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Modest Swimwear & Swimsuits

Modest Swimwear | Modest bathing Suits & Swimsuits

Modern women’s swimwear trends seem to focus on swimwear styles that leave very little to the imagination. Ultra-skimpy thong bikini bottoms and tiny triangle tops are the norms in the world of women’s swimwear. However, modest swimwear has made quite a comeback in recent years. In the early 2000s, low-rise was the wave all around in women’s fashion—everything from jeans to bikini bottoms hung ultra-low on the hips. The 2010s decade has brought a shift from low-rise to high-waisted styles for women in everything from jeans to swimwear, which has put many more modest swimwear styles —including high-waisted bikini bottoms, tankini swimwear sets, and one-piece swimwear—back on the map.

Sexy swimwear doesn’t have to show off too much bare skin. There are many negative misconceptions surrounding modest swimwear, most of which revolve around the widespread yet unfounded idea that swimwear that doesn’t leave your bust and backside completely uncovered can’t be stylish or sexy. In reality, there is nothing inherentlyun-sexy about modest swimwear. Swimwear that is modest doesn’t have to look frumpy, old-fashioned, or outdated. In fact, swimwear styles that leave a little something to the imagination can actually be very sexy.

Different women have different style preferences and comfort levels when it comes to swimwear. Some women prefer the most scandalous, skimpiest suits they can find, while other women have more narrow comfort zones and more modest swimwear style preferences. If you’re among the women in the latter group, that doesn’t mean you have to choose between modest swimwear and trendy swimwear. Cute modest swimsuits do exist. You just have to know where to look for them, and the best place to start is within this collection of modest swimwear for women.

On the modern women’s swimwear market that seems to be flooded with ultra-skimpy swimwear styles, finding modest swimwear that is in line with current trendsandfits and flatters your figure can be very challenging. This collection offers a refreshing selection of the trendiest modest swimwear styles on the market. It features a broad inventory of full-coverage swimsuits, including both modest one-piece swimsuits and modest two-piece bathing suits. If you’re in the market for modest swimwear for women, browse through this collection to discover a wide range of options for modest women’s swimwear that is simultaneously comfortable, full-coverage, and trendy.

Modest One Piece Swimwear

Once upon a time when conservative bathing suits were the only socially acceptable option for women, ultra-modest one piece swimwear styles were virtually the only swimwear styles available on the women’s swimwear market. Throughout the latter decades of the 20th century, however, one-piece swimwear started to fall out of fashion as the modern bikini surfaced in the world of women’s swimwear and began to take over.

In recent seasons, however, there has been a significant increase in the popularity and trendiness of one piece swimwear among modern women. For a while, one pieces were cast off as overly modest and out-dated as skimpy two-piece bikinis claimed their reign over trendy women’s swimwear styles. One piece swimwear has made a major comeback over the last few years, though. Celebs and style icons from singer/ songwriter, actress, and producer Selena Gomez to singer/songwriter, actress, and body positivity activist Demi Lovato to socialite and billionaire business mogul Kylie Jenner have been spotted flaunting their sexy, toned figures in one piece swimwear styles throughout summer 2019. If one piece swimwear is stylish enough for Kylie Jenner to rock custom one pieces by top designers like Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier while island-hopping on her $150-million-dollar yacht, it’s certainly stylish enough to earn a spot in your own at-home swimwear collection.

One piece swimwear is universally flattering for women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. The modest one piece swimsuits in this collection hug your torso to effortlessly smooth your midsection and accentuate your sexy curves while offering coverage that keeps you within your comfort zone. The trendy modern one piece swimwear styles you’ll find here prove that even the most modest one piece bathing suits can be sexy and stylish. Browse through this collection to explore a wide range of different trendy one piece swimwear styles.

Make a statement in a bold one-shoulder one piece with a lace-up back. Show off slightly more skin in a classic black one piece with a plunging neckline and strappy detailing. Regardless of comfort levels and style preferences, there’s something for every woman in terms of colors, patterns, and styles among the wide selection of one piece swimwear available in this collection.

Modest Tankini Swimwear

The tankini is the Holy Grail of modest two-piece swimwear. Tankinis offer about as much coverage for your midsection as a one piece does, but these swimsuits consist of a separate top and bottom. The unfashionable and ultra-unflattering baggy tankinis of years past have unfortunately given these modest two piece styles a bad rep. With that being said, there is definitely a fine line between frumpy and trendy when it comes to tankini swimwear. Many modern women have written off tankinis completely, but the selection of truly trendy tankinis in this modest swimwear collection might just convince you to give these classic modest two piece swimwear styles a second chance.

The tankini swimwear styles you’ll find in this collection offer modest coverage with a stylish twist that puts these modest two pieces squarely in line with current top trends in the modern world of women’s swimwear. Take advantage of the current polka-dot trend with a whimsical black and white spotted tankini set. Or, protect your chest from the sun

in a stylish and flattering navy blue high-neck tankini set. If you prefer to mix and match your tops and bottoms, you can also choose a tankini top style you like among the individual tankini top styles available in this collection and pair it with the swimwear bottoms of your choice. Many of the tankini styles in this collection also feature texture and detailing—like rushed or shirred material and string bow adornments—that automatically make your midsection appear smoother and slimmer.

Modest Swim Skirt Styles

It can be tough to find swimsuit bottoms that aren’t baggy or unflattering but that still offer modest coverage for your backside. Swim skirts offer an excellent alternative to other swimwear bottoms for women who are in the market for modest yet trendy two piece swimwear styles.

The swim skirts in this collection add feminine and flirty style to your swimwear look while keeping you within your comfort zone without showing off too much bare skin. Plus, swim skirts are ultra-versatile. You can pair them with virtually any swimwear top— from a full-coverage bandeau top to a classic black tankini top—to create a complete, trendy swimwear look with a stylish, streamlined finish.

Modest Swim Dress Styles

Like swim skirts, swim dresses are feminine, flirty swimwear options that are simultaneously trendy and modest. The modest swim dress styles you’ll find in this collection offer full, flattering coverage for your midsection while staying in line with current trends in the world of modern women’s swimwear.

In addition to being modest, comfortable, and stylish, the swim dress styles you’ll find in this collection are also ultra-versatile. These swim dress styles double as both swimwear you can wear alone and as modest cover-ups that you can layer over your swimsuit for added coverage and sun protection.

Modest Plus Size Swimwear

Shopping for stylish modest swimwear is a challenge for women of all shapes and sizes, but the process of shopping for modest swimwear that fits well and flatters your figure can be especially frustrating and discouraging for plus size women. The women’s swimwear market is targeted unfairly toward slimmer women with smaller busts and minimal curves, so it can be difficult for plus size, curvy, and busty women to find styles that actually fit and flatter their figures just the way they are.

This modest swimwear collection is targeted equally toward women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. It is an inclusive collection that features styles that can effortlessly fit and flatter all women—with big busts or small busts and with or without curves. One of the most frustrating challenges that many plus size and/or busty women struggle with when shopping for swimwear is finding swimwear tops that actually fit their busts and offer the support and security they need for all-day comfort. Many of the modest one piece swimsuits and swimwear tops you’ll find in this collection are available in a wide range of real bra sizes to comfortably and securely fit and flatter your bust. The range of bra-sized swimwear tops and one piece swimwear styles that are available in this collection accommodate larger bust sizes up to 40K. For added coverage, support, and security, the modest bra-sized swimwear tops in this collection include extra features such as molded cups, lining, underwire, wide adjustable straps, etc.