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Crop Tops

Sexy Crop Tops 

The recent rise of high-waisted bottoms to the top of the trend charts in the world of women’s fashion has brought about the unburying of another trend from decades past— the crop top, every woman’s favorite midriff-baring shirt style.

The crop top has a longer history than you might realize. In fact, the modern crop top for women as you know it today originated in the 1930s and 1940s. At this time, crop tops were primarily paired with matching high-waisted bottoms as part of a two-piece set and didn’t actually expose much of a woman’s midriff.

The modern crop top steadily gained ground as a major trend in women’s fashion and became more widespread in the 1960s and 1970s, finally rising to the top of the trend charts when high-waisted jeans and aerobic attire became all the rage in the 1980s. After the 1980s and early 1990s, crop tops fell from the height of women’s fashion. However, like many other nostalgic fashion trends from the 20th century—including high-waisted bottoms—crop tops have undergone a major revival throughout the 2010s.

Crop tops are now ultra-popular again and their influence has expanded throughout all arenas of women’s fashion. Midriff-baring tops are popular as casual, trendy everyday wear. Modern women pair them with both low- and high-rise jeans, cutoff shorts, skirts, etc. The body positivity movement that has popularized throughout the 2010s has also opened the door for women of all shapes and sizes to comfortably and confidently rock crop tops as part of their everyday outfits.

The revival of the crop top trend in women’s fashion has also brought about the rise in popularity of crop top lingerie. Crop top lingerie styles are similar to bustiers, longline bras, and camisoles. A crop top lingerie style usually takes the place of a bra in a lingerie look and are thus designed with a built-in bra—either a shelf bra or a bra with real cups, depending on the amount of support the top is meant to provide—with some amount of material below the built-in bra. Crop top lingerie is universally flattering. It is very sexy but isn’t too revealing. Most crop top lingerie styles offer enough coverage to keep you in your comfort zone while still showing off enough bare skin to qualify as sexy lingerie. These lingerie tops show off your lower midsection to highlight and enhance your curves for an ultra-sexy and flattering fit. You can pair crop top lingerie styles with basic panties or a garter set, depending on the type of lingerie look you want to create.

This collection includes a wide selection of sexy crop top styles. All of these sexy crop tops for women are sourced from top designers on the women’s fashion and lingerie markets and are designed and produced with durability, quality, and current top trends in mind.

Crop Top Lingerie

The majority of the crop top styles you’ll find in this collection are crop top lingerie styles. These crop tops are ultra-sexy and are designed to be worn in the bedroom as part of a sexy lingerie look. Crop top lingerie styles are very flattering.

Many of the crop top lingerie styles you’ll find here in this collection also double as sexy bralettes that you can wear underneath a semi-sheer, off-the-shoulder, or otherwise revealing top. Although they are designed to be worn as lingerie, most of the crop tops in this collection feature opaque material over the bust and are appropriate for everyday wear for women with an eye for more adventurous and risqué fashion trends.

Crop Top Lingerie Sets

In addition to individual crop top lingerie styles, this sexy crop top collection also includes a selection of crop top lingerie sets.

These two-piece lingerie sets include a sexy crop top and a pair of matching or coordinating panties to create a complete lingerie look that requires no effort or creativity to put together.

Lace Crop Tops

Lace adds a sexy, flirty, and feminine finish to any style. Most of the sexy crop tops in this collection are made from all-over stretch lace or feature lace detailing including lace trim, lace panels, etc.

The semi-sheer lace from which most of the crop tops in this collection are crafted shows off just enough bare skin for a sexy finish that still leave a little something to the imagination.

High Neck Crop Tops

High necklines might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of lingerie and other sexy styles, but this collection proves that idea wrong with its high neck crop tops.

These high neck crop top lingerie styles put a unique twist on the sexy crop top styles that are available in this collection. They are designed with semi-sheer stretch lace that shows off some bare skin underneath and includes double-layer opaque material around the bust to provide coverage and support.

Plus Size Crop Tops

Contrary to what you may have heard, crop tops have no size limit. You don’t have to have a certain body type, shape, or size to rock a sexy crop top. Curvy, plus size and full-busted women can show off their figures in sexy crop tops and crop top lingerie styles just as well as more petite and smaller-busted women.

The sexy crop tops and crop top lingerie styles in this collection are designed to fit and flatter women of all shapes and sizes. As such, many of the crop tops you’ll find here are available in a range of plus sizes as well as standard sizes. Many of these crop tops are also equipped with special support features—including wide and adjustable straps, hook-and-eye closures, molded bra-size cups, and more—in order to provide the support and security curvier and larger-busted women need in order to feel comfortable in their lingerie.