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Micro Bikini, Tiny Bikini, Microkini, & Sexy Micro G String bikinis, Plus Size

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Sexy Micro Bikini, Microkini, G-String Bikini, Micro Thong Bikini, Tiny Bikini Swimwear & Plus Size Micro Bikini

There are countless different bathing suit styles available for women. From one-piece swimwear to tankinis to mix and match bikini pieces, you have an overwhelming amount of options when summer approaches and it comes time to go bathing suit shopping. Different women naturally choose different bathing suit types depending on their style preferences, how and where they plan to use their bathing suit, and how much of their body they want to put on display. Micro bikinis are an extreme bikini-style designed for women who want to show off as much of their skin as possible.

What is a Micro Bikini?

Micro bikinis, microkinis, and Tiny Bikinis are extremely scandalous and skimpy bikini styles. They are usually designed to cover the absolute minimum amount of skin that allows the wearer to avoid illegal indecency. Most micro bikinis for females look like triangle string bikinis but with no fabric on the backside and much tinier triangles on top. Micro bikinis do not contain any cups, lining, padding, wiring, or anything more than thin single-layer fabric attached by strings.

These very revealing bathing suits gained popularity in the early 1990s and the term ‘microkini’ was coined in 1995 to differentiate the style from a standard bikini or any of its variants. Some swimwear brands and designers include microkinis in their collections, but these bathing suits are fairly uncommon because they are considered to be such an extreme style. The intensity of micro bikinis doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a try. Microkinis are a bold and daring styles that can be extremely sexy and confidence-boosting if you wear the right one in the right way.

Micro Bikinis Versus String Bikinis

A common misconception among many women shopping for bathing suits is that micro bikinis and string bikinis are the same things. The reality is that Micro Bikinis are almost always String Bikinis, but string bikinis are not always micro bikinis. In the interest of ensuring that they show off as much skin as possible, most micro bikinis are connected by thin strings that secure it around your body. This string design leaves your genitals and nipples covered but cuts out any excess material that might distract from the rest of your body that is left uncovered.

String bikinis refer to any two-piece bikini style with pieces that are connected by a string, usually one that ties on the side or in the back. These bathing suits provide widely varying amounts of

coverage depending on the specific piece. Some string bikinis have full backside coverage and a generous sized-top. Others are much more revealing with thong cuts and minimal material on top; some of these skimpy string bikini styles are the ones that fall within the realm of micro bikinis. String bikinis are trendy, simple bikinis that tend to be flattering and well- fitting since you are able to adjust their size by tightening or loosening their tied strings. They usually offer little to no support for your bust since they are constructed with strings instead of elastic bands, padded cups, or wiring.

The line between micro bikinis and other bathing suit styles like thong or cheeky bikinis is blurry. While cheeky and thong bikinis are very revealing styles, they’re usually not considered microkinis just because they offer minimal backside coverage. The term micro bikini is usually only used to describe bikinis that provide as little coverage as possible both on top and on bottom.

It might seem like splitting hairs between what counts as a micro bikini and what doesn’t is unnecessary, but it’s important to have a very clear idea of what a microkini is if you want to buy one for yourself. If you’re shopping for a micro bikini, especially online where you can’t see items in person before you buy them, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for and be sure that such an extreme style is really what you want. You don’t want to buy a micro bikini expecting a cheeky bathing suit and end up with a bikini top that only covers half your breasts. On the other hand, a thorough understanding of micro bikinis also helps you avoid buying a full- coverage string bikini when what you really wanted was a true skimpy micro bikini.

How and Where to Wear Your Micro Bikini

  • Think Realistically When Buying Microbikini

Because of their extremely skimpy style, there are certain places and activities for which micro bikinis are appropriate and others where they are not. Always think realistically when deciding how and where to wear your micro bikini. A good rule of thumb is to only wear your microkini where you know it will be considered socially acceptable and only when you know you won’t be required to move very much.

Avoid donning your micro bikini at public pools or private beaches. While microkinis are certainly not illegal, certain regulated establishments might have rules against such scandalous swimwear styles. Feeling out of place or judged in your microkini won’t help your confidence. Be aware of the possible swimwear restrictions for wherever you’re going so you can choose a more modest style to wear if needed. Of course, if you’re going swimming in your own backyard or heading off to spend the day at a public, unregulated beach, such considerations are unnecessary.

