Open Cup Bras, Cupless Bras, No Cup Bra & Cupless lingerie

15 reviews Sexy Sheer Lace Open Cup Bra $29.00 USD
Elaina Open Cup Bra Set
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Elaina Open Cup Bra Set $25.00 USD $27.00 USD
Zara Open Cup Teddy
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Zara Open Cup Teddy $32.50 USD $42.00 USD
Elayne Open Cup Teddy
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Elayne Open Cup Teddy $42.50 USD $46.00 USD
Irina Open Cup Teddy
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Irina Open Cup Teddy $35.00 USD $38.00 USD
Lydie Open Cup Teddy
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Lydie Open Cup Teddy $50.00 USD $58.00 USD
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Amber Open Cup Teddy
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Amber Open Cup Teddy $32.50 USD $33.00 USD

Sexy Open Cup Bras, Cupless Bra & Open Cup Lingerie

The sexy open cup bras and cupless bras in this collection give you a chance to majorly spice up your lingerie collection. These bras lift, shape and flatter to enhance your cleavage and show off your bust like no other bra can. The open cup push up bra you find here are crafted from high-quality, luxurious materials like lace and mesh. They are designed with flirty detailing like bows and sexy straps and necklines to ensure that every piece has a stylish, eye-catching finish. Tantalize your partner and bare it all in the bedroom with the sexy, ultra-revealing styles in this collection that take sexy lingerie to a whole new level.

Cupless Bras

The cupless bras in this collection are styles that do not include cups. These bras usually feature just a band, straps, and a small amount of material that rests underneath your breasts. They leave your breasts bare and offer virtually no coverage.

One common misconception about cupless bras is that they are not supportive or suitable for saggy breasts. Cupless bras do not offer coverage, but they do provide lift and support. The band and straps of a cupless bra can hold your breasts securely to minimize bouncing, ensure comfort, and give your bust a perky, sexy finish—no cups required. Many of the cupless bra and open cup lingerie in this collection include special features—like underwire—to provide more lift and support.

Shelf Bras

Shelf bras are virtually the same as cupless bras. Most shelf bra styles do not include cups but feature a small amount of material that sits underneath your bust like a shelf. Shelf bras and cupless bras are usually interchangeable, and both styles are super sexy.

Some shelf bra styles, however, are more modest than cupless bras. These less scandalous open cup lingerie styles include cups that offer some amount of coverage for your breasts— usually between a quarter and half coverage. Some of these shelf bras rest below your nipple, while others offer full nipple coverage. These more modest shelf bras are a sexy option for women who want to show a little more skin but are uncomfortable with putting their entire bust on display. This collection includes some shelf bra styles that are super revealing and others that offer more coverage.

Open Cup Bra Vs Cupless and Shelf Bra

Open cup bras are different from classic cupless and shelf bras in that the amount of coverage they offer ranges from no coverage to almost full coverage.

Some open cup bras—like the open tip bras and barrettes in this collection—offer full coverage save for small nipple cutouts. Others are super revealing and look just like the sexiest shelf and cupless bra styles.

Open Tip Bras and Bralettes

The open tip bralette styles in this collection are an example of how different open cup bra styles vary in the amount of coverage they provide for your bust.

This collection includes several open tip bra and bralette styles. These styles include lacy cups with sexy detailing and adornments. They look almost like any other full-coverage bras and bralettes, except they feature small cutouts around the nipple area. These revealing cutouts add a bold twist to these delicate and feminine bras, giving these flirty styles a daring and scandalous finish.

When it comes to open cup bras, shelf bras, and cupless bras, this collection gives you all the sexy style options you need to be adventurous with your lingerie without pushing youtoofar out of your comfort zone.

A well-fitted bra is an essential wardrobe item for every woman. It not only enhances confidence and self-assurance but also plays a crucial role in maintaining breast health and comfort. 
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