A Guide to Corsets and Corset Lingerie

Corset Lingerie Shopping Guide

Corsets originated as undergarments for women in the sixteenth century, more than five hundred years ago. The first corsets were designed for women to wear underneath their dresses to “perfect” their natural figure by making their midsection appear more slender and forcing their waist into an unnaturally narrow shape. The first corset styles were brutally uncomfortable to wear, but their body-shaping benefits helped them retain a place in women’s fashion that has lasted into the twenty-first century. READ MORE


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Overbust Corset


Overbust Corset - Corset Tops - Corset Lingerie

Overbust Corset - Corset Lingerie


Underbust Corset - Underbust Corset Top

Underbust Corset - Underbust Corset Top