Although they’re very sexy and flattering, micro bikinis provide virtually no support or security for your body or bust. This lack of support can be frustrating for women who want to do more than lay down in their bathing suits. If your activities for the day are going to include anything more than laying down, sitting, or light strolling, it’s a good idea to go with a bathing suit that offers slightly more support. Microkinis are great bathing suits to wear while tanning. They cover enough of your skin to allow you to lay out in most public places, but they help you avoid any unsightly tan lines.

  • Be Prepared when you wear Micro Bikini

It’s a good idea to bring some type of cover-up accessory with you when you go out wearing a micro bikini. Wearing a micro bikini shows admirable body confidence that should be celebrated, but you don’t want to be stuck in public in just a microkini without any options for more coverage if you want or need it.

Micro bikinis are designed to cover just enough of your skin to be considered technically decent. However, when you wear a micro bikini in public, you should always bring along a cover-up in case wherever you have any special swimwear restrictions. Plus, even if you feel confident in your microkini, taking along a cover-up protects you if your confidence begins to fade. Having a cover-up with you when you wear a microkini will help you feel more comfortable and confident because you’ll know that you have the choice of more coverage even if you never use it.

  • Remember Confidence is Key when wearing Micro Bikinis

Since microkinis are most frequently seen on models posing in magazine spreads, it can be difficult to imagine yourself wearing one if you don’t have a professionally airbrushed body. Confidence is the key to pulling off a micro bikini, however. Remember that micro bikinis are not designed only for models. This bathing suit style is meant to flatter any body type, shape, or size, as long as you feel comfortable and confident while you wear it.

Finding a Well-Fitting Micro Bikini

  • Don’t Expect Support from Micro Bikini

Most micro bikinis do not provide any support for your bust. They are designed to be worn by women of all body types, but women with larger breasts might find that the tops of microkinis don’t offer the support they need to feel comfortable. If you have a large bust, you might want to consider shopping just for micro bottoms and choosing a more supportive top style. Or, only wear your micro bikini

when you know that you can remain inactive without doing anything that requires a significant amount of support.

  • Avoid Sizing Up on Micro Bikini or Microkini Styles

A common mistake many women make when shopping for micro bikinis online is buying a size that is larger than the one that actually fits them. This mistake generally stems from women’s feelings of doubt about the skimpiness of micro bikinis and their desire to increase the coverage the bathing suit provides. While this reasoning is understandable, it is fundamentally flawed. If you buy a micro bikini that is too big for you, it won’t necessarily cover more of your body. In fact, ill-fitting microkinis tend to reveal even more skin than a style that fits correctly. Micro bikinis that are too large for your body will be unflattering, loose, and gappy, leaving you feeling even more exposed. This bathing suit style is designed to fit like a second skin in order to remain secure without slipping while you wear it, so it’s important to find a microkini that really fits you.

  • Micro Bikini Styles G-String Bikini Sets

G-string Bikini sets are trendy, revealing two-piece bathing suits featuring micro bikini bottoms and skimpy triangle tops that show off the as much bare skin as possible. Get creative and express your style with the stylish variety of G-string sets available in this collection.Make your curves stand out in a strappy G-string set—available in black or rainbow colors—that emphasizes your hips and waist and exposes the bottom half of your bust. Look sweet and feminine in a strappy pink polka-dotted set that enhances your cleavage and your rear. Show off even more skin in an ultra-scandalous sheer G-string set that includes seeing through mesh pieces outlined with enticing leopard-print trim.

Monokinis or Microkini

When you think of one-piece bathing suits, full-coverage swimwear is probably the first thing that comes to mind. While monokinis technically fit under the umbrella of one-pieces, they are extremely skimpy and usually consist of micro bikini bottoms and a revealing string top connected by a string, strap, or thin strip of material.

The monokinis in this collection are sexy, stylish, and surprisingly comfortable. They cling to your figure and stay in place all day long whether you’re swimming, tanning, or strolling in the sand.

  • Micro Bikini Bottoms

Two-piece sets and one-piece bathing suits aren’t your only options for exploring the world of micro bikinis. This collection also includes a selection of individual micro bikini bottoms.

These simple string micro bikini bottoms are easy to pair with almost any swim top. Depending on your style preferences and comfort level, you can wear the micro mini bikini bottoms in this collection with anything from a skimpy triangle top to a full-coverage tankini style. Your look is completely up to you.

  • Triangle Swim Tops

If you want to mix and match tops and bottoms, this collection includes individual swim tops that pair well with any of the micro bikini bottoms offered here.

These triangle swim tops are sexy and provide minimal coverage that complements the skimpy look of micro bikini bottoms.