier to move around freely in these dresses whether you’re strolling the boardwalk or splashing in the shallow waves at the shoreline.

Plus Size Summer Dresses

One of the best things about summer dresses is how universally flattering they are. A stylish summer dress can fit and flatter the figures of women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.

In order to accommodate the summer style needs of women of all shapes and sizes, this inclusive collection includes a variety of trendy summer dresses that are available in plus sizes. These summer dresses are specifically designed to fit and flatter real plus size women and are available in plus sizes 1X through 3X